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Broken Down (Old) by Bubblymaya
Broken Down (Old)by Maya ☁️
Shelby is depressed, she's cutting herself, she thinks she's worthless, and just needs to clear her head. So what happens when Shelby goes out to Washington D.C. to live...
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Newscapepro Uppertale by Hommli-Means-Ugly
Newscapepro Uppertaleby !Hommli The Wolf!
Pretty much uppertale except with Cory and Frisk (Shelby) Yes Cory is alive
  • newscapeproundertale
  • shubble
  • newscapeproxshubble
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Colours  by Anacoy92
Colours by Alis_The_Narwhal
**Cover by me** The Narwhal has nothing to do with the story other than the fact to be awesome on the cover :3 11 kids. They were taken by an illegal facility at the age...
  • netnobody
  • smallishbeans
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Fluid by dragxnfire
Fluidby Dragon
Everyone is born with two bodies, a male and a female. The other gender has never been a mystery. But when you're 20, you have to choose. This book is inspired by a comi...
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Taken by _writingdreams_
Takenby youtubewriter
Memories from the past are threatening to make a comeback. One game of hide and seek takes a turn for the worst. What secrets are brewing in the shadows? Can Graser, She...
  • hbomb
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Senior Year by UnicornFairyQueen05
Senior Yearby Unicorn Fairy
It's their senior year in high school. With social cliques and emotional roller coasters, how will they make it through their final year? Friendships will be made, broke...
  • btrull
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  • ronron
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Keepers: Book 2- Mind's Past by Teddy_Is_Trash
Keepers: Book 2- Mind's Pastby Hi_I’m_Teddy
"We're in for a lot more than we thought." The Keepers have finally realized that the Seekers, the force they had been fighting since almost the beginning of t...
  • corby
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PUBBLE fanfic  by hamsterhero28
PUBBLE fanfic by hamsterhero28
This is a pubble fanfic hope you enjoy!
  • sharker
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Will you ? (Kiingtong x HBomb94) by kicktheconverse
Will you ? (Kiingtong x HBomb94)by kicktheconverse
H's POV I take Will's bag and put it I to my trunk. I can feel him looking at me, and I could also feel the blush slowly creeping up on my face. I closed the trunk look...
  • shubble
  • hbomb
  • kiingtong
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Keepers: Book 1-Life's Sanity by Teddy_Is_Trash
Keepers: Book 1-Life's Sanityby Hi_I’m_Teddy
Amazing cover by @emchanting Even though she's a princess, Shelby Graces doesn't have a perfect life. Far from it actually. Watch as she makes new friends and faces str...
  • shubble
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  • smallishbeans
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The Six Heroes by YurieTheAkwardAuthor
The Six Heroesby Yurie Being Yurie
The world consists of the four main elements. Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. With these four elements comes Life and Death. These 6 things can be a power given to people t...
  • fantasy
  • newscapepro
  • adventure
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Elementals by Caremelpop23
Elementalsby Caremelpop 8295
Legends speak about 6 special people. These people are able to manipulate specific elements. The elements list of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, and Death. These 6 peop...
  • shubble
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  • yourpalross
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i'm broken [shelax] by kaataarina
i'm broken [shelax]by kat☆~•°
Shelby is a depressed 24 year old girl living with her cousin, Ross, and her best friend Max. Max is a 23 year old boy living with his best friends Ross and Shelby. They...
  • fanfic
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  • houseowner
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Love is Real (Shubble x Parker) Pubble by ItsNotSockMum
Love is Real (Shubble x Parker) HeyImMini
A love story between Shubble x Parker
  • sharker
  • parkerplays
  • pubble
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Elemental Holders by RINTEAZ
Elemental Holdersby CoraliN
One day 6 children were chosen to hold the powers of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life, and Death. Their group's, The Feathers, main goal was to kill Queen Serenity. The que...
  • kingdom
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  • jinbop
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The Enchanted Eight (Very slow updates) by Nova926
The Enchanted Eight (Very slow KRY_BBY_KID 926
The time has come for the Broken Eight to find new teens to hold their powers, but there are a few slip ups with powers, also some romance is slipped into the new Eight'...
  • prince
  • mithross
  • shubble
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Just More Than Friends~ a Shubbomb fanfic by alwaysmadd
Just More Than Friends~ a madd*y
HIGHEST RANKING #1 in Hbomb94 ~Shelby's pov~ I have had a crush on Liam for a long time now. We are just friends but he probably doesn't feel the same way about me. Hone...
  • hbomb94
  • wattys2018
  • kiingtong
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The Secrets by RINTEAZ
The Secretsby CoraliN
Some of the SkyMedia people are hiding stuff from each other... some even including Aphmau/Jess and Shelby(Shubble) Will these secrets pull them apart or pull them toget...
  • vidcon
  • hbomb94
  • aphmau
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Jess/Aphmau's Secret - Dimension Secrets Book 1 by RINTEAZ
Jess/Aphmau's Secret - Dimension CoraliN
Aphmau or should I say Jess is Thor's daughter. She used to be part of some group the people in the group called 'Sky Army'. One day with her close friend, Castor, after...
  • secrets
  • redvacktor
  • skyarmy
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HBomb x Reader Fan Fiction :) by IzzyLikesPigs
HBomb x Reader Fan Fiction :)by IzzyLikesPigs
You are Parker's cousin, and you are moving into LA. You have a youtube channel in which you make music and minecraft videos. Shelby pulled a few strings, and got you on...
  • xreader
  • hbomb94
  • fanfiction
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