- Chapter 11 -

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- Author's Note -

This story has surpassed a hundred reads and a hundred votes! Thank you all very much! I didn't think my story would even reach this point... I really appreciate your support. Like very much! Alright, I don't want to make this too long so I'll get on with the story.

⚠️ - There will be sexual content in this chapter, you have been warned. If you're not comfortable with this type of stuff, feel free to skip the naughty bits. - ⚠️

"Just. Get. Undressed." He growled.

He looked at me with lust filled eyes.

Uh oh.....

I knew this was going to happen eventually but I wasn't expecting it to occur so quickly. Not really wanting to anger him, I lifted off my tank top and threw it on the floor, not feeling nervous not even a bit. It was a shame that I was used to this type of situation. A smirk grew on his face as he hungrily gazed at my breasts, which were concealed in my black lace bra. His eyes then dropped down to my shorts, his smirk growing wider.

"I said get fully undressed." He stated sternly.

Without hesitating, I grabbed my shorts and slid them down my legs slowly to tease him. It was working because he looked as if he was waiting with great anticipation. I didn't even get to fully slide out of then when he came lunging at me. He fell on top of me and violently slammed his lips onto mines. I kissed him back just as roughly, but only for a few seconds before pulling away. My lips traveled from his lips to his ear before I whispered softly into it, him biting his lips from feeling my hot breath touch his skin.

"I'm not letting this going any further until you get undressed as well."

He grinned and sat up, "Thirsty girl. Such in a hurry to see it."

I leaned back, my arms sprawled out behind me holding me up.

"Just hurry the fuck up." I scoffed, frowning slightly. He already got me in the mood and him talking was just ruining it.

He winked at me playfully and stripped off his clothing, everything but his boxers. My eyes traveled down his body and became fixated on one spot below his abdomen. I grinned as I stared at what was rising out of his boxers. He noticed me staring at his bulge and chuckled.

"You look hungry so just come get a taste of the sausage~"

I moaned slightly to his comment purposely just to rile him up a little. He loved my moans.... Too bad he wasn't the only one who did though.

"Says the one who was staring at my breasts not too long ago." I taunted before reaching behind my back and unhooking my bra. His eyes bounced from mines to my breasts once again, wanting to get a look of them once they were unveiled. Once I disconnected the hooks, I quickly slid off the straps and took off my bra, letting the girls out. I tossed it on the floor and shimmied my chest for the hungry boy in front of me. He wasted no time. He cupped both of my breasts in his hands and squeezed them roughly. A low moan slipped out of my mouth. There was more to come as nothing but my moans could be heard while he played with my breasts, taking his time to feel them out with his squeezes. He then pinched my nipples a bit hard and tugged at them. A gasp along with an louder moan came for me.

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