- Chapter 16 -

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I closed my eyes and sighed, waiting patiently for what Tae was going to do to me. I felt his hands touch my shoulders. They were warm and surprisingly soft. He started to rub my shoulders right where it felt tense. He was actually giving me a massage and it felt pretty good. I sighed blissfully as he massaged my shoulders, loosening up my stiff and tense muscles. I didn't even notice how close he was until I felt him breathing on my neck, giving me slight chills, but in a good way. He started to rub his soft lips against my neck and gently nibble on it. I giggled to the feeling because it tickled.

"What are you doing, Tae?"

He didn't say anything as his nibbles grew into soft bites. His teeth pulled at the skin of my neck and one of his hands slipped to my front side. He slid his hand from my stomach to my lower region. It crept even lower, inches away from touching the most sensitive spot of my body. I slapped his hand and moved away, not indulging into the temptations.

"No I won't grope on you. He said. Ten seconds later I already caught your hand going in between my legs." I sneered and looked back at him, a smirk on his face.

"You liked the massage?" He asked, trying to change the topic.

I turned to face him and splashed some water in his face.

"You looked thirsty. Looked like you needed some water."

He splashed some back, "You're always thirsty so you can't be talking. Thirsty for the-"

"TAE!! You wet my hair!" I shouted and glared at him. Since my hair isn't naturally straight, it curls and poofs up when it gets wet, even the slightest.

"You wet my hair!" He mimicked, attempting to sound like me. He failed miserably.


I started splashing him harder than before, the water spilling out and pooling on the tile floor. He splashed back just as violently, drenching my hair even more. I didn't care at this point, I could already feel it getting curly. We were now having a splash fight. Yes, two highschoolers having a literal splash fight in a bathtub. Being with this boy sure does brings out the inner kid in me. In both a positive and a negative way. I wasn't known for being a childish person but I rather prefer that over what I'm really known for. What could've been relax time for me turned out into a full out water war. At least I still had time to wash up, after refilling the tub and kicking Tae out the bathroom.

After I finished my thirty minute bath, I changed into the gown the maid had left out for me. It fit me perfectly. What size did Tae's mother wear exactly? I brushed my teeth with a spare toothbrush and checked up on my hair in the mirror. I decided to leave it the way it was. It looked more curly than poofy and I thought it was pretty cute. For now. When I walked into the bedroom, Tae was laying on the far right with his back turned, leaving a distance between us. He was already fast asleep, or so I thought. I can't really be too sure. I climbed into the bed and crawled towards him, slapping his face lightly a few times. No reaction, just his soft breathing. Okay, he was asleep. I crawled back over to my side and laid down, pulling the covers over my shoulders and slowly lulling myself to sleep.

• • •

When I opened my eyes, the whole room was glowing with the sun's light. I looked down and saw Tae's arms wrapped around my waist. When did he drift so close to me? My back was up against his chest and his head was in my hair, his breath blowing against my scalp. My cheeks heated up and I blinked several times. This was the first time sleeping in someone's arms and it was nice. Couples must do this all the time. I didn't want to wake him up and I felt safe and warm in his arms, so I let him hold me until he wakes up.

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