- Chapter 25 -

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- Aphmau's POV-

I was washing my hands getting ready to eat, when the door creaked open to reveal Ross, Adam, Red, and Barney.

But what surprised me, was the fact Ross was drenched from head to toe, and his eyes were wide in surprise.

"Ross what happened??" I asked setting the hand towel down on the counter.

   Ross shifted looking down at his feet in embarrassment. "I-uh, accidentally fell in the w-well." His face flushed with shame.

   Sensei glided over to us. "Oh dear, if you stay in those clothes, you'll get a cold." He looked at all of us. "You all should get cleaned up before we eat, you all will feel much better if you do so."

   We all exchanged faces of a mix of confusion and awe. Adam seemed to regain his wits first.

  "Umm... Sensei, none of us brought a change of clothes, what are you implying?" Adam said while shifting his feet.

  Sensei turned and looked over his shoulder. A surprised and confused expression replaced his calm one. He sighed in exasperation.

  "Come, follow me!" He motioned for us to come. He stopped in his tracks and turned. "Oh and shoes off too!" He smiled while continuing.

  We all took our shoes off, and followed Sensei down a hallway. The hallway was lined with pictures and scrolls of drawings and stories of myths and legends of Japanese culture.

  We stopped at a small but wide door. Sensei turned and smiled.

  "Behind this door is a bathing room for you all to wash up, gentleman on one side, and ladies on another." He smiled at our surprised and in awe expressions, and continued. "And, there are kimonos in both rooms for you all to wear, you may keep them if you wish, I have extras if any of you need one."

  He received a mix of surprised and pleased responses. I squealed in happiness, you would have to if you saw the bathrooms!

  The walls were stone and bamboo mixed, waterproof, and smooth. There were indents in the floor, around five, creating small tubs in the stone.
   A small waterfall flowed fresh, clean water towards the baths, making the room gleam from the ripples of water. Small red and gold lanterns hung from the ceiling, giving off a luminescent light, and giving a warm and comforting feel to the room.

   The water was preheated, no doubt from a hot spring, steam gently rising off the water. Candles were placed around the room, giving off a vanilla aroma to the atmosphere.

  Across the room, changing stalls made out of bamboo stood. Hooks lined the inside of them, brass by the color of them. There was a shelf full of folded towels and wash clothes, some freshly steamed, others fluffy and cold.

  On the other side of the room, stood sinks and a wardrobe of Kimonos and Ao-Dai attire, some folded, others hanging pressed and clean. An assortment of colors were there, and some were made out of various fabrics. Silk, cotton, a few velvet ones too!

   The guys all rushed forward and started looking through the clothes trying to find something else to wear. Sensei chuckled at the excitement of each of them find one they liked. Sensei gestured me to pick an outfit and go get cleaned up.

   I bowed slightly. "Thank you Sensei, your generosity in us using your home and sanctuary is much appreciated, as a training ground and a second home." I smiled looking up at him.

  "RIGHT you guys?" I said looking over my shoulder getting their attention. They stopped mid actions and looked over with wide eyes and flushed cheeks of embarrassment. Adam scratched the back of his neck in and chuckled awkwardly.

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