- Chapter 21 -

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-Aphmau's POV-

     "Will someone please explain to me and Barney, what the heck is going on?!" Red said while Barney was dying slowly while we dragged them to Adam's House. "I will explain what's going on when we get to Adam's place, it's important, and we can't just talk about it without care." I said. My eyes lit up as Adam's house came into view. We bolted up the steps, and we let ourselves in. "Adam? Sweetheart is that you?" Adam's mom called poking her head out of their study. "Yeah mom, hey I wanted to know if it's ok if we can have a sleepover here?" Adam asked, panic in his eyes. Adam's mom set a book down and thought about it for a few moments. She shrugged. "Sure, as long as you aren't in a cranky mood tomorrow. Also please make sure your friends have their belongings gathered together when they leave tomorrow. Do I make myself clear?" She said with a slight tone. Adam nodded. "Yes mom, I will try not to be in a bad mood, and we'll try not to be loud or annoying." He said. His mom smiled. "Alrighty, there's leftovers in the fridge, so it's open to you if you need something to eat, oh! By the way, your father is working late tonight, so he will most likely crash on the couch if he's too tired. So don't wake him up, otherwise, you'll deal with a salty father." Adam's mom finished, and she turned and walked back into the Study and continued working. Ross fist-bumped the air in joy. Max snickered, causing Ross to slightly blush. I smiled a little, but covered it up so no one would wonder what I was smiling about. We hurried up the stairs, and bolted into Adam's room. Everyone let out a sigh of relief, and I giggled at the sudden outburst. Red grinned. "Now that we are away from all of that..." He began, but stopped. He pulled his headset out of his pocket, and put it on. He clicked the micro phone, and a screen came into his eye view. He pulled up a holographic grid, and was swirling his hand on part of it, and typing something in with the other hand. The screen turned green, and it evaporated into the air. I watched as the floor or Adam's bedroom sucked it in, and the whole room was coated with it for a few moments. In seconds it vanished. "What was that?" Ross asked a little concerned. Red smiled. "Oh, sorry about that, I was too into the zone!" He chuckled. "It's a sound shield, it allows no sounds to come out, but it allows me to hear sounds from the outside. This  is handy in-case someone was to come upstairs, who we wouldn't want to hear this valuable information." Red explained. Half looked kinda lost, but Jin, Ross, and I smiled. "That's so cool! Have you been messing around with that headpiece since you got it?" Jin asked. He had a little boy sparkle in his eyes. It was interesting to watch. "Yeah, I've been practicing with communicating through the gems, Barney has helped me with that!" Red said with a grin. "Yalaar!" Barney laughed. I giggled at his sudden outburst, and everyone else snickered or laughed. Ross stopped laughing as a thought seemed to come to his mind. "I don't want to be the 'Dan-Downer', but Aph, didn't you have an important note from Sensei?" He asked. My eyes widened in shock. "Crap!" I pulled it out and started reading it to them.

   I'm so sorry to give this so late, but I have dire news for you. I need you all to come to the training center immediately.
To transport here, I need one of you to sign this note, and set it on the floor. It will then transport you all here. When you are all ready, please come.

I shall explain everything once you come, time is of the essence. See you soon!

- Sensei Kin
I finished the note and looked up. Max grabbed the note from my hand, and scribbled a quick signature on it. "Max!" I said. He looked up. "What? There's no point of us just waiting, let's go!" He replied. He bent down and put it on the floor, and it began to glow. In a matter of seconds, my vision was completely covered with white. I blinked and I saw the familiar training room in front of me. Not far away I saw Sensei pacing back and forth. He stopped as soon as we appeared, and floated over. "Welcome, Thank you for coming on such short notice." He said bowing slightly in forgiveness. "It's fine, what is the problem?" I asked awaiting, and anticipating, what he was going to say. He sighed looking down. "I wish that I could have given you all more training, but you've all have been through so much physically, and emotionally... It wouldn't seem fair for me to do this, but I have to." Sensei replied. I noticed his translucent hands were slightly shaking. He took a deep hollow breath and continued. "I had returned momentarily to my old home, to see if any of my spells and charms were destroyed." He shifted. "Thankfully they aren't, so I'm of great joy for that, but my container of gems, was cracked and fractured in some parts..." My heart started beating. Millions of thoughts raced through my mind. Sensei continued. "The other gems were fine, but there was one gem I saw that was gone... It was a black gem." Barney looked at Ross in slight terror, I felt my head beating slightly. "The gem that was taken...belongs to someone one of you know very well." I looked at Jin and Adam, they both seemed to be thinking about family or other friends that it could be. Sensei's eyes were tired, but I could see the fear in them. "A girl named Shelby...has had her gem stolen." There was silence. It was broken to a set of knees dropping to the ground. Everyone looked over. Ross was staring at the ground in complete horror, and had big tears rainy down his cheeks. "That girl... She's...s-she's...my cousin." Ross said and a sob escaped his throat. He looked up. "W-who took her gem??" He said and sniffed. Sensei looked down. He turned away. His shoulders slumping. The color completely drained out of Ross's eyes.
"No... No... NO..." Ross held his head as the tears continued to fall. The look in Max's eyes was a look I'll never forget. "Shh... Ross, it's ok, we are going to save her gem." Max reassured him, as he hugged Ross. I saw a slight pink break out on Ross's face, but tears continued to fall. Red looked over at Sensei. "I have a good guess on who took her gem, but who do you think took it." He asked sitting next to Ross and patting his shoulder. Sensei turned around. He may be a spirit, but his eyes were full of mixed emotions that I could barely comprehend. "Zandon, one of the commanders of that despicable force I spoke of earlier. His DNA was left on parts of the glass... He's the one who killed me." Sensei's eyes were a clouded with hatred and disgust. We sat in silence for a few minutes. The only thing that broke it, was the echo of Ross's sobs.



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