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Redney and Mithross Oneshots by bayloveswriting
Redney and Mithross Oneshotsby bay ✨
You can give any recommendations!
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SkyMedia One Shots by ElaborateThoughts
SkyMedia One Shotsby jennιlee
Welcome to my SkyMedia One Shots :) I will be doing X Reader; no personal or ships in this book Also leave requests/ideas so I can write and avoid slow updates (you can...
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||The Office|| by Alex_Senpai101
||The Office||by ✔️BadBoySkeppy✔️
||Redney, Mithross, & Skylox FanFiction|| ||Start: August 24th, 2018 (Friday)|| ||End:???|| ||Alex_Senpai101 ©2018||
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Fins and Feet (Redney) by JinandSwim
Fins and Feet (Redney)by JinandSwim
Adam drags the guys out to hike, and shows them a hole. One of them feels drawn to the hole, and out of curiosity, go explore. What happens? Who is it? Find out in, Fins...
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The Broken Boy by Araina_Rains
The Broken Boyby Araina_Rains
This is a Redney Fanfic so if you don't like leave now. Micheal's mom had died when he was very young and now he is left in a household with an abusive, drunk father an...
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9 Hearts with Magic  by Alis_The_Narwhal
9 Hearts with Magic by Alis_The_Narwhal
**Cover by Me** Nine magic powers. All given to nine children at a young age. All for a reason. The world is at stake. Darkness is rising and getting stronger. Soon it w...
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Wolves roam here by SWeEtBUTSsour
Wolves roam hereby SWeEtBUTSsour
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Just Experiments? by SWeEtBUTSsour
Just Experiments?by SWeEtBUTSsour
Cover picture not mine. I made this story just to make something new and I no there is no more skymedia but I LOVE THEM!!! 8 kids kidnapped experimented on abused hate...
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Mithross FanFiction by izzerbear
Mithross FanFictionby Izzu-Chan
This is a MithRoss fanfic. What else is there left to say? There is some redney in as well. This is just a book of basically a fangirl's dreams. LOVE IT OR HATE IT ITS H...
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One Shots! by mkelley1014
One Shots!by Kitty1014
Just one shots of youtubers. All fluff with smut hints at times. Requests are always appreciated!! Please keep in mind that this was my first successful book and it laun...
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In My Eyes - MithRoss by MakiNishikinooo
In My Eyes - MithRossby -no longer in use-
Max, the editor at SkyMedia, has been reunited with an old friend, Ross. He wasn't too close to him before, but he finds that he's starting to have a change of heart. Wh...
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Till the End by MithRossisOTP
Till the Endby MithRossisOTP
6 people 6 friends 6 colleges All chosen. All given abilities beyond reality. Ross Max Shelby Cory Red Barney Water Fire Light Dark Air Earth Will they grow closer than...
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Newscapecrew ONE-SHOTS by the_light_wolf
Newscapecrew ONE-SHOTSby the_light_wolf
Give me request and I'll do my own ships to
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Hybrids (Skymedia, Shelby, Cory, and Aphmau) by aPrinceHasGotToSlay_
Hybrids (Skymedia, Shelby, Cory, Valra
Ross Yourpal, Shelby Shubble, Max Mithzan, Adam Sky, Jessica Aphmau, and Cory Dreemurr were all kidnapped by the government to become hybrids, they find friends, new rel...
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Corick- My Alpha by Canada_lover934
Corick- My Alphaby Rin
Cory, a fox hybrid, has depression and trust issues because of something in his past. He starts his new life in a new school and meets the cheerful wolf hybrid named Nic...
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The Enchanted Eight (Very slow updates) by Nova926
The Enchanted Eight (Very slow KRY_BBY_KID 926
The time has come for the Broken Eight to find new teens to hold their powers, but there are a few slip ups with powers, also some romance is slipped into the new Eight'...
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Falling In Love With YouTube God RedVacktor  (A RedVacktor Fanfic) {COMPLETED} by literally_colby
Falling In Love With YouTube God Literally Me
April is a HUGE fan of Sky media. She wins a contest and gets to meet Sky media. She has a crush on RedVacktor. Little did she know that Red starts to fall in love with...
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Voices inside my head |A RedVacktor fanfic by MythCatz
Voices inside my head |A U.R.A.Bader
"I told you I'm fine!" he snapped his eyes flashed purple for a moment, "stop asking if I'm okay, I just wanna keep it to myself!" I could find mysel...
Insanity Halls -A SkyMedia AU- by DaveandAK
Insanity Halls -A SkyMedia AU-by Lexi
These halls keep a secret
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  Ships Lemons/Smuts by dezyraimcfarland2000
Ships Lemons/Smutsby Dam4113
Exactly what the title says duh... Oh and 18+ cause these are lemons and smuts
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