-Chapter 3-

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-Aphmau's POV-

We finally got to school, and I checked my phone to see the time-7:45 a.m. Not bad. We have 15 minutes to spare.
      Ross and I looked up at the school in awe, at the beautiful stone with wisps of white streaks in it. The Windows stood tall and proud against the sun, and the steps leading up to the doors, welcomed all.
      Dozens upon dozens of students were standing around the entrance, talking, laughing, and some were embracing old friends. Ross and I walked up the stairs, and were amazed at the sight before us. There was a fountain engraved with intricate designs and patterns. It glistened in the sun, and the water that shot out of it shone like diamonds.
      "It's beautiful..." I breathed. Ross shook his head out of the thought.
      "Hey, we better hurry, we don't want to be late for class!" He said.
      "You're right, we better get going, come on, hopefully your locker is close to mine!" I smiled.
       Ross smiled too. "Yeah me too!" He grinned in enthusiasm.
      We hurried over to the doors, and walked in. The front desk was in the center of a spacious room. Students were walking in and out of the area constantly, heading two area their destinations.
       There were couches and chairs in groups around the room, allowing students, staff, and guests to sit for a bit, and relax. We walked up tot the front desk, and a young lady in her 20's, greeted us from behind her computer. She looked up.
     "Hello, how may I be of assistance?" She smiled.
     "Hi, umm, my friend and I need directions on were to go to find our homeroom." I asked.
      I handed her my paper, and Ross did the same. She looked at them for a few moments, and then smiled.
     "Ah! Yes! You both have the same homeroom, it's over on the right, and the room number is 205." She instructed.
      I thanked her, and we walked over to the direction she pointed out for us to follow.
     "Let's find our lockers, then we can go to homeroom." I said.
      Ross smiled. "Agreed!" We searched for our lockers, and luckily, our lockers weren't very far from each other, but his was over a few groups.
       I reached into my bag to get my stuff out for the day. I heard someone was next to me, and I looked to see who it was.
       It was a boy, with black hair, with bangs brushed over to the side, and brown eyes. He had a purple and white jacket on, and had his earbuds in, listening to music. He noticed me, and pulled them out.
     "Oh hey there! Can I help you?" He asked politely.
     "Hi! Sorry to bother, but I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Aphmau!" He smiled.
     "It's nice to meet you Aphmau. I'm Jin!" I looked over his shoulder, and saw Ross walking towards us.
     "Hey Aphmau, who are you talking to?" He asked. Jin turned around, and both him and Ross were surprised.
     They embraced, and Jin noogied Ross's head.
     "It's great to see you Ross, where have you been?!" Jin smiled.
      "I've been busy over the summer traveling, to see family, but I wanted to see if you and the others could hang out." Ross grinned.
      "Oh and I'm sure you've met Aphmau." Ross gestured to me. I smiled and waved.
      "It's great to meet you Aphmau, it's great to see you again Ross, do we have the same Homeroom?"
   I looked down at my schedule. 205. Ross and Jin had the same homeroom, so that was cool!    
      We walked over to our homeroom, and grabbed some seats near the back. For the rest of the time, we just sat talking and laughing. So far my first day was going smoothly. I'm so excited!

-Heys guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter, it took awhile to type. Hope you guys had a good day today, see you later! Bye!

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