- Chapter 5 -

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I've managed to go through the whole day without bumping into Taehyung or the other boys besides Yoongi and Namjoon. Usually, they all would be on me. I didn't see them at lunch either, which was odd. However, I just brushed it aside and didn't think much of it. The last bell of the day had rung out and echoed throughout the entire school. It was finally time to go home and boy let me tell you, I wanted to get out of school before anyone could blink. Everyone had sped out into the now crowded hall, all trying to head out the school. This was a serious fire hazard and if there so happen to be one, I doubt many of the kids would get out fast enough like this. I held onto Mona tightly as we squeezed our way through the hall. We were being pushed and shoved here and there. Everyone must've been in a rush to go somewhere. After a bit, we finally made our way outside and walked down the steps, making our way to the sidewalk where we usually parted ways. I heard a sigh come from her and looked over to see her attempting to call someone several times. I could assume that that person didn't answer.

"My dad isn't answering his phone." she groaned, "You know he's supposed to pick me up. He's usually here by now."

"You know, I wish I could take you to my house and let you stay until he comes for you. But you know... My parents are on my ass right now." I sighed, "I'll wait here with you then."

Mona shook her head, "No. You could go."

"No. I'm not gonna leave you standing here by yourself for who knows how long." I grabbed her arm again with a smile, "Like I said-"

"You're my best friend~" Mona completed my sentence with a giggle. I smiled even wider, causing her to sock me playfully. "Ew! Don't smile like that!"

We heard a few honks and looked ahead. There was Namjoon in his black hummer, awaiting in front of us. I grew a curious look as he rolled down the window to the passenger seat. He turned down his music before he spoke out.

"You girls need a ride?"

"Mona does. I can't really be seen getting dropped off by you. My dad is home during this time everyday on his break and he'll kill me seeing me get out of your car."

"You know, I could always drop you off around the corner and let you walk the rest of the way? Therefore, your dad wouldn't suspect a thing." Namjoon explained.

Clever boy.

I looked to Mona for approval. She just smiled and opened the door to the passenger seat, climbing in. I got into the backseat, only to feel a hand grab on my thigh once I sat down. I slapped the hand away and looked up to see the baby of the group, Jeon Jungkook. He had to be in his freshman or sophomore year? Is he a junior too? Know what, I honestly don't remember nor care at this point. He was looking cute though, I had to admit that.

"Hey~" He looked me over.

I buckled in my seatbelt and closed the door before Namjoon took off, "What are you doing here? Don't you have your own car?"

"You know he got pulled over for speeding and got in trouble with his parents again. They're not giving his car back for a while." Namjoon chuckled.

I laughed, "You're such a kid. Oh man, you have some growing up to do, Kookie."

He placed a hand on my thigh again, rubbing it, "You weren't telling me to grow up two weeks ago."

I shushed him up since Mona was here as well. She probably didn't hear since she was too busy talking to Namjoon.

"Shut up." I growled and glanced at Mona. He looked at her too before looking at me again with a smirk.

"Oh so she doesn't know what you be doing?" he asked, "What kind of friend are you?"

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