-Chapter 17-

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-Ross's POV-

We stood seeing Red and Barney being shoved around by Max's Mom and her boyfriend, and Red had a few scratches and bruises on his face. He was taking every punch that they were trying to throw at Barney. Adam ran forward. "What the h**l is going on here?! Get off my property!" Adam screamed at them. Adam's Mom and Dad came running out of the house, and they had horrified looks on both of their faces. Max's Mom and her Boyfriend booked it, and left. Red was bleeding all over his face, and Barney was hugging him tightly. "Red's it's all my's fault, I should 'a have protected You's." Barney whispered through silent tears. Jin and I ran up to them to make sure they were ok. I looked back at Aphmau, she looked pretty spooked. Her face was white, and a her Amber eyes were small and full of terror. She stood shaking alittle. Her hands were laying at her side, an were slightly moving. I walked up to her and rested my hand on her shoulder. "Aph? You alright, do you want to talk about it?" I asked her trying to be helpful. She snapped out of whatever reality she was in, and her eyes welled up with tears. She engulfed me in a hug, and she quietly sobbed into my shoulder. "I need to call the police about this, Max are you ok with this?" Adam's Dad asked him worried. Max simply nodded and walked over to Aphmau and me. He gave her a hug, and gave me a hug. "I'm sorry about this you guys, my parents have snapped so many times, it's not even realistically possible for them to be sane." Max said staring at the ground. Aph wiped her eyes and smiles softly. "It's ok... Do you want me to bring you something over later?" Aphmau asked smiling. Max nodded slightly, an I grinned in response. Aph beamed with happiness and then went over to make sure everyone else was ok. I was looking at her and dust realize Max was staring at me for a few seconds. My eyes caught his. "Max, something wrong?" I asked worried. He relaxed and smiled. "No, sorry I was thinking about something at school." He said and turned to look at Barney and Red. I felt this buzzer go off in my head. What he had said wasn't true. I was about to press on, when the police finally showed up.
(For real though, they take forever. 😑) The officer got out of his car and walked over and greeted Adam's parents. Before he started talking, Adam's Mom walked over. "This will be a little, could you please take your friends and bring them up to your room?" Adam's Mom whispered to Adam. He nodded understanding as motioned for us to go up stairs. "Red, can you walk?" asked Aphmau. He grunted and collapsed on the ground in response. Barney picked Red off the ground and that surprised everyone ultimately. We all hurried up to Adam's room and laid Red on Adam's bed. "Aph's cans you heals him?" Barney asked nervous. Aphmau nodded and stood and placed a few small orbs around him. They immediately absorbed and his cuts and scratches disappeared. Barney let out a shaky sigh and sat next to Red gently hugging him. He had fallen asleep, and Barney had wrapped his arm around his lower back, and rested his had on his shoulder. Jin had fixed a book that had fallen down off of a bookshelf ad turned to Barney. "So mind telling us what the f**k just happened?" He said obviously shaken. Barney sighed and told us what happened. "Red's and I were 'a walkings overs to Adam's house, when's Max's parents attacked us." He said and was shaking his head at the memory. Max nodded and walked over. "I'm so sorry about what happened, that was completely out of my control, and I had no idea they would do that to you." He sadly said. Barney nodded and looked down at Red, worry in his eyes. Adam shifted his footing. "Do you guys want to play some video games or watch a movie? Oh know, get our minds off hat happened?" Adam smiled. Everyone nodded and we began to play Mario Cart, Smash Bros on the Wii, an then switched over to Jin's Xbox and played Overwatch, taking turns. Everyone settled, and Red eventually woke up. He joined in, an the rest of our Saturday, moved smoothly.
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