- Got tagged again! :0 -

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Hey guys! So I got tagged by LunaCresent777, and I have to do a lot of out of the box stuff...
*sigh* T w T (Introvert x100)

Anywho, here we go!

1- I am a Smol bean, like no joke, 5.0".
2- Pocky is my guilty pleasure.
3- I can speak a little Japanese.
4- I'm an Introvert.
5- Gaming anyone? :3
6- Has binge watched a whole series in 2 days
(It was scurry, but so worth it! > w < )
7- I can cook (mainly bake pastries or make cakes 0 3 0)
8- My biggest dream is to start a gaming channel, but I'm a sad potato who is broke ; w ;
9- I have a great-grandma who is 97 years old (still alive and well! 0 . 0 )
10- I have bad anxiety, rip ; w ;

The tag also said I needed to spill part of a plot to one of my stories... So I'm doing the book that almost everyone is waiting my slow butt to put a chapter out- MAGICAL BLOOD Lets go!

I ran forward, my legs moving on their own. Aph was being held by her arm, her eyes reaching her captures eye level. He slowly pulled out a knife, it's blade glistening in the moonlight. I jumped up onto a nearby rock and kept forward. My vision exploded in gold light.

There ya go!

Now I need to tag 10 people :3


Hope guys have a wonderful day! • w •

-Crystal 💎

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