- Chapter 19 -

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A few weeks passed by since the whole ordeal at school and the thing with Taehyung went down and I was finally back at home. Of course when I first set foot into my house, I was greeted by a vigorous bear hug from mom and dad and a parade of kisses. Of course, the affection didn't last long and I didn't expect it to. After they made my favorite for dinner - croquettes and spaghetti but with shrimp in it - they swiftly changed into the protective and stern parents I've ran away from in the first place. I guess they were trying to get me nice and comfortable and settled in before coming at me. Luckily mom didn't smack me across the face, but they did take turns screaming at my face and I couldn't really do anything but take it all with a straight face. Who knows what would happen if I dared to crack a smile. Instead of getting lashed with the belt, they ended up taking my phone and grounding me for three months before sending me up to my room. So these weeks were very dry and boring. I was stuck in the house forced to spend extra time with my parents and I wasn't able to go out at all. If I happened to get lucky enough, mom or dad had to be my chaperone. The only time I was able to access the internet was at school in the computer lab or using Mona's phone whenever she wasn't with Namjoon. Other than that, I was either watching regular tv, not even Netflix or Hulu, doing homework, eating, or sleeping. I've never been so excited to go to school in my life. It was the only place I was free from my parent's watchful eyes and I could be to myself. But, nothing died down and drama and tension continued to follow me.

Oh- speaking of Taehyung - I avoided ever since I left his house. The first few days, he kept trying to get a hold of me and pestered the ever living shit out of me with his flat ass apologies. I ignored him and would even go another direction if I saw him from afar. After a while, he got the hint and  went back to being a hoe with the girls. I didn't even sit at the table with Mona and the boys since I didn't want to be near him. I sat with the girl, who informed Tae that I was danger from a few weeks ago, and her friends. Sure it was awkward with them staring at me quietly and then asking me questions, but it was better than sitting alone. I learned that she was actually a sophomore and her name was Molly. Her parents were upper class so she lived in a very nice neighborhood and probably in a big house. I live in the nice part of town but not where the super wealthy lived. Her mother was a model and beauty blogger and her father was CEO of a company for a successful company that is based on men products. Wow. I just don't understand why she wants to be like me when she could be better than me.

She let me use her expensive new phone for the remainder of lunch. I added my number into her contacts and logged into Instagram to check messages and posts. Damn. About nearly 300 unread messages waited for me but I only looked through a few. Most of them were of people asking if I was okay or if everything was alright. Then I started scrolling through posts. That's where I learned that Yoongi was throwing a halloween party in two days. Wait, it's October 29th already?? I haven't been keeping track of the dates. I really wanted to go but I was on punishment. But...I can't pass up the opportunity to go to a party. I'd have to come up with a plan because I really, really don't want to be stuck in the house possibly handing out candy on Halloween.

"Oh Tiana! I forgot to tell you earlier but did you know that Yoongi is gonna have a Halloween party??" Molly questioned before taking another bite of the chicken sandwich she was eating.

"Yeah but I'm grounded. Remember??" I groaned

Molly shook her head. "Oh yeah I forgot...that sucks." She shrugs and then continues eating her sandwich.

I arched an eyebrow. "No it doesn't suck because I'm gonna find a way to go to that party."

"Hmmm...well I might have an idea."

"Spill it!" My eyes lit up.

Molly giggled. "Well, I could have my parents talk to yours about you spending the night at my house on Halloween. I'll tell them that we'll go trick or treating with my friends and come back around 10 pm. If they let us out, we'll actually go to the party."

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