- Chapter 7 -

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Taehyung had ended up taking me to his house on the richer side of town and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. His house was big and beautiful. It looked like something out of a movie. There were several expensive vehicles in the driveway. Just one of them probably costs more than my house. As he pulled up to the gates, they automatically opened for him and closed when he got through. Very impressive. Wait a minute, I've been here before. This shouldn't be nothing new to me. When he parked the car, we both got out and I followed him into his house. Not like I could run away without him noticing anyhow. I was greeted by his maids, who already had a liking to me since I came here like three or four times before. They assumed I was his girlfriend several times, which disgusts me. It's not like I'm the only girl he brings over here. At least he was nice enough to offer me something to eat or drink, but since I wasn't really in the mood to, I declined. He took me upstairs to his room and pushed me inside, closing the door behind him. I looked around slowly. It definitely looked different from the last time I was in here.

He kicked off his shoes and threw himself on his bed, looking up at me. Just what was this? Why am I even here in the first place?

"Are you now finally willing to talk to me?" He questioned. I only nodded silently before crossing my arms, refusing to sit on the bed next to him.

"Now why are you mad at me?"

"You could think long and hard about that Tae." I narrowed my eyes at him. He remained silent and just blinked at me. God, did he really not know?

"The fucking video that you posted of me on your Snapchat. You know, the one of what went down on Thursday? I'm pretty sure the whole school saw that. That's probably how they know about this."

"Ooh... That. I really didn't mean to post it." He ran his hands through his hair.

"What do you mean that you didn't mean to?" I clicked my tongue, "You did anyways."

"On accident. I didn't even realize it was up until people started blowing up my phone."

I rolled my eyes long and hard, "How do you accidentally post something? Like I'm going to believe you."

He sat up and gave me a serious look, "Titi, I'm dead serious. You know I wouldn't even do some shit like that. I probably was not paying attention since I was too into the moment and accidentally sent it. What I really meant to do was save it on my phone because you were pretty damn sexy."

"Oh haha." I chuckled, "You literally do that to any girl you sleep with."

"I don't really care about those thirsty bitches. But you, you're different. Even if we just sleep around with each other, I care for you much more."

I stayed quiet for a few moments. Did he really mean that? Or is he just saying that to get some ass? By the look on his face and how composed he is while talking, I think he really did posted the video by accident. Though, I'm not going to fully believe him, but I guess I will believe him enough.

"Alright. It's whatever. But next time, don't do some shit like that again."

He nodded quickly, "I won't! I promise."

"Mhm. Now what time is it?"

"It's nearly 5:24. We have enough time now sit down."

He patted down the spot next to him but I shook my head. When I refused, he tilted his head cutely, like the dog he is.

"Why not?" He whined. Why is he acting like a kid?

"I didn't just leave my house to be in another house." I stated, "I want to go out."

"Okay, we could go out. But what do you want to do?"

I glanced away, "I don't know." I then bit my lip before saying a little quietly, "Do you have some of that stuff?"

"What stuff?" He questioned.

I only stared at him for a few seconds before realized what I meant, a grin growing across his face.

"I didn't think you'd want to try that again. You're still an amateur at it. Even Yoongi called you out and laughed."

I smirked, "Well I do need to relax some more before being interrogated by my parents once more later on."

"I understand. It's in one of my cars."

Just how many cars do you have, exactly?

"Hiding it from your parents?"

"My dad will kick my ass if he finds it just sitting around in the open."

"What about your mom?" I asked out of curiosity

"She's currently away overseas so I don't have to worry about her snooping around." He said as he stood up and went over to his dresser. He opened up one of the drawers where he puts the keys to all of his cars and searched around. Once he found the right key, he held it up and jiggled it in the air.

"Let's go then~" I sang with excitement before walking out the room. He smirked and followed behind me, closing his door. After we walked down the stairs, he led me into his spacious garage. I've never seen so many cars and trucks all in one space in my life. There were even motorcycles and four wheelers. Is this what his family spends their money on? They have enough vehicles already. He led me over to a really shiny and beautiful black Rolls Royce. Damn Tae, are you trying to impress me even more? Because it's working.

"Your parents buy these cars for you?"

"Of course, baby. Why? You like it?"

I lightly glided my hand against the hood of the car, "It's a beauty"

He unlocked the car with one of his box smiles, "It just makes it easier for me to get laid." He told me in such a smug way before getting inside. I rolled my eyes to that statement and got into the passenger seat, closing the door and putting on my seatbelt.

"Well Tae, you're going to have to try much harder than that with me."

He opened the glove department and dug around for a bit without even looking, "I know. You were very hard to get the first time. But I managed to reel you in." He then gave me a playful wink.

"It was the hormones' fault." I glanced away innocently.

"Yeah right."

I watched him pull out a small plastic baggie with the green particles from a once whole plant that had seven leaves inside. Weed. He smiled. I smiled.

Oh we just might end up having a good time here.

- Author's Note -

Happy Memorial Day to those that celebrate it! Although it isn't much, I'm still happy and thank you all for reading this story and voting! ❤ I've also noticed that the chapters are starting to get a little longer as well. I don't even notice that the time flies by as I'm writing out these chapters. I don't want to spam you guys with new chapter releases, so I'll release two on my free days. On school days, I might go a few days without releasing a new chapter or might release just one. It depends on how busy I am. But school ends after next week and I'm so happy. I really need a break badly, even if it is only two months long compared to the ten months of school.

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