-Chapter 15-

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-Max's POV-

I sat down on Ross's bed and breathed a sigh of relief. He collapsed up against the side of the bed and exhaled a long tired breath. We sat in silence for a few moments admiring the work we did. Ross helped move all of my stuff and arrange it, so now I have a sleeping bag on the floor, and my Todadile plush on top of the covers. My figurines and other merch was lined around the room, next to Ross's Knack and other posters. I looked at the clock, and saw it was 10:30. Sheesh, it took us 3 hours nonstop to do this? Man I have a lot of stuff then. I felt my phone vibrate, a I looked to see Adam face timing me. I smiled and accepted. While it connected, Ross sat staring at the screen seeing what was going to happen. It finally connected, and Adams face appeared, small bags under his eyes. "Hey Max, hey ROOOSSSSS!" He said trying to sound excited and not tired. "Hey Adam, how are you doing with helping Jin? Ross and I just finished." I said while rubbing my eyes. Adam grinned. "We just finished, and Aph and Jin are just playing games on their phone right now." Adam said while chuckling at the last part. "Hey Adam, who ya talking too?" Jin said walked over to our view. He smiled. "Oh Hey Max, hey Ross!" Jin said and waved a little. Ross waved a little and yawned. Everyone else did so, dang, it's contagious. (Happens all the time... XD) Aphmau walked over to join the FaceTime. She smiled. "I have an idea, how about we go get some smoothies at 'Dootch Bru's'? I've heard the drinks are great there." She chirped. Everyone else perked up. "Yeah, that sounds really good, sure, should we invite Barney and Red?" Adam said grinning looking less tired. "Ok, let's meet up at Your place, and we can go from there." I said and smiled. "We shouldn't, my parents would see us, and it might be bad." Jin said. We agreed to meet at Adams house. We said our goodbyes, and I turned my phone off. I looked at Ross. "Ready to go?" I asked him trying not to yawn. He nodded a little and yawned. We stood up and Ross sat on his bed, and I sat on my sleeping bag. "Hey Ross?" I said looking him in the eyes. He looked over at me. "Ye?" I smiled. "I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me bud, it means a lot for you to have me move in. Thank you Ross." I said sincerely. Ross looked surprised, and then he grinned. "It's no problem, your my friend, and besides, I doesn't bother me that you have to share a room. Plus, you get free food all the time." He said, and laughed a little at the last part. I laughed a little too. "I didn't think of that, whelp I guess your mom and dad are now restaurant owners." I said while smiling. I got up and started to walk to the door. "You all set?" I asked, noticing my shoes were untied. "Hang on!" He said and ran to his closet. He was somewhere in the back, and then I heard a little "aha!". Ross remerged, and had a squirrel hoodie on. He grinned. I quirked my eyebrow. "Why are you wearing a hoodie again?"I asked slightly confused. Ross smiled "To cover up my gem, it might show through just a simply tee. You might need one too." He said and went to my side of the closet. "Try this." He said a tossed a black and gray striped hoodie toward me. I slipped it on, as it was comfy, and didn't show my gem. "I guess I didn't see the difference. Thanks bud." I said and walked towards the door again. "Now, are you ready?" I asked. Ross walked over and opened the door. "Ye!" He grinned. We walked out the door, and slid down the stairs. Ross's mom was standing at the Island cutting cantaloupe. "Oh hey there boys! Where are you all off to?" Ross's mom said sweetly. "Hey mom, Max and I are meeting up with Adam, Jin, and some of our other friends. We should be back before 1:00." Ross said and walked over to her a quick hug, and I waved goodbye. "Alright, but you both please be safe. If anything happens, just call me sweetie." She said smiling and looked down for a moment to continue cutting the fruit. "Of course Mom, and say hi to dad if he gets back." Ross a said an walked over to the front door. Ross's Mom walks over and pulls me in for a hug. "I'm so sorry about your mother and her boyfriend, they shouldn't have treated you like that. You're welcome to do whatever you want, as long as it makes Ross happy, it makes me and my husband happy. Alright?" She said through her hug. I felt my cheeks go slightly warm. "Uh, of course." I mumbled and Ross snickered behind me. Ross's Mom waved goodbye, and we set off towards the mall. We got down the street a little, and I punched Ross in the shoulder. "OW! What was that for?!" Ross said while rubbing his shoulder. I smirked. "For laughing at me getting your mom's attention." I said and Ross made a small frown. "Baka." He muttered. And we laughed and joked. the rest of the way over to Dootch Bru's.

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