-Chapter 8-

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-Aphmau's POV-

     The light slowly dimmed, and the silhouette of an old man stood. He seemed to be well over 60 years old, he had long clear hair tied into a Japanese style man bun, and he wore a silver kimono.
      His face was etched with time, and his eyes showed the future, grey with sliver flecks. Ross cowered in fear, and I just stared.
Who was this man? Is he responsible for our gems?
    Max seemed to be the first to regain his wits. "Who are you, and why have you come?" He asked. He didn't seem to be angry, but curious.
     I blinked a couple of times, trying to comprehend the situation. What was going on?
The man nodded. "Do not be alarmed, I have not come to hurt you, quite the contrary." He said with a kind smile. His voice was slightly croaky, but was light.
     Max shifted in place, I could see him relaxing a little, his shoulders still slightly tensed. The man looked around at us.
"I have given you all stones that possess powers, if used correctly, will save the world." He began, and continued.
    "My name is Kin, but you may all refer to me as Sensei or Master, whichever you think is easier." Sensei smiled a child like gleam in his eyes. His tone and how he acted was like that of a grandpa talking and playing with a small child, but yet, he had a authority that made you listen.
"Forgive me interrupting you Sensei, but, why have you chosen us seven to save the world?" Jin spoke up, walking almost normal at this point.
      Sensei nodded. "I didn't choose you seven, the universe did." He said with a smile. He chuckled at all of our confused expressions.
      "The universe has different guardians that protect the outer universe and galaxies." He said. "The one for the Milky Way, I've only met once." Sensei smiled.
Ross seemed to not be as scared now, he had gotten up and stood next to Max.
    "What is the guardian of our galaxy like?" I asked.
     The old man seemed to think for a moment before answering. "She was like that of a goddess, she had a caring heart, but was very powerful." He continued. "Her skin was like that of ivory, and her hair was colored like the stardust in space." He smiled. He then chuckled and continued. "If there's one think you don't ever want to do, don't make her angry, she has one bad temper." He said with a wink.
     Max chuckled at this, I couldn't help but also giggle at his gesture. I imagined Max being the bad tempered one.
Sensei cleared his throat and regained his composition.
    "I must ask this though, are you all willing to help me save the world?" He said this with the most honest and serious eyes I had ever seen.
    I stepped forward. "Count me in, I don't know much about the extent of our new found powers, but one things for sure, I want to save everyone." I smiled. I looked over at my friends I met just 12 hours earlier.
Ross slowly walks forward, he had a new found courage in his eyes.
    "I want to help save the world too, it may be dangerous, and if this guy wants to hurt us, then we will give him a piece of our minds." He said while tightening his hands into fists.
Max stepped forward. "If Ross is going, then I'm going." He said while ruffling Ross's hair. He blushed a little at the action. They both played off each other in a hilarious but charming way.
Adam looked at Jin and grinned. "I'm in." He said while stepping forward. "This is a chance to save others, not only that, but we get new powers, that's amazing!" Adam grinned.
    Jin sighed and shook his head while stepping forward.
    "I'll do it, but I don't want to get in too much trouble with the law." He said. "Especially to keep an eye on someone." Jin said while gesturing to Adam.
     Barney and Ross chuckled. Max just rolled his eyes. Adam just glared and playfully punched his shoulder.
Barney and Red smiled as looked at each other.
    "We both are in, it would be a chance to be with friends, and to save the world, and maybe a few other ones." Red said with a grin. Sensei smiled.
    "Then there isn't a moment to lose." He said. "We shall take our leave, and you all will train, and develop your powers."
With a swirl of his fingers and a snap, there was flash of light. I felt the ground leave me. My breath was taken away, and my chest felt tight. My eyes closed, darkness taking over.


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