A little bit of Guidance Shubble x ParkerGames by PocketOfWeird
A little bit of Guidance Shubble PocketOfWeird
16 year old, Shelby Graces was diagnosed with anxiety when she was 13. Ever since then she's been having a meeting with the guidance counselor at least once a week. Par...
  • hbomb94
  • mithzan
  • parkergames
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Agents and the Phoenix Secret | completed by SilverPetals97
Agents and the Phoenix Secret | grayce ツ
Following new arrivals (oh, and secret agents) Jessica, Adam, Shelby, Ross, Cory, Max, Jin and John as they've been assigned a mission in Phoenix Drop, the elusive "...
  • wattys2018
  • shelax
  • aarmau
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SkyMedia One Shots by ElaborateThoughts
SkyMedia One Shotsby jennιlee
Welcome to my SkyMedia One Shots :) I will be doing X Reader; no personal or ships in this book Also leave requests/ideas so I can write and avoid slow updates (you can...
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Magical Blood by Crystalnova_16
Magical Bloodby Crystalnova_16
Everyone thought that high school was easy, true. But have you ever had to conceal and control powers throughout it? Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me, th...
  • shubble
  • adventure
  • magic
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Somethings are better off Secrets  ( Mystreet × SkyMedia ×The Few, Advengers) by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Somethings are better off ThatWeirdGirlMar
Jessica, Jess, Aphmau.... has the hugest secret she's a Nightgaurd in Freddy Fazbears, she's Lady Thor, and she has friends that are warriors for the SkyArmy... and the...
  • thatguybarney
  • superheros
  • squids
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Sky and gang come to love~love paradise by Fanfics_fix
Sky and gang come to love~love Fanfics_Fix
This is a story about Skydoesminecraft, Your pal Ross, max/Mithzan, Redvactor, and That guy barney coming to a roleplay called mystreet season 2! aka 'Love~love paradise...
  • redvacktor
  • yourpalross
  • mcms
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HeartClash | Book 1 of the HeartClash Trilogy by my_ships_
HeartClash | Book 1 of the Ro Po/tato
They know of Aphmau Lorde. The girl who loves everything and everyone. The girl who brightens everyone's day. The girl who is weak, gullible, and never keeps secrets. W...
  • love
  • ross
  • adam
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These Asylum Halls Used To Be Lonely- A Shred Squad book by Cinder5554
These Asylum Halls Used To Be Cinder5554
When the Asylum that Cory, Uni, Jon, Nick, Tommy, and Ashlie have been kept in is attacked by failed experiments that have zombie-like qualities, they must escape and su...
  • ashlie9596
  • zombies
  • uni-chan
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Super Studies... by Hommli-Means-Ugly
Super !Hommli The Wolf!
During the last week of junior year,a third year boy joins a Study Group with his friends,only to find out its a group of specially invited people,who have secret powers...
  • newscapepro
  • skydoesminecraft
  • unicomics
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Skymedia ships by WeepingWoods39
Skymedia shipsby Alzaria
I will write any Skymedia ship If you are under age then this story isn't for you, some sexual content may appear
  • bre
  • gay
  • morgan
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NSC + Skymedia One Shots And AUs by lunlover
NSC + Skymedia One Shots And AUsby Lunalover (❍ᴥ❍)
These are one shots because I'm a dweb so, I need request from NSC or Sky Media or even Septiplier because I ship it. The Vanoss group will be great for this book.
  • aphmau
  • wattys2018
  • newscapepro
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Funny YouTube Quotes by Capt_Obvious02
Funny YouTube Quotesby Capt_Obvious02
  • phillester
  • markiplier
  • houseowner
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The Elements Of Hope  by EnchantedBreez
The Elements Of Hope by Breezie~chan
The world was once falling Falling deep, deep down Down into hell Down into suffering Then Then the Elements where created The Elements where made to help restore world...
  • adventure
  • corby
  • yammyxox
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Mithross oneshots by AngelAgainstAWindow
Mithross oneshotsby My name is Cyberlife, I am th...
Cover not by me. Mature because of smut.
  • timdottv
  • youtube
  • kinky
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The Missing Angel (Mystreet x SkyMedia) ~Under HEAVY Editing~ by XxElleChanxX
The Missing Angel (Mystreet x Elle
Cover created by: @Aphmau_and_Kaitlyn - - - - - Aphmau has been acting strange after she saw the ad for Insomnia. Will her friends find out about her past. of her being...
  • mystreetxskymedia
  • aphmaufanfic
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Sky Media X Reader by 0Kawaii0Pocky0
Sky Media X Readerby hufflepuffle
Basically just one shots for the reader of this story from sky media.
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  • redvacktor
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Dreams Come True (Max X Reader)  by Belle_Adella
Dreams Come True (Max X Reader) by Belle_Adella ;)
Y/N has never been average. But moving in with her brother might just lead her through her toughest times yet. Follow her journey. *#2 in Houseowner* *#2 in Skymedia*
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"Listen to me and listen to me closely. You six are going on a mission. A mission that could possibly change the world as we know it. You are going to travel beyond...
  • aphmau
  • withermu
  • redvacktor
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Kidnapped [a mystreet x skyarmy story] by MeganLizzieWriting
Kidnapped [a mystreet x skyarmy Elizabeth Megan
When Jess walks out of her house she sees something remarkable. The skyarmy. She ran up and hugged each of them. Aaron witnessed it all and took Jess to his house. What...
  • aphmau
  • mithzan
  • barney
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Our Hybrid Hearts by LittleLivsYT
Our Hybrid Heartsby LittleLivsYT
4 kids (Shelby, Ross, Aphmau and Max) have been kidnapped by an illegal facility of people that experiment on children they have taken. They meet 2 other kids there that...
  • mithzan
  • hybrids
  • yourpalross
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