- Chapter 2 -

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The ride to school was really quiet. Mom hadn't said a word to me the whole time. Guess she really was mad at me. I'm honestly surprised that she hasn't confiscated my phone but I guess that she knew I'd need it in case something happened. She has threatened to take it away several times but never goes through with it. I was mostly worried about what my dad is capable of. He's heavy handed and I wouldn't want him striking me with the belt anytime soon. I was too old for whoopings anyways. I'm in my junior year of highschool for sake.

When mom finally pulled up to the school, she looked to me with a smile and leaned over, giving me a smooch on the cheek. Mom, don't embarrass me in front of all of these kids.

"You have a good day today, okay?" she asked, "Please don't get into anymore trouble, Tiana."

I gave her a half smile, "I won't. I promise." I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door, stepping out and waving at her, "I'll see you later."

She waved back, "Bye, sweetie."

I closed the door and walked up to the school doors, watching as my mom drove off. Once I walked into the building, tensions really soared high. I barely stepped into the building and everyone, I mean everyone, was already looking at me. It gave me the chills on how they all looked at me in unison. As I walked through the hall, people would stop what they were doing and stop their conversations just to stare at me. Once again, I received the stank eye from most of the girls. I could hear everyone whispering and mumbling shit about me, some giggling and chuckling. Some of students didn't even try to speak lowly. Quiet or not, I knew all of them were talking about me. The incident spread throughout the school like wildfire and I could only think of one person who likes to brag to everyone about everything. I reached my locker and turned to a group of girls who were staring at me.

"Boo?" I scoffed and rolled my eyes at them as they instantly looked away and walked off.

I opened my locker and pulled out my binder along with a few textbooks. Once I closed it, I turned around only to jump up from my best friend, Mona, standing right in front of me. She was wearing one of her cute but mildly racy outfits as usual, usually being able to rouse up attention from the boys. Her light brown hair was in a cute messy bun and her blue eyes looked right into mines. She was a really cute girl, especially with her freckles.

"Girl, everyone is talking about you." She said as I rolled my eyes to the side. It was obvious that they were.

"I think I figured that out by now." I gave her an annoyed tone.

She linked arms with me and walked us to our first class that we had together, which was on the third floor. People still stared at me when we walked onto the next floor.

"I'm still honestly curious as to what you were thinking! Didn't think you'd get caught?!" she laughed teasingly.

"It wasn't even my idea. Why isn't anyone getting on his ass about this?"

Mona shrugged, "I know, it's fucked up but that's how things are in highschool."

Mhm. Okay girl.

"Still having those tutorial sessions with Namjoon?" I asked while nudging her with a smirk.

"Of course. I'm not the best in math."

I wanted to dig more deeper. "So, what do you two do other than tutoring?"

She looked at me, "Nothing. I'm not you, Tiana. I know you two have been slee-"

"Mona. I'm your best friend in the whole wide world. You don't have to have to hide anything from me." I winked at her. She rolled her eyes.

"I'm serious. We do nothing... " she stopped to stare at my sideway look before continuing, "Fine. We have..."

I grinned, "You have?"

"We have made out a few times and there was a little bit of touching here and there. But that's about it. It felt weird kissing a boy that you have kissed several times."

I giggled like a kid and rubbed her back, "I know and I am sorry. Should I save Namjoon for you? I mean, you two do look cute together."

"You know tons of other girls are after him and he's no different than the others..."

"Then I'll have a talk with him about that." I smiled as she grew a surprised look, "Anything for my best friend~"

Sorry if this chapter seemed boring, more things may happen in the next few chapters. *wink wink* I hope you guys are liking this so far and for those who are reading this, thank you very much. It makes my day~

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