- Chapter 3 -

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Once Mona and I walked into our English class, all eyes,  except for Mr. Wright's, all fell upon me. Once again, the gossiping and chitter charter started up. Is it really going to be like this all day? Do these people really have nothing better to do. I felt their eyes drill into me as I walked to the back of the class, sitting at the wall. Mona sat in the empty seat next to me. I looked around and into the eyes of the other students. Why not take a picture if they want to stare at me so much.

One of the girls coughed in a fake way and muttered, "Slut." as her and her friends laughed like a bunch of high hyenas.

I raised my voice at her, "Come over here and say it to my face."

The group went silent and looked away. That's right. You're all talk no action. Suddenly, the students all turned to watch Min Yoongi walk into the room, looking fine as ever. He knew how to dress and had a lot of swag. His straightforwardness and chill personality only added to his hotness. The girls all gawked at him and gave him flirty looks as he looked for a seat. His eyes then met mines and a smirk grew on his face. I rolled my eyes at him, which caused him to chuckle. He walked over to a girl who was sitting by me.

"Mind if I sit here?"

The girl blushed to the fact that The Yoongi has acknowledged her and gladly gave up her seat for him as if he was some god. He pulled the desk on the other side of me and sat down, placing his backpack on his desk.

"What's up with you? You haven't been answering my texts." he gave me a stink eye.

"I wasn't on my phone during the weekend. I was too busy getting yelled at by my parents."

"Oooh. About what happened on Thursday~" he smirked, "I didn't expected you to be so freaky"

Secretly under the table, one of his hands snaked onto my right leg, sliding up and squeezing my thigh. He began to whisper.

"You never did that with me, you dirty girl."

"You know it was all his fault." I said, "I'm an innocent girl who just got caught up in the wrong moment. And look what happens. Everyone is praising him while belittling me."

He moved his hand away and lied his head face down in his backpack, his voice being muffled, "It all spread thanks to him too. He literally posted a fifteen second video of that moment on his Snapchat story. Man, he did you wrong."

My eyes widened. That bastard. He's trying to play me now? Well two could play that game.

"Oh is that right?" My face distorted into a look of disgust, "That bitch. You better get your homeboy before I murder him."

He chuckled and yawned, "You better be lucky I like you. I'll talk to him about that. But you owe me~"

"Fine, whatever. I'll see what I can do without getting in trouble once again. Thank you."

And with that, he fell asleep right when the lesson begun. Man, he is going to miss a lot and I'm not even gonna bother waking him up. He'll curse up a hell of a storm like he did to one of the teachers in the beginning of the  school year. Yoongi loves his sleep so it's best not to mess with him. As Mr. Wright talked, I jotted down a few notes and so did Mona. The class was finally silent for once, thank god. While I was doing my notes, my phone went off. Luckily, nobody seemed to notice. I put my phone on vibrate before looking at the message. It was from Taehyung, once again.

Taehyung: Can we have a talk during passing period? I'll be waiting outside of your class.

Me: Sorry, I'm not allowed to talk to you or the others. How about you fuck off?

Taehyung: You're so sexy when you're feisty.

Me: Whatever. I'm mad at you.

Taehyung: Why is that, baby?

Me: I'm NOT your baby. And you know why. Goodbye.

Taehyung: Titi. Why are you mad?

I ignored his message and went right back to taking notes. I had no plans to talk to Taehyung, no matter how hot he was. He really upset me with what he did and he's just playing it off as if everything is all good. He's going to get what's coming to him real soon. I know how to mess with him and it works everytime~

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