-Chapter 18-

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-Aphmau's POV-

I dropped my controller in frustration on the ground. Max and Ross victory danced in front of me, along with everyone laughing at their behavior. "Aph, have you even played this game before?" Max asked with a raised eyebrow and playful smirk on his face. I huffed a exasperated breath. "I have, I'm just not that great, not only that, I have some things on my mind. That's all." Max shrugged and went back to playing, and Ross soon followed after. I excused myself from Adam's room, an walked downstairs, past Adam's Dad who was reading a book, and looked concentrated, and Adam's Mom was on the phone in the library or office. I slipped out the door and stood breathing in the crisp evening air. A slight breeze played with my hair in little wisps. I smiled at the calmness of the evening. I looked down at the ground and began to think all about the past day or two. Why were we chosen to be heroes? Where did our Sensei come from, and why did he die? What are these gems made of, and why do they hold powerful properties? I frowned at the thoughts, and crinkled my forehead in thought. I thought about early today and what happened to me and everyone else. Why did Jin get hurt like that? That made my eyes water a little, he never deserved that, it was cruel. I thought about what happened to Max. Why did his parents kick him out? What convinced his Mom to do what she did? I shook my head. That wasn't my place to worry, or think about it. I looked over at the bed's in front of the patio. There was some roses in full bloom, there bud's open and clear for the world to see. Another thought came to my mind and I blushed. Do I like Adam, or is it just a slight attraction? Does he like me? What if -. I was cut off in deep thought by a creak behind me. I turned to see Adam standing in the doorway, his hand rested on the frame. He had concern in his eyes. "You ok? You just up and left without any explanation. Something wrong?" I sighed. "Yeah, just a lot on my mind lately." I smiled softly playing with a small strand of my hair. Adam walked over to me and rested his arms on the railing. "Wanna talk about it?"He asked, kindness in his voice. I looked down and blushed slightly. "Well, I've been thinking a lot about what's happened to us in less than two days, it's crazy isn't it?" I said looking off somewhere into the darkness. "Why do you think that we were chosen to be heroes? I can see why you guys were chosen, but I'm just normal, average." I sighed to myself. A hand touched my shoulder. I look up to see Adam with concern in his eyes. "Aph, you are special, your not some average girl that happen to be chosen, you are unique." He said while smiling softly. I looked him directly into his blueish green eyes. "How so?" I asked curiosity building inside me. Adam looked away, his face a slight scarlet. "Well, your kind to those around you, you focus on being positive, your really sweet, you make everyone laugh, you are pretty..." Adam said while mumbling the last part. His head shot up. "I mean you are pretty chill! Yeah." He quickly shot back, a bright scarlet on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. I felt my face a little warm, but I shrugged it off quickly. "Well, thank you, for thinking I am all of those things, it's really nice if someone to think and say that." I smiled. Adam still had red on his face, but it was a little bit duller. He turned to me and rubbed the back of his neck. "What makes me special or the others special?" He said his eyes full of wonder. It was my turn to blush profusely. "W-Well, you are so kind, caring, courageous, brave, sweet to me and everyone, you help everyone you can out, and everyone makes me smile, even in the situation we are in." I said while smiling genuinely at the fun times we've had in school and everywhere else. I had looked down for a moment, and I looked up to see Adam staring at me in awe. "Thank you, for saying all of those nice things, it means the world to me." He smiled while blushing. Why is he blushing so much? Why am I blushing so much? Do I like-. I was cut off mid thought, when Jin walked out the front door. "Ey you two, something wrong?" He said while standing next to us on the patio railing. I smiled. "No, we are both fine, I just needed some fresh air, and Adam noticed I was gone, and followed behind." I said in hurried manner. Jin smiled. "Well, I'm glad you guys are ok, do you want to come inside and continue playing with us? Max wanted a rematch, because Ross switched controllers with him." Jin said chuckling. "He did WHAT?" I said in a offended tone, and booked it up to Adam's room.  I caught a glimpse of Adam's face. He seemed annoyed that Jin had me run off like that. I'll ask him later. I burst through the door. "MAAAAX!!" I said in a deeper tone. Of course everyone jumps at my sudden entrance, and Max scurries over to the other side of the room. "You. ME. Rematch!!" I said and grabbed a controller and started a new round of Smash Bro's. He grinned, and put on a serious face. "You're so on." And with that him and I began a hardcore battle of  PvP and Verbal Trash Talk. We continued to play, everyone else dropping their games and and watching us, cheering one or the other on in exceeding battle. Max after a clumsy move had jumped down a row of buildings, missing the Smash Ball. I ran up and smashed it, my player earning a new power. I jumped down behind him and let loose the skill. The character unleashed a bow and arrow, it piercing through Max's Player and he flew across the screen and disappeared from view. A wave of light signaled the round was over. Max chucked his controller across the room on Adam's bed, and sat pouting in defeat. I victory danced in my spot, and everyone was laughing or grinning at the battle. "Max you just got whooped by a girl!" Adam said while walking in. Max turned towards him with an embarrassed grin. "SHUT UP!" And continued to pout. Him and Jin sat down and laughed and chatted with the rest of the group. After about 10 minute or so of us laughing and cracking a few jokes, Ross stood up abruptly. "I have a game we can play!" He said giddiness in his eyes. Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened. "Who's up for a game of Truth or Dare?" He said sitting down ready to play. Very one immediately hurried over and sat in a circle next to Ross. "Who should go first?" Red asked. Ross looked around the group and landed back on Red. "Let's have Red go first, since you had asked." He smiled. Red grinned. "Awesome! Ok... Ooh! I know! Aphmau, Truth or Dare?" He said grinning. I thought for a moment and giggled. "Dare." I replied. Red leaned forward. "I dare you to Wear one of Adam's outfits!" He said and leaned back in satisfaction. Adam's face immediately turned bright red. "My clothes aren't that great, plus I'm a lot bigger than Aphmau, she wouldn't be able to wear them..." He said and hid his face in embarrassed. I giggled excited and jumped up. I ran into Adam's closet and picked out a black tee, with a dark gray jacket with white strips of fabric lining the sleeves. I picked out some skinny gray jeans and pulled on some white socks. (Fashion is on fleek, ✋🏻😂👌🏻) I combed my hair wth my hands and brushed it to the side. I walked out and everyone ooh'd and aah'd at my choice. "Adam you have nice clothes!" Red complimented him. He turned. "Adam... Why are you hiding under your bed?" And everyone turned to see Adam hiding with his eyes closed. "Because my clothes aren't great!" He whined. Max sighed. "Too bad! Your seeing the outfit she chose!" He smiled evilly and in one swift movement, Max pulled Adam out from under the bed and stood him upright in front of me. "Adam open your dang eyes!!" Max yelled. "Ok sheesh, Dad Max!" He said and sighed. His cheeks were red for some reason. Maybe it was really warm under his bed? I don't know. He slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes widened. "So was her choice good?" Ross smiled. Everyone stared at Adam. A line of blood was slowly making its way down his face from his nose. His face turned to a deep scarlet and he fell over. We all stared in wonder and than heard another thud, and Jin was in the same state. "Whelp, that didn't go as planned." Red said to himself. Adam sat up and wipe the blood. "I'm fine!" And sat back in his spot of the circle. Jin soon did the same and was blushing from embarrassment. Ross grinned smugly. "What?" Adam said staring at him. "Oh nothing, just noticed something wonderful." As he chuckled in response. Adam went white and rushed forward and clamped his had over his mouth. "Don't say a thing." Adam said terror in his eyes. Ross frowned and nodded in defeat. "Oook... Aphmau it's your turn." Red said questioning Ross and Adam's gestures. I grinned and sat up straighter. "Ok, Ross! Truth or Dare?" I said and giggled in excitement. Ross thought for a second and smiled. "Truth! I'm no chicken!" He said trying to menacing but failing. I giggled at his comment. "Alright... Oh here's one! What is your darkest fear?" I said almost instantly. Ross shuddered. "Being left alone, and the dark." He smiled and shuddered at the same time. He grinned. "Now it's my turn!" Ross clapped. "Red Truth or Dare?" Ross asked. "Umm... Dare!" He grinned. "Alright, I dare you to hug either your crush or your best friend." Ross said in satisfaction. Red's face turned a soft red. "O-Ok..." He mumbled. He got up and walked over to Barney and quickly hugged him, and then hurried over to his spot again. A chorus of ooh's erupted and poor Red sat blushing profusely. Barney was dazed and blushing too. "Alright, my turn to ask." Red stuttered still blushing from before. "Adam, Truth or Dare?" Adam grinned. "Dare!" He said while putting on a tough guy face. "Who is your crush, and if you have one, is it in this group?" Red said confidently, but also asking for karma. Adam immediately turned Red. "Uhh... Umm, well." He smiled awkwardly while still blushing a lot. "Well?" Red asked waiting. Adam's face was scarlet, and he was fidgeting in his seat. "Yes..." He said while hiding his face. Everyone ooh's and teased for a moment, I was the only one who didn't. Does he like me? Or is he into someone else? I just don't know! I say trying to contain my squealing and embarrassment. "Ok, so if this crush is in this group, is it one of the guys or is it the only fabulous girl in the group?" Red asked teasingly. Max laughed. "Thought Ross was a lady." He grinned and started snickering. Ross frowned at him. "What?" Everyone laughed at that. "So?" Red said while taking in a breath from laughing. Adam was still blushing. He slowly opened his mouth and was about to say it. He was cut of by Adam's Mom popping her head in and smiling sweetly. "Sorry to bother your fun, but it's really late, Ross your mom just called wondering where you've been." She said while holding the phone out for Ross to talk to his mom. Ross talked for a moment, an than handed it back to his mom. "Alright, sorry to ruin the fun, but Max and I have to go, thanks Adam for having us!" He said cheerfully an grabbed max an pulled him out of the room. Soon one by one, Red and Barney left, soon followed by me. Adam ran downstairs before I was about to leave and grabbed my hand for a second. "Hey before you left I wanted to thank you again for those kind things you said about me, it really me at a lot to me." He smiled. I was blushed that he held my hand. "Your w-welcome." I said and stuttered a little. He blushed a little and smiled. "Thank you for having us come over and hang out, even if today wasn't as I wanted it to be, at least I was able to spend time with the ones I love." I said and smiled. Adam's eyes softened. "You really are a kind and genuine person Aph." He said and pulled me into a hug. I froze in shock but soon relaxed into it. It was warm and comforting, like the feeling that I get when I know everything is ok. He released and was blushing profusely. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hug you, I just-." Adam started in a hurried blunt manner, but I cut him off. With a swift but simple movement, I gently kissed his cheek. He turned bright red and sat dumbfounded. "You don't need to apologize, thanks again for the wonderful night! Bye!" I said while feeling my cheeks go warm themselves. I gently skipped away. I immediately regretted what I did and stared in complete with Dee at what the fuq I just did. (Me at school, am I right? 😂) I hurried in the door and went up to me room. I say on my bed and listened to music and did a little bit of drawing. My mom doesn't get home until 8:00, so it would awhile. I hummed the songs that circled my thoughts and sang some of the words. Today was a good day~.

School sucks. Hope you all enjoyed! :3

Hugs! 💜🍜💎

-Crystal 💎

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