-Chapter 20-

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-Aph's POV-

My heart was beating faster and faster as I ran. My skin was cold and wet from the rain coming down. My hair was drenched, my clothes sticking to my skin. My shoes stepped in puddles along the sidewalk, occasionally the road. My teeth slightly chattered. I shivered and continued on. Ross's house came into view. I ran forward and bolted up the steps to his door. I knocked on it hard. 'Please be home, please be home.' As I shifted my feet on the soaked welcome mat. My eyes widened when I heard footsteps come to the door. The door opened to reveal Max followed by Ross. "Oh, hey Aph! What's up?" Max smiled. Ross was slightly blushing behind his glasses. "We need to go, now. It's important." I said with a tight voice. "Aph what's wrong?" Ross asked slightly scared. I sighed. "Sensei-Sama." I said with urgency. Both Ross's and Max's eyes went wide. "I'll explain the situation when we have everyone." I said while turning. "Hang on real quick, I need to make an excuse to my mom." Ross said. He took off somewhere in his house. Max looked back at me. "Your going to get sick if you stay wet." He replied. He unzipped his jacket and gave it to me. Immediately after I felt warmth coming back to me. "But won't you get completely drenched?" I asked. Max raised a hand. "Nah, if I get sick, I'll be fine, my immune system is really strong. I rarely get sick." He said and smiled. "Thank you." I smiled with gratitude. I put the jacket on and I felt a lot better. "How has the transition been for you? You know, from your Mom's?" I asked cautiously. I didn't know how he would react. It wouldn't be exactly fun to deal with a 'Mad Max'. He looked down for a second. "It's been alright, I do miss her. Of course not her douche bag boyfriend." He replied. I nodded. He continued. "But it's been a lot easier then I thought it would be, I thought that Ross's parents would find me annoying, or find the fact of me coming into their home rude. But they didn't." Max said while looking up. "They took it really well, they weren't angry, and of all people, Ross has been showing a lot of love and support for me. But I've noticed something." He said while stopping when my eyebrow raised ever so slightly. "Go on." I said wondering if it was what I thought it was. "He use to be, I don't know, more Ross. To simply put it. Whenever I come into the room, he seems quieter, more than he normally is." Max said while adjusting his gold Z necklace. "Did I do something to him, was it something I said? Did his parents say or do something to set him one edge? I just don't know." He sighed. He ran a hand through his hair, it spiking up a little. Just when I was about to give my imput, Ross came around the kitchen corner and was wearing a gray hoodie. "Alrighty, fake excuse was set, let's go!" He said with a smile. "Right, we need to hurry and get everyone else." I replied. They nodded and we took off to go get everyone else.
After about 2 minutes, Ross and Max successfully were drenched more than I was. Max's hair as floofed down, and Ross was in a curly, wet mess. Mine wasn't any better probably. Adam's house came into view, immediately we presssed on. We slowed when we got to his house walking up the steps. Max and Ross were breathing heavily, Ross having to lean against one of the patio railings. "You guy's good?" I asked. "Ross, please, *huff*, remind me, *puff* to go to the gym *gasp* more." Max said gasping for breath. Ross still leaning for breath nodded. I smiled a little at the child like demeanor. I quickly shook it off and walked up to the door. I rang the doorbell, and heard footsteps running to the door. A dog's bark followed afterwards. The door opened to reveal Jin holding a Weiner Dog in his arms. "Hey Aph! Hey Max, Hey Ross, what's up?" He smiled, the dog trying to get to us desperately. "AWWW!" I said dying at the cuteness. I reached a hand out to scratch and pet the adorable dog. "The dog is really cute Aph, but we came here for a different reason." Max said reeling me back to reality. "Oh um, right." I said blushing slightly from embarrassment. Jin seemed to be lost a little, his eyes on me, and he had a slight tint of pink on his cheeks, was it something I said? "We need to go find Sensei, he requested all of us to come, he said it was urgent." Ross replied to break the silence. "Is Adam home too?" He asked. My heart skipped a beat when he said his name. "Oh yeah, here come inside, you guys will get sick if you stay out too long." Jin replied. We walked in and stood waiting for Adam. A minute went by and Adam came sliding down the staircase railing along with Jin. "Hey Guy's! What's going on?" He asked. His hair was slightly messy, and he had casual clothes on. "We need to go get Barney and Red, it's Sensei. He requested that we come as soon as possible." I said in a blur. Adam picked every word up and in a second, we were out the door. Jin had set down the cute doggo before we left. Otherwise, we would have had to worry about a pooch. We sped down the sidewalk, all of us breathing harder or softer than others. We see Barney's House come to view. Adam speeds up and I soon follow suit. In a matter of seconds, we ring the doorbell. Everyone was breathing hard, trying to catch their breaths. "I, *puff*, need to, *gasp*, work out more!" Jin said completely winded. "Hey that's what I said!" Ross replied frowning slightly, and laughed. Max and Jin chuckled and we heard footsteps from inside. The door reveals a middle aged guy with brown eyes and a slightly bald head. He isn't overweight, but isn't fit either. "Hey! Are you all here for Barney and Red?" He asked politely. Ross nodded and he turned and called for his son and his friend. I could hear footsteps upstairs inside, so they may be coming. "What brings you all here?" Barney's Dad asked. I stepped in. "We wanted to have a Sleepover at Adam's house, if that is ok with you sir." I said thinking up an excuse. He smiled. "Of course, besides I'll be out of town tomorrow, so feel free to come over if you guys need to. I remember Barney saying something about a project that was supposed to be due Monday..." He said while trailing off as Barney and Red were running down the stairs. "Heys, sorry's to keeps yous waiting, Red and Is weres playing somes Marios Kart." Barney said while rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled. "It's no problem, anyway, thank you for letting us hangout with them. I'll have Barney text you for further details." I politely smiled. "Anytime!" Barney's Dad smiled. As soon as he closed the door, I turned to Red and Barney, and quickly said two words: GO NOW! Without an explanation, Adam and Jin dragged a confused and slightly scared for his life Red and a ever so worried and almost crapping screeching Barney. I feel like I'm a mom sometimes. I wonder why... 🤔


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