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??? POV-
      I stared down at the crystals as they hovered in an assortment of light and color. I looked out at the wooden scenery outside. It was lush and calm, it was serene almost.
      A twinkling of sound aroused me back to the crystals. I smiled in surprise. 6 crystals were glowing brighter then the rest. Their colors were, light purple, red, blue, white, yellow, and green. They were getting brighter, and I reached out to grasp hold of them. The crystals stopped glowing.
       I moved my hands in front of me, and clapped them together. I snapped my fingers, and they teleported off to their new location. I smiled weakly. I wish that I was young and healthy, so I could do magic without getting so tired. I sat down on a soft pillow I had near my bookcase.
       I looked up in surprise as I heard a ruckus down below, and heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I quickly invisablized my possessions around me, including the containment of crystals. I put charms to cover up later magic from finding it, unless my soul allowed that magic user to do so. I finished concealing everything, and at this point, felt out of breath and weak.
       The door gave way, and the intruders broke in. They were shouting at me to handle over something, but what? I could barely hear them, but I knew that it wasn't something I had. They were already gone. One of them grabbed me by the shirt and brought me to their face.
     "Well, if it isn't Kin, where are they?" The man spat in my face.
I wheezed out a response. "You'll never find them, ever. They are safe."
      The man growled. "Whoever or whatever has them, I will kill them without a second thought" he sneered. I froze, at what he said. He would kill them, or he would turn them into slaves. Forever.
       "Leave those innocent souls alone, they don't want to be bothered by a vulgar man like you." I spat. The man dropped me, and turned his head towards another guy. "Finish him off, he's of no use or importance." He ordered.
       The guy nodded and raised the revolver to his eyes level. He clicked the trigger, and everything went black.

-Hey guys! Crystal here! Hope you guys enjoy this new book I'm writing, there will be more to come! Bye!

-Crystal 💎

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