-Chapter 10-

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-Adams POV-


I run up to the rack of swords and quickly grab one. As soon as I turn, Jin slams his sword against mine, almost making me fall backwards.

I shoved Jin off of me, and begin to have a sword fight. At one point Jin slowly reached up and activated his gem. A white glow surrounded his gem, his eyes turning white too. He ran forward and reached his hand out to my face. I could feel electricity crackling off his hand. I barely swung my head out of the way, not wanting to be electrified.

I ran away from Jin and stood my ground for a moment. I looked over on my right to see Aph not doing anything, she looked terrified.    
    What's wrong? Why is she shaking...? I hurried over and rested my hand on her shoulder. Her shaking soon melted away, and her Amber eyes met mine. I smiled a smile of comfort, and her eyes lit up with peace.

     I was interrupted by Jin swinging his sword close to my head. Aph dove out of the way, getting dirty in the process. She hurried towards the rack of swords and shields and shakily held the sword out in front of her to defend herself.

      I redirected my attention towards Jin. He was super strong with his gem activated. It was like a power-up!

     I slammed my sword against Jin's, causing it to fly out of his hands. He soon recovered in his shock and took a combat stance. His fists clenched in front on his face.

     I hurried forward and tried to swing my sword in his face, only to have him kick it away out of my hand. He turned and threw a punch, narrowly missing it, I felt the wind of it against my cheek.

      He swung again and I blocked it with my arms. He spun around and round house kicked me a few feet away. My head slammed against the ground, my head aching with pain. I slowly got up, looking at Jin. "This isn't going to work, I need to activate my gem." I thought to myself.

     Aph came out of nowhere and swung her sword at Jin, only to have it kicked out of her hand. Jin held his hand out in front of him, slowly creating a small funnel cloud in his hands. I started to sweat.

     Jin released his creation at Aph knocking off her feet and into the funnel. Her cries were muffled against the strong wind and air pressure. My hair was whipping against my face.

     "I need to avenge Aph!" I quickly reached up and activated my gem. Gold light flooded my vision and around my gem. I felt a new found energy coursing through my veins.

I slowly got up and ran forward. I head locked Jin stopping him for a bit. I twisted and threw him over my shoulder, hitting the ground with a grunt of pain. He slowly got up and regained his ground.

We both locked eyes. Jin rushed forward and I followed suit. I grabbed Jin mid jump, and slowly brought him above my head and threw him. Before he flew out of my sight, I could see his eyes turn back to normal, and his gem deactivate.

I messed up. Σ(・□・;)

    I quickly sprang forward and ran towards a falling Jin. He was yelling, but I failed to understand what he was saying. I was under Jin and strengthened my arms to catch him.

   He landed in the crook of my arm, breathing heavily, pale. "Adam." Jin said looking at me with a deadly aura around him. "Never do that again!" The next few minutes I was being bombarded by a raging Jin.

   Let's just say I finished training with bruises and a fried body from being electrocuted numerous times. (T ^ T) Jin was not having it.

After getting my butt kicked by an angry Jin, everyone hurried over and asked what happened.

"Adam was being stupid and ended up chucking me across the battle field, ALMOST DYING." Jin replied and adding a tone of anger at the end.

"I already told you, I'm sorry!" I said hurriedly. I didn't want to be electrocuted again.

    Sensei glided over and congratulated us all for the effort we have while training. He seemed very impressed!

   "You all can go and take a break, I'll let you know when we will continue." He smiled and floated towards a tree stump nearby and started meditating.

    We all walked over to part of the training grounds, and sat talking about each battle, and what could have gone better. Everyone was still  talking when my eyelids grew heavy, and I soon was fast asleep from exhaustion.


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