-Chapter 16-

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-Aphmau's POV-

Adam, Jin, and I stood waiting for Ross and Max to come. I messaged Barney and Red earlier, but they never responded. So they might be busy. Jin yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Sheesh, I can't believe I had that much stuff, it's insane." He muttered. Adam laughed. "Well your welcome that we helped you move it! I think we might need a bigger bedroom with the add on of your stuff." Adam replied and combed his hands through his hair. I blushed a little at the action. I quickly shook it off, and looked down the sidewalk for any signs of Ross or Max. I spotted some red hair, and I grinned. "Max and Ross are here." I smiled. Adam looked and grinned too. He waved and Max flipped Adam off and Ross nudged him in the shoulder. Adam and Jin laughed at this, and I giggled a little. "Why are you so mad Max?" Adam teased. "Shut up Adam." Max muttered, rubbing his eyes. I smiled and turned to face everyone. "Are we all ready to go?" I said and everyone nodded in agreement or said yeah or yes. "Great!" I chirped and we set out for the 5-10 minute walk we had to get to the Dootch Bru's down close to our school. It was super convenient if we wanted to get something to drink. I usually got smoothies ( This is true, I love there Mango smoothies... They are amazing... 😍😂), but today I wanted to get a Iced drink. We got there, and of course the drive through was jammed, but the front desk was open, so we went and ordered our drinks there. Since the weather was getting a little bit colder, Ross and Jin got some coffee and a latte. Adam, Max, and I got some other beverage that wasn't as warm. We sat down and immediately started chatting, and enjoying our drinks. It may have been 10 minutes after we had ordered, as we were about to leave, when some older guys walked straight up to me, and smirked. I looked back at Adam, Jin, Max, ad Ross. Half looked pissed, and the other half looked scared. (You can guess who... 😂) "Hey there cutie, wanna come with us and do stuff." The first guy said to me, and I immediately didn't want to be there. I collected my breath and politely said no. They continued to pester until one of them said some creepy crap. "We aren't  leaving until we take you home with us." The third guy said and sneered down at me, and I desperately wanted to be wrapped in some protection, to keep me away from these guys. My wish was answered, and Adam had me locked in a behind hug, limiting and access to me unless they wanted to mess with him. "What's the big deal man? She's our prize, lay off." The first guy who spoke before said. And Adam had a glare that could melt metal. "She isn't a trophy, get lost you creeps." Adam stood protecting me, and I turned to see Max and Jin looking no so happy, an Ross who was guarding our stuff, so those guys wouldn't take it. Max stood next to Adam, and cracked his knuckles, and that was the only thing that broke the silence. "You come anywhere near her, and I will make sure of I that you and your little minions don't have legs, that you can't
physically walk on, for the rest of you pathetic lives, if you even think of getting near her." Max said, and the two guys were shaking a little, and the other one was pale. Max and Ross work well together, but Ross stood up and stood next to Max. In other times, he looks innocent and calm, but In this instance, he looked like he was going to stab one of the dudes standing in front of him. Ross quietly spoke, and I didn't want to hear him speak like that again. "You've interrupted our afternoon, I would ask that you get the f**k out of here before I think about pulling a sharp object on you." He said and now the three guys were slowing backing away. Ross said it again, but this time, he made it sound even creepier. "Leave." He said a menacing look oozing in his eyes, where the light blue crystals that once were there, we're now a dark blue and full of hatred. That did it. The guys booked it, and Ross smiled happily. "Yay! I thought that wouldn't work!" He said and the crystal blue eyes of his were back again. I sighed happy. "Thank you guys... It means so much that you protected me." I blushed a little and Adam continued to protect me. "Umm, Adam, you still holding me." I blushed while looking down. "O-Oh, sorry." He replied and let go. I looked and saw his face a light scarlet. Does he like me? No, why would he? I turned to look at Ross. "What was that creepy eye thing you pulled? Your eyes turned dark blue, and it looked like you were going to stab someone." I said and quirked an eyebrow at the last part. Ross pointed to Max, and I looked at him questioningly. "Since he is smaller, I wanted to find something about him that when angry looked creepy. After an argument I had awhile with me about a game, he had a similar look, and I told him that he should use it when we are in danger the most. Good thing it worked." Max said and ruffled Ross's hair, as he grinned happily. Adam and Jin chuckled and we continued with our drinks, and left to go to Adams house. On the way, Jin ran into a pole, and Adam and Max died laughing, Ross and I were trying not to giggle and snicker, but that was hard to do. We eventually walked up to Adam's house, with a shocking surprise.


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