- Chapter 8 -

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This was the best moment that happened out of today. Being scolded by my parents, the cold stares I've received all day long at school, being teased by both Yoongi and Jungkook about the incriminating video, the warning mom gave me in that note. I didn't care about any of those things at this moment. I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. Why couldn't life be like this everyday? It would make my life so much better. But maybe it was just the weed talking.

I was very intoxicated at this point and so was Taehyung. This was very dangerous since he was driving while talking a few puffs of the blunt but we just didn't care. He drove quickly through the streets with the sexiest smile on his face. I was just laughing and tuning out to the music at high volume. The radio must've been on the hip hop or rap station because it was playing some rap music. I normally don't listen to much rap music but since I was so into the moment, I didn't bother changing the station. He sped so fast down the streets of our city that my heart literally jumped. He was surpassing the average speed limit at this point. Were we going to get pulled over by the police soon? I don't know why but I felt the thrill of possibly being caught by the police. Would Tae be a bad boy and speed off when they pull us over? So many thoughts were flying in my head.

Tae had handed the blunt over to me and I lifted it to my lips, inhaling it all in. I must've inhaled too much because I started coughing afterwards, the smoke escaping my mouth.

"Take it easy, Titi." Taehyung said, "You're inhaling too hard. Did you see how I did it?"

"Yes, I know." I coughed, "It's just feels so amazing."

"Here, let me try something."

I gave the blunt back to him and he took another hit, but he didn't blow the smoke out of his mouth, slowing down his driving as he did so.

"Now lean over to me and open your mouth." He instructed, muffling as he tried to keep all of it in. I did what he told me to and leaned my face closer to his, opening my mouth. He pulled me closer gently and kissed me softly, releasing the smoke into my mouth. I couldn't help but blush slightly. Our lips just touched. I pulled away and blew the smoke out of my mouth. That felt so smooth. I didn't even cough this time either.

He laughed a bit and licked his lips, focusing on the road again, "Why are you so sexy?"

"Mmmm, I don't know~" I said with a giggle while sticking my head out the window, enjoying the beautiful view of the darkening sky.

Tae had released one of his hands from the wheel and reached over, smacking my ass.

"Stop Tae Tae."

He gritted his teeth, "Don't say my nickname like that again."

I pulled away from the window and looked at him, saying in a more seductive tone, "Tae Tae."

I guess he couldn't take it anymore. He had pulled into the parking lot of a nearby store and into one of the empty slots, putting the car on park and turning off the engine. He then unbuckled his seatbelt and mines as well before leaning over and slamming his lips into mines. I felt his tongue glide across my lips, waiting to enter my mouth. I reached over and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer and sticking out my tongue. Our tongues swirled around and intertwined sloppily. While we tongue kissed, I felt one of his hands reach into my tank top and slip under my bra, giving my right breast a squeeze. I moaned softly to that, turning him on more. He pulled away from the kiss and trailed his lips down to the crook of my neck, kissing and sucking on it while squeezing my chest even harder. It only made me moan a little louder. He then slowly made his way down to my tank top and looked up at me for assurance. I really wanted to let him take off my jacket and tank top, but I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was forgetting something very important. I pushed him off and reached into my pocket, grabbing my phone. When I turned on the screen to look at the time, my eyes widened.

It was 6:54 pm.

That's impossible. I remember Taehyung telling me it was 5:24 as if that was 30 minutes ago. Did time really fly so fast that I was too high to notice? I shook Tae and quickly put on my seatbelt, opening the windows all the way so hopefully the smell of weed would come off me.

"Taehyung! I have to go home, ASAP!"

His eyes widened when realizing as well before he quickly buckled in his seatbelt and started up the car, quickly pulling out the space.

"Oh shit!" He cursed out loudly, "I'm sorry!"

"Just get me home dammit! I don't care how fast you drive at this point!" I screamed. If I didn't make it home before mom, I could kiss my life goodbye because she was probably going to murder me and bury me in the backyard. I held onto my seat tightly as if my life depended on it because Tae was speeding down the street as if he was Speed Racer. Everything outside looked like a blur. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping that he doesn't crash. For all I know, he was running red lights and nearly crashing into other cars just to get me home on time. I don't know if I'll end up being killed in a car crash or by my parents.

After sitting through the ride of hell, we finally pulled up beside my house. I quickly looked out the window and at the driveway and sighed in great relief. My mom's car wasn't there, which means she wasn't home yet. I then glanced down at my phone. It barely turned 7. Oh shit, gotta blast. I didn't even have time to say anything to Tae. I was worried more for myself and I'll thank him later. I hopped out the car, slammed the door, and ran towards the front door. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and quickly unlocked the door, pulling myself inside and slamming the door. I ran up to my room and threw off my jacket and shoes, plopping onto the bed.

My heart was beating so quickly that I held my chest. That was so fucking close. I never want to compromise my life like that again. But I say that everytime and it seems to never end. 

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