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SkyMedia One Shots by ElaborateThoughts
SkyMedia One Shotsby Jennilee
Welcome to my SkyMedia One Shots :) I will be doing X Reader; no personal or ships in this book Also leave requests/ideas so I can write and avoid slow updates (you can...
Hybrids (Skymedia, Shelby, Cory, and Aphmau) by LavenderPheonix_
Hybrids (Skymedia, Shelby, Cory, Valra
Ross Yourpal, Shelby Shubble, Max Mithzan, Adam Sky, Jessica Aphmau, and Cory Dreemurr were all kidnapped by the government to become hybrids, they find friends, new rel...
  Ships Lemons/Smuts by dezyraimcfarland2000
Ships Lemons/Smutsby Dam4113
Exactly what the title says duh... Oh and 18+ cause these are lemons and smuts
In My Eyes - MithRoss by MakiNishikinooo
In My Eyes - MithRossby -no longer in use-
Max, the editor at SkyMedia, has been reunited with an old friend, Ross. He wasn't too close to him before, but he finds that he's starting to have a change of heart. Wh...
Redney Smut/ one shots by doughnuts69
Redney Smut/ one shotsby Lydia and Gabby
I hope they don't see this (REDNEY SHET) MATURE CONTENT
Youtuber Oneshots by Kirisuna_dtstrcjm
Youtuber Oneshotsby Emily Rose Rhee
All ships that you guys want is all here! Well..... Not all ships that you want but you can request if you want. (WARNING : STRONG LANGUAGE AND SMUTS! I'm just a kid but...
Mithross FanFiction by izzerbear
Mithross FanFictionby Izzu-Chan
This is a MithRoss fanfic. What else is there left to say? There is some redney in as well. This is just a book of basically a fangirl's dreams. LOVE IT OR HATE IT ITS H...
The Amulet~ A Minecraft Diarys-Sky Media Crossover/ The Song~Mystreet-Skymedia by ChattinwithCat
The Amulet~ A Minecraft Cat Author
Jessica Irene Odinson, or as her friends know her, Aphmau-no-last-name-given, has a secret. Cliche right? What makes this universe different than the others? Well, the m...
Split - Redney by mkelley1014
Split - Redneyby Kitty1014
When Red, a sixteen year old, gets injected with a multi serum from his future lover, it will send him on a journey of excitements and many emotions. (Cover art by @Bean...
Redney proof by Bossinatorcas
Redney proofby Timisdatboi
Just Redney proof If you have any idea pls message me
TheNextGeneration(Mithross Sequel)  by iiSherberty
TheNextGeneration(Mithross Sequel) by Attack on Trash
Magical Blood by Crystalnova_16
Magical Bloodby Crystalnova_16
Everyone thought that high school was easy and would have the occasional bump in the road. But have you ever had to conceal and control powers throughout it? Disclaimer...
The Ships Are Real!(Sort Of Completed)(Skymedia Fanfiction) by Geeky_Fandom_Girl
The Ships Are Real!(Sort Of Geeky Girl
I know Jin,Ross and Max all left the offices,but let's pretend they didn't for this story... Enjoy
Cannibal!RedVacktor X ThatGuyBarney by MithrossForLife
Cannibal!RedVacktor X ThatGuyBarneyby Wolfy-and-Storm-IFG
Red has a secret that he wants to keep.... HE IS A CANNIBAL!!! He loves Barney tho And would never harm him But when Barney sees Red killing and eating a human person...
||The Office|| by Alex_Senpai101
||The Office||by ✔️Sky/Konus✔️
||Redney, Mithross, & Skylox FanFiction|| ||Start: August 24th, 2018 (Friday)|| ||End:???|| ||Alex_Senpai101 ©2018||
SkyMedia One-shots  by KTaylorK
SkyMedia One-shots by Taylor
This is a book of one-shots of everyone at SkyMedia (and friends). I am open to requests!
[ MCYT OneShots ] by SquishyCheeks66
[ MCYT OneShots ]by SquishyCheeks66
Some stuff I decided to write. This book is only made for fun, so please don't take everything seriously! >SFW!! >Mostly just Redney, Mithross and maybe some TC sh...
All Kinds Of Youtuber Oneshots (Slow Updates) by Togasenpaiii
All Kinds Of Youtuber Oneshots ( Toga UwU
A bunch of youtuber one shots :) you may request, I do smut and fluff if you want
Mithross; Insane by VengefulVictory
Mithross; Insaneby VengefulVictory
in·sane inˈsān/ adjective in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill. "certifying patients as clini...
skymedia ask or dare by Butterynutt69
skymedia ask or dareby Butterynutt69
you can dare any of the sky media crew and me I accept any dares