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Kpop imagines by TotalGalaxy
Kpop imaginesby Dipper
^^^ requests open
Bad Kpop Smut by TotalGalaxy
Bad Kpop Smutby Dipper
Bad kpop smuts!! Lol. If you have requests just message me. I do any and every group.
Namjoon's Glasses by jhopeismyhope
Namjoon's Glassesby Alexandra April
Rapmonster Fluff. ⚠ warning ⚠ mature content ⚠ read with caution. continue to find what happens when you steal Rapmonsters Glasses...
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bts smut by ARMY-bangtan123
bts smutby ARMY-bangtan123
bts smut warning : if you don't know what smut is then you don't need to enter here.
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Literally everything. You name it, we have it. ♡ SMUT ♡ ♡ FLUFF ♡ ♡ Gif Reactions to scenarios ♡ ♡ Snapchat edits! ♡ --------- 《 Gifs I use in this book aren't mine 》
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|| Headlines ❦ [ · vkook · ] 남자 아기 by explicit-tae
|| Headlines ❦ [ · vkook · ] 남자 아기by v
korean idol, jeon jungkook is on a path of self destruction and is given a submissive to teach him responsibility and maturity. +12 and older please. no warnings includ...
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The Sex Slave by KpopAfterDark
The Sex Slaveby KpopAfterDark
Rap Monster smut~
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Up and Down by jhopeismyhope
Up and Downby Alexandra April
Jungkook Smut (requested) ⚠ WARNING ⚠ MATURE CONTENT!
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Bangtan Types by bangtanmaniac
Bangtan Typesby bangtanmaniac
A combination of types of things the members would do, types of reactions they give and of course, some smuts here and there according to your zodiac sign and battery li...
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BTS Smuts & More by holyxiuchen
BTS Smuts & Moreby HolyXiuChen
This is a book full of scenarios, short stories, fluffs and smuts! (; Read at your own risk~ Started this book awhile ago, but I'm writing in it again! I hope you enjoy...
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Jin Smut BTS by kpopgurly
Jin Smut BTSby kpopgurly
"Who's that waiter over there ?", you wonder to yourself as you walk in with your friends. "Is he starring at me or am I just dreaming of those brown eyes...
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The Kindness of Strangers by infinite-euphoria
The Kindness of Strangersby infinite-euphoria
You've seen this guy sitting at the same bench every time that you walk by. He looks so sexy and mysterious. You're not sure why you see him there every time you pass bu...
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Wrong. But Right. by sarangohpar
Wrong. But Bangdem boyz
It was wrong. So very wrong but her body and mouth said otherwise. Warning: Incest Hope ya'll like it <3
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PreSchool (Bts Rapmonster Fan fic) by laurenmae11
PreSchool (Bts Rapmonster Fan fic)by LaurenIng
MAY CONTAIN DIRTY PARTS: Lee Bella is a pretty school girl who has a normal life apart from the fact her and her younger sister ( Kim Eun Bul)...
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Bath (Jimin Smut) by kr_fantacz
Bath (Jimin Smut)by Min Hyu Ki
Like every other day, you came home to your sweet and caring boyfriend, Jimin. He had been staying in your house for a couple months now and for some odd reason today wa...
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|| Brotherly Love ❦ [ · vuga · vjin · vkook · ] 정신병자 by explicit-tae
|| Brotherly Love ❦ [ · vuga · v
Three high schoolers take on the responsibility of a traumatized little boy with bipolar disorder. +14 and older please. no warnings included. mature content. [unedited...
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~The Dream~ BTS V Smut by BoraJwi
~The Dream~ BTS V Smutby 이 보라 생쥐 <3
This is how Bora and Taehyung first meet. Bora and Tae are lost in the woods in a school camping. They end up making out and f*cking each other the end. jbdvsbj dvsda...
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The Hotspot - Rapmonster Fanfiction by baepop
The Hotspot - Rapmonster Fanfictionby Jiho's Wife
A good way to find out how a person is to see how good they fuck on the second day.
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BTS SMUT STORIES by Bangtansdevil
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