- Chapter 29 -

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-Aphmau's POV- (It's been awhile hasn't it? :3)

"Hey Ross can you pass me that platter over there?" I said while furiously scrubbing a pan with warm, soapy water.

  He turned and reached out to grab it, only to slip. Luckily Max had turned around in time and caught him in his arms. Ross's face was scarlet from embarrassment and from blushing profusely. "Ah- uh, SORRY MAX!" He said in a hurried manner. I giggled quietly while seeing my ship sail! (Okay Aph stop breaking the wall -_-)

"Y-your f-fine, I mean you are G-good." Max replied stuttering up a storm. He lifted Ross up and hurried back to cleaning the countertops.

We were currently cleaning up dinner after devising a plan of action against Zander and Gin. (If y'all don't remember, that is the grandson of Sensei, who is the leader of the enemy. Okay? Okay.) It was hard trying to not slip up and say his name, knowing that Sensei asked for me to keep it to myself.

Jin was sweeping up the crumbs from under the table, in the kitchen and anywhere else that needed a touch up. Max was cleaning and dusting off countertops. I was washing dishes while Ross handed me dirty ones. Red was helping me dry dishes. Adam was out chopping more wood for tomorrow, and Barney was putting away clean dishes. Sensei offered help when it was needed.

"Thank you all for helping clean up, I know it's not the most desirable activity to do, but it must be done." Sensei said gratitude clear. This was the fourth time of him thanking us.

"Sensei it's alright, like we've said before, this is also our second home. So it only seems fair for us to take care of it all the same." I said while handing Red the wet plate to dry.

"Aphmau's right, and besides, it's the least we can do for you!" Red added while handing the dry plates to Barney to put away. I noticed Red's fingers linger a while longer than normal, and saw a light blush tinting his freckled cheeks. All my ships are sailing! (APH STAHP ō-ō I get it ya like the ships, don't we all? moving on! -w-)

Adam walked in from the back, being back sooner than I thought he would be. "That was quick." I said raising a curious eyebrow at him.

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, it didn't make sense to get all sweaty since I just got cleaned, and besides the wood pile is still pretty full, so I can do that tomorrow." He said grinning sheepishly. I rolled my eyes. He is such a diva~.

We soon got the kitchen back in order, and we walked to the main lounge at the front of the temple. I had walked over and sat down on a plush pillow. Ross followed while hugging a satin, red one. I let out a sigh of relief while stretching my arms and legs.

"Today was super eventful!" Jin said while sitting down on a futon. "Now we need to plan on how we will go about all of it." He added after. "Any suggestions?"

I thought long and hard. If Zander was going to attack, he would most likely go after the higher ups first, and make his way down to the very last person on the streets. He may infiltrate one of buildings and that would be disastrous! I furrowed my brow. This was going to be difficult...

"What if we went undercover in one of the five star hotels?" Max inquired. "Since these guys are super powerful, I can take a wild guess and say that this Zander guy has an ego, and only wants the best for himself." He said while rolling his eyes. "Meaning he will probably choose the best of the best, and while chaos is going on, he can destroy while being pampered." He continued. "We all could go in as Staff members, and get info all the while protecting people inside and out of the establishment!" Max smirked, proud of his idea.

We all have audible agreements. Adam spoke up.

"That would make sense, since many business men and woman, that hold a lot of power in and out of the state and the country, will be staying in New York City for meetings and other diplomatic events." He said chewing his lip. "He may try to control them or persuade them to join his side, or take them as hostages!" Adam added. "If he controls major leaders and business people, he'll have more access to secret information, along with getting what he wants in the end."

"Your right." Red chimed in. "Not only do we need to keep an eye on Zander, without getting caught mind you, we also need to keep an eye on the other important leaders and business people there too." He shifted in his seat. "The last thing we need is to have someone who is working in the higher ups, already on his side."

I froze. He was right!

"He may have spies already looking around undercover, seeing if anything suspicious or anything that would be inferior to his boss and his own plans, happening." I shut my eyes thinking. "We would need to go about this  stealthily, and act as normal and resolute, as possible." I finished.

Barney chimed in as soon as I finished.

"Won'ts we's need identifications for's the undercovers?" He said moving his hands while asking the question. "We's can'ts just go's and pretends we's worked there's for years, Wes don'ts has propers uniforms ands a securities measures." Barney said rocking back and forth on his heels.

"Yeah... But, I could create fake ID's for all of us, and the computer system will be taken care of." Jin said cracking his knuckles. "But, that only leaves attire problems..." He sighed in frustration.

"Hey do any of you have your phone on you?" Ross asked, curiosity clear in his voice. "If you do, we can go on the numerous five star Hotel sights in New York City, and hack into the clients that are going to each location there, to first find out which hotel Zander is in, but to also get a feel for security, and costume measures we need to take." Ross said folding his arms in front of him. "It would be almost impossible to search every single hotel to find the the scum wad, and even then, we would be too late." He said looking around at us.

"Whelp, I guess it's settled." Red said nodding while standing up. He turned to Sensei who was listening quietly the entire time. "When do we set off Sensei?"

Sensei had a fierce look in his hollow eyes. "We are leaving in two days." He sighed. "You need to prep anyway you can, we are about to enter a war." He looked out one of the windows. "It is going to be one of the deadliest wars this world has ever seen."


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