- Chapter 15 -

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After the serene car ride, the rest of the day flew by. Everything was like a blur in my mind. I can't remember what happened after getting out the car and I don't want to remember. This day was a disaster. I felt so humiliated by the incident that I didn't even want to show up to school tomorrow. Matter of fact, I shouldn't go. One day of absence won't hurt. I laid down in Tae's king sized bed, my skin sinking into the crimson silk sheets. My body was sprawled out and my hair was up in a messy bun. The outfit I wore at school was replaced with one of his comfortable hoodies that went to my thighs, the hood half way over my head. I didn't know what time it was since my phone wasn't on me, but it had to be around five or six since the room was illuminated in orange light. The sun was setting. I rolled over onto my side and sat up slightly when hearing the clicks of high heels fill up the quiet hall. They got louder as it came closer to the room. It was one of his maids.

"Darling." She addressed me with a soft voice, "Taehyung sent me here to come fetch you. He wants you to come eat dinner."

"Tell him that I'm not really hungry." I groaned.

She looked slightly annoyed. "Now he knew you would say that. He said you need to eat since you haven't eaten all day."

She then walked over to me and gestured for me to rise up.

"Come on dear. Get up and go eat."

I sighed and forced myself to get out of bed. I slowly shuffled down the hall and made my way down the stairs, being extra careful so I don't end up tumbling down the steps. Once I made it to the bottom safely, I walked into the kitchen. Taehyung was waiting for me at the table, which was empty. I'm not surprised that he doesn't cook his own food, rich people are naturally lazy. I walked in and sat next to him, rubbing my eyes.

"Where is your father?" Is the first thing that came out of my mouth.

Taehyung shrugged, "He told me that he was staying late at the office . He's been doing that often."

That sounded awfully sketchy. Who would willfully stay late at the office to work when you have the chance to go home and rest? Well unless you're getting paid extra. But this family is basically set for life. That only makes me think of one thing.... Oh yes, that thing.

"Do you think..." I uttered.

"Think what Tiana?" He questioned and arched an eyebrow, growing a curious look. Whatever I had to say about his father, he wanted to hear it now.

I continued, "That he's you know. Possibly having an affair..."

"Why would you think that?!" He shouted, his eyes wide with shock.

"Think about it! He's staying late at the office too often. Your mom is overseas, which means he probably has some pent up sexual frustrations he needs to let out." I explained, trying to sound reasonable.

"True....Maybe I should talk to him about th-"

I cut him off. "We can't really confirm that this is happening unless we have proof, Tae." I stated, giggling. "We'll need to follow him. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Sure. I'm willing to skip school tomorrow anyways."

I nodded and watched as the butlers walked into the room from the kitchen, holding steaming plates of spaghetti and salmon croquettes?! Okay Tae, I see where you're going with this. Deliberately choosing my favorite foods for dinner. He must want something, and it's a three letter word that starts with an 'A'. When the butlers placed the plates in front of us, I went straight to eating. I gobbled down the two croquettes quickly and when I was finished with them, I went to stuffing my face with the spaghetti, moaning in delight as I enjoyed the delicious savory flavor. I'm sorry mom, but their spaghetti tastes way better. After eating the little bit of spaghetti I had left, I placed down the fork and wiped my mouth with the napkins. I looked at Taehyung, who was barely eating his spaghetti, a pale look on his face as he stared at me. I glanced around the room and the butlers were giving me the same look. They probably never saw a girl eat her food in an unladylike manner. When it comes to food, especially my favorite, I can't eat slow and diligently. I'm sorry that I don't come off as fancy. I set the napkin on the plate and stood up, clapping my hands together.

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