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Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 Fanfic by xx2oexx
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 :D
Molly ends up stuck in a game of minecraft Never have I Ever with some new friends. Will one of them stick out more than the others? Started: November 4th 2017 Finished:...
Cory x frisk giantess frisk  by csjacob0407
Cory x frisk giantess frisk by csjacob0407
Cory wakes up in the snow but he starts to find out the danger of the world but he finds out that not everyone can be the same as the others he can find the love he need...
MithRoss (High School AU) by Doctor_Discord
MithRoss (High School AU)by Doctor_Discord
Hello! This is no longer a teaser for a new story I'm working on! Enjoy! I hope I can get the hype up for this 'cause it's gonna be absolutely fantastic when it's finish...
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"T H E    F A M I L Y"  {A NewScapeCrew AU} by Floaty_Loser
"T H E F A M I L Y" {A Loser
This book is based off of the Mafiatale Murder videos Cory/NewScapePro did a little while ago. If someone hss created this AU already, I didn't know of it at the time hi...
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 1 of the Arcane Powers) by PhoenixWritesFics
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ ( Phoenix
THE ARCANE POWERS; BOOK 1 -- disclaimer: characters do not belong to me i wrote this as a prepubescent teenager please don't judge me -- The Evil is rising. Every deca...
The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet by ThatOneWerewolf
The Little Things» SkyMedia X Sin-namon Roll
Completed, Book One. Best Place: #268 in Fanfiction The Little Things» SkyMedia X Mystreet {Good Grammer, Written Hopefully Well!} ••••• When Jessica ran away when she...
Phoenix Drop High (MCD AU) by sncwydays
Phoenix Drop High (MCD AU)by 🪐✨
When Aphmau and her friends get transferred to a new school, everything changes. Crushes develop and relationships spark. Can Aphmau make it through her junior year of h...
Fnaf x Aphmau x sky media x mystreet(discontinued) by LavenderPheonix_
Fnaf x Aphmau x sky media x Valra
Travis and aph have a secret. Only them, Ross, Adam, Barney, Shelby, Jin, Cory and max know about.... they are dead. Every one who knows about the secret Is too. Find ou...
Magical Blood by Crystalnova_16
Magical Bloodby Crystalnova_16
Everyone thought that high school was easy and would have the occasional bump in the road. But have you ever had to conceal and control powers throughout it? Disclaimer...
Winter's Cold (KingdomCraft Story: Book 2) by AmberDickie
Winter's Cold (KingdomCraft Shy_Amber
Winter has come, and a lot has changed since the battle against Miseria. What adventures will the royals of Alvaria get up to this time? What new characters will we see?
Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Sky Media) by IzyBella-Anne
Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Isabel
* Discontinued * Jess lived with her best friends (Adam, Ross, Barney, Max, Jin, Red, Alesa and Shelby) and was almost always making YouTube video's or just having fun w...
Dangthatsalongname X  (Female)Reader by Renkioi
Dangthatsalongname X (Female) Renkioi
This will include : Danghtatsalongname TheOrionsound Shubble SeaPeeKay You have just moved in with the Orionsound! But you feel weird around a close friend of yours, he...
SkyMedia meets MyStreet by Jillybeeans
SkyMedia meets MyStreetby Jillybeans
Jess ran away from her home during her sophomore year of highschool. Reason why was because of her past life with her old friends. Aphmau now lives-today-in a house on M...
Dangonronpa | Youtube Reload by FanFictionalNerd
Dangonronpa | Youtube Reloadby Anthony (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
"Hello?, HellO?, Testing TestIng! 1,2,3! Is this thing on?" Everyone was confused. "Hello students! Or Ultimates! And welcome to HajimeHigh!" The ma...
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | completed by silv_is_elsewhere
Agents: The Phoenix Secret | moved
Following new arrivals (oh, and secret agents) Jessica, Adam, Shelby, Ross, Cory, Max, Jin and John as they've been assigned a mission in Phoenix Drop, the elusive "...
TRUE LOVE  ( Skymedia meets MyStreet ) by underscore_stacy
TRUE LOVE ( Skymedia meets Stacy Still
this is my first story this will be a skymau or mithmau fanfic.I haven't decided yet. Aphmau and Aaron are not dating in this fanfic if i messed up plz do tell me. I als...
#Gracy Short Stories // StacyPlays & Graser10 FF by rileyabonds
#Gracy Short Stories // rileyabonds
Hey y'all. In this #Gracy FF, is a brand new short story each chapter about the YouTuber StacyPlays and Graser10 (plus other YTers that make appearances) (read the first...
You can't be the one Shubble x Kiingtong by skylarz04
You can't be the one Shubble x skylarz04
Kiingtong finds himself hiding his love for Shubble through self harm and alcohol, even though he was under age. Nobody knew about his issue except Liam, HBomb94. Liam...
9 Hearts with Magic  by Alis_The_Narwhal
9 Hearts with Magic by Alis_The_Narwhal
**Cover by Me** Nine magic powers. All given to nine children at a young age. All for a reason. The world is at stake. Darkness is rising and getting stronger. Soon it w...
HBomb94 x Reader by gamerfictioner
HBomb94 x Readerby gamerfictioner
You are an old viewer of Liam's. But you haven't been able to watch his videos for a while due to your new career as a youtuber. You have barely even heard of Liam's nam...