- Chapter 2 -

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-Aphmau's POV-

"Hey do you attend the same school as me?" I asked. Ross and I were walking having light conversation, after I rammed into him.
     "The school I'm going to is called Diamond View High school."
      He looked over at me. "Yeah, that's my school too." I grinned.
     "Hey Ross? Do you want to be friends?" I smiled.
      To be honest, I didn't have any friends, I was lonely, and really shy. I tried to be more outgoing, but it never really worked.
       He seemed surprised, but his expression melted into a grin. "Sure, I would love too! I have a few other friends, maybe we might run into them." Ross said thinking about something.
       I took a moment to look at him. He had light-brown hair, slightly curly, and a child-like face. He had bright blue eyes, that gave off more of the child-like demeanor.
       He was average height, taller then me of course. I stand at a sad 4 feet 11 inches. He probably was 5 feet 4 inches. He was slightly chubby, but wasn't fat. To complete his look, he had some glasses on.      
      His outfit was a light blue top, and some brown shorts. He wore some flip flops.
      We continued to walk the 10 minute walk to school, and talked the whole way. Random things came into conversation, like favorite color, favorite movies, favorite video games, and favorite Animoo character.
       I was in the middle of talking about Attack On Kittens, but stopped when I saw a big sign. In bold metal letters, glistening against the sun, it read-

Home of the Miners


-Hey guys, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and I will see you later, bye!

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