-Chapter 6-

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-Aphmau's POV-

We were walking for a bit, and we finally got to Ross's house. Along the way, light conversation was tossed around and jokes were cracked, and giggles and snickers followed.    
     Ross walked up to the door, and opened it, and we followed. Ross's dad was sleeping on the couch, and Ross's mom was on the phone talking with someone.
"Wow, your house is nice! I haven't hung out in a while, I forgot what it looked like." Jin gaped at the area around him.
    "Thanks, come on, let's go to my room, we can play video games!" He grinned.
     Everyone was really excited, I mean could you blame us? We had our first day of High School, we deserved a needed celebration.
We all quickly ran up the stairs, and walked down the hallway to Ross's room.
     "Sorry for the mess, I didn't think I would be hanging out with anyone today." Ross said this as he opened the door.
     He stood in shock, and walked in.
   "What the, I had a huge mess. Hmm I guess my mom cleaned my room." He scratched the back of his neck in confusion.
He looked up.
   "What the...?" He walked over to his dresser. There was 6 jewels, they were different colors.
   "This is really weird." Ross muttered.
   "Are those not yours? I thought they were some collectors gem's or something." I asked concerned. Ross looked up.
    "No, these aren't mine, maybe my dad gave them to me? I don't know." He went to pick up the blue jewel. "I've never seen these-" Ross started to say, but then was cut off, by the jewel glowing and leaving Ross's hand.
"What's going on?!" Ross shouted. The jewel spun in the air, and it zoomed towards Ross.
     By some force, it lifted him in the air, and the jewel inserted itself into his chest. His eyes were wide with fear, until his eyes were completely blue, and there was a small flash of light, and he dropped to the ground lifeless.
    "ROSS!!" Everyone, including me screamed.
   Adam and Max rushed forward to catch him. Max went to examine the gem and see if he could try ripping the jewel out of him, but found that it was on him.
  The other 5 jewels began to glow, and they encircled everyone around me, including me.
    One by one, we were pulled into the air, and the jewels inserted themselves into our chests just like Ross's gem did. As mine did so, I felt myself slowly go unconscious, black spots clouded my vision, and I passed out.


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