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-Hey Guys! Crystal here, and I want to start off saying I'm so sorry for not updating sooner. You all are waiting for new chapters to come out, and I complete understand. I'm going back to prior chapters, and editing them, so they aren't a cringed mess for future readers. I love you all so much for your support, and your comments make me laugh, smile, and feel empathy to those who have it rough. To those that do, my love is out to you. :3

This is one of the reasons I'm posting this authors note chapter thing, I have a favor and a task for all of you to do. You aren't required, but it would mean a lot for me and my friend.

My friend, or Ruler-of-Demons , is an extraordinary writer, really well defined books, and overall, has an aurora that draws you to their books, but sadly, he hasn't gotten the recognition that he deserves. My favor and plea is that you all when you have the chance, check him out, he's really cool, the humor in his books is charming, and if your into the Murder, Love stories, and want to read a really suspenseful story, he's your guy to turn to.

Anyway, thank you, and I love you all so much, hope you all are having a good day, come chat in the comments, I'm bored. Need FWIEDS!! ; w ;

Bye! <3

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