- Chapter 12 -

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Yoongi barely pulled up into the school and all eyes were on us already. Most of the stares were directed at me of course as many weren't surprised that I was in his car.  They've seen me sitting in the passenger seat of the other boys' vehicles as well. I hardly walk home because I usually go with one of them when school is over so they could give me a ride. I honestly was afraid of being jumped by some girls from school for stealing their crushes, aka the guys they see me around most of the time. I've seen the kind of looks they throw at me on an everyday basis and they startle me. I know how to fight and could maybe take down two girls at once if I had to, but I wouldn't be able to do a thing if five or six different girls were attacking me at once. I wouldn't even want to drag Mona into things like that. Ever. Yoongi pulled into a spot next to one of Taehyung's many cars and turned off the engine. I opened the door and hopped out, quickly heading to the front of the school before Yoongi could even get out. I didn't even look back at him but I could imagine him looking confused as fuck. I looked around and my eyes lit up when I finally spotted my beautiful bestie walking towards the school doors. And then I noticed everyone was staring at her too. Why? I shoved past some of the students and moved closer to get a better look. When I finally got a look at what exactly they were staring at, my eyes widened. Mona was walking beside Namjoon and they were holding hands. They were way too close on each other to look like friends. Were they dating? I sped over to them and hugged Mona from behind.

"Hey pretty girl~" I said cheerfully, "You do know all the attention is on you."


Mona glanced around and was met with a sea of eyes staring right back her. I'm starting to think everyone at this school have staring problems and need to get checked out, pronto. I pulled away and walked with her and Namjoon into the building, wanting to ask the big question.

"Soooooooo.... " I dragged out, "Are you two like, dating?"

Mona smiled gleefully.


I squealed loudly seconds after hearing her answer. That was fast. I honestly expected Namjoon to take his sweet ass time deciding. I was really happy for her and Joonie's new relationship. She has liked him since freshman year. But dating a sexy notorious player like Namjoon made Mona a target since many girls really like him and prefer for him to stay single. I would have to start fighting bitches if they lay a finger on her.

"Oh my god! Congratulations!" I smiled and hugged Mona first and then Namjoon, who gave me a one handed side hug with his cute ass smile. I will fucking miss seeing his dimples but I will gladly give them up for Mona's sake.

"You treat my best friend really good and take care of her, okay?!" I shouted up at the tall boy, "I'll hunt you down if you harm her!"

"Tiana!" Mona laughed, "You're so crazy."

Namjoon chuckled and ruffled my hair, "Calm down shorty. I'll be a good boyfriend to Mona. I promise."

"Good! Don't be late to class, Mona!"

I shot him a quick threatening stare before walking off, leaving the new couple alone. I walked over to my locker and unlocked it before opening it and pulling out two textbooks that I'll need today. I then closed it and when I turned around, I nearly screamed and turned pale. I held my chest and felt my heart about to jump out of my body. The little prick, Jeon Jungkook, was standing before me, surprised that he nearly caused me to punch him square in the face.

"Don't ever do that shit again." I gasped and waited until my heartbeat became more stable.

"I didn't think I'd scare you that much. "

"Well you did. Happy?" I glared at him  before moving around him and walking away to class. He caught up to me and walked alongside me.

"Wait, I want to ask you something."

"What is it little boy?"

"Oh? So you sleep with little boys now?" He arched an eyebrow.

My face flushed red and I was actually stuck on what to say as a comeback. Goddammit Jungkookie.

"Shut the fuck up." I snapped, flustered, "It only happened a few times."

"And I rocked your world every time~"

"WHATEVER! What were you going to ask me anyways?"

"Can we go out together later on today?" He asked with a small smile.

Was this kid serious?

"Sorry, I'm actually going with Yoongi afterschool."

"But he's going home with Nina after school."

"Uh what? Why? He never told me about this. He's supposed to be my ride."

"You know how he's into photography and Nina is trying to become this Instagram model so she made an offer with him and he took it."

I rolled my eyes since I knew what that offer was. What a slut, offering sex for pictures that probably won't even reach a hundred views. She was such a try hard. Poor thing. Popularity isn't everything you know.

"That bastard..."

I'm definitely sleeping on the couch for now on when I return to his house.

"So are you going to take my offer?"

I shrugged, "Why not. I have nothing better to do." I then stared him coldly in the eyes, "But you better not try some slick shit or me and you will have to fight."

He mentally cheered in his head and rubbed my back, "Alright baby. I won't try anything. We'll have a friendly outing."

"Good~ See you after school."

And with that I walked away from him and walked into the classroom, having no idea that someone close by was watching and listening in our conversation the entire time.

Author's Note - Sorry that the chapter couldn't be longer, my head hurts since I got my hair braided and I need to lay down and take it even. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and tell me what you guys think about everything that has gone on!

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