- Chapter 20 -

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I really think Molly knew how to charm people with her words and good girl personality because somehow she was able to convince my parents - MY PARENTS - to excuse me from my punishment and let me hang out with her tonight for Halloween. Of course they had no clue what we were really planning to do. Neither did Molly's parents as well. It was finally the day of Yoongi's party. Everyone talked about nonstop all day and of course Yoongi was the center of attention the entire time. Molly was more excited than I was. This was her first time going to an actual party. I couldn't blame her though. Yoongi's parties are the absolute best.

When the last bell of the day went off, everyone literally jumped out of their seats and raced out the school. Who knew that they were all hyped up for this party? Even the ones who claimed they didn't care about it ended up leaving in a hurry. Nobody ever misses his parties. A day before halloween, Molly and I went shopping for halloween costumes in a very rich part of town. Thank god she paid for mines as well with a debit card her parents had given her. I was older than her and my parents hardly give me any money to go shopping or to buy something for myself. I had to help her choose the right type of costume for the party - sexy. No girl in highschool wore costumes for the sake of wearing one. They wore them to look sexy for the boys as Halloween was an excuse for them to dress as slutty as they want. If we were to walk into the party with childish ass costumes, we would be the laughing stocks of the night. I decided to be a devil and Molly chose to be Harley Quinn, the Suicide Squad version.

We went straight to her house afterschool and immediately started to get ready. I put on my devil costume, which consisted of a strapless latex red dress that stopped at my thighs, red stelios, and a devil tail with the horns. I used Molly's glamorous makeup set that most likely cost more than anything I could ever afford and got to work applying on red eyeshadow of two different shades blended together, golden highlighter, dark red lipstick, and mascara that worked wonders on my eyelashes. Somehow I was able to do the perfect eyeliner on both eyes this time on the first try. It was a miracle. I was working on my brows when Molly walked in from the bathroom looking perfect. Her hair was in two poofy but curly ponytails, one side red and the other blue with temporary hair dye, her dramatic  eyeshadow matched her hair and the silver highlighter and dark lipstick made her pop. She was wearing the signature half red and half blue jacket, the "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt, the short shorts that matched her jacket, the golden studded belt, the fishnet stockings, and the white and black shoes. She even had the tattoos - they were fake of course. She tugged at her shorts with an embarrassed look.

"How do I look?" She asked.

I sized her up and licked my lips teasingly. "Damn sis, you look mad good."

She smiled and sat on the bed, waiting for me to finish. I looked at her through the mirror.

"I need to lay down some rules."

"Rules?" She perked up and raised an eyebrow. "For what?"

"I don't need you getting into anything. So no sleeping with any of the boys and you have to stay near me."

"I'm fifteen, not five...I don't need my hand held..." She uttered.

I chuckled. "I know but you don't know how good these boys are at manipulation. They know how to make the panties drop easily. That's why you have to be smart about it. So please tell me that you'll avoid them."

"I'll avoid them."

I sighed in relief.

"You do remember that you have to be home by eleven, right?" She asked.

I groaned. That's still too early for me.


Molly shrugged. "Your parents' rules, not mines."

"Well, at least they let me out so I could stick by that rule."

If I went against them, I might as well be grounded until I graduate from high school.

Once it struck five thirty, we headed outside. Luckily, Molly's parents were gone all day and didn't plan to return until tomorrow. We wouldn't even make it out the door if they've seen how risqué our costumes were. People were already starting to come out to trick or treat. Younger kids walked around in cute costumes, holding their parent's hands as they passed by. I smiled at a little boy and girl who walked by with their mother and father. They had to be no older than three and they were twins, both matching in pumpkin costumes. It makes me wonder how things would be if I had a twin brother - oh no scratch that. If I had a twin brother, he'd probably be friends with Taehyung and his crew and they'll all be hoes together.

We turned the corner and waited for a bit before Namjoon's black hummer pulled over next to us. We climbed into the car and fastened our seatbelts before Namjoon took off. He and Mona were dressed up as Archie and Veronica from Riverdale. It was honestly really cute.

"Ti Ti!" Mona cried out and turned around, reaching over to me from the passenger seat. We hugged for a little before she pulled away and looked at Molly.

"Oh is this your new best friend?" She asked with a face that looked like she just ate something super sour.

I scoffed. "Girl, you know you're always going to be my main hoe~"

"Good to know that I'm still your main one. I was thinking I got replaced!"

"This is Molly. She convinced my parents to let me out tonight." I said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Mona and this is my boyfriend Namjoon." She leaned over and kissed his cheek as he was driving. He chuckled and managed to peck her lips a few times. I rolled my eyes and coughed loudly.

"Do that nasty shit somewhere else." I shuddered. I hate seeing them two act all cutesy in front of me.

Mona kissed his neck with a wide smile. "It's my boyfriend and it's his car~"

I groaned and turned to face the window, not wanting to see them be affectionate with one another, especially after what happened with Namjoon two days prior. Molly sat there just on her phone and Mona laughed. She loved to annoy me.

"Who are you going to get with tonight?" Mona asked teasingly. Namjoon's eyes darted to the side to look at her real quick.

"Yoongi? Jin? Hoseok?" She snickered. "Or Taehyung??"

I gagged. "Don't even bring him up."

"Why what happened between you two? You were close a few weeks ago."

"I don't want to talk about it." I sighed.  I could care less about Taehyung right now. Yes, I was still mad at him.

Mona shrugged and slumped back in her seat. The rest of the car ride was quiet. Namjoon hadn't said anything the whole time. Maybe he too felt awkward about what happened the other day.

Or maybe he had nothing to say to me.

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