- Chapter 18 -

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That kiss blossomed into something more. As soon as we got to the house, we started to make out some more. It was hot and steamy. I felt his hands rub all over my back and grip on my ass. The maids probably were watching us just barge into the house having a vigorous make out session. Our lips never parted when we were going up the stairs. He had picked me up and carried me up. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my hands were around his neck, pressing his face against mines. We finally pulled away for some air once we made it to the top step, but he didn't put me down. He kissed and sucked on my neck while he carried me into the room and sat me on the bed. I managed to give him a quick kiss on the lips before he pulled away. He closed the door before rushing back over to me to continue where we left off.

• • •

"Keep going Tae... I'm almost there...."

"Like this?~"

"Mmmm yes..."

"Don't cover your face, I like seeing that sexy expression."

"Ooooooh who knows if you'll record me and send it on Snapchat again."

"Ah fuck!"

Taehyung grunted before rolling off of me landing beside, his body sinking into the mattress a bit. I panted and glanced over at him. He was painting softly, his body shimmering with sweat and his hair was a bit wild looking. He then reached over to the nightstand on his side and opened the top drawer, pulling out the box of condoms he opened earlier. I sat up, watching over his shoulder.

"Are we going for round two?" I asked while playing with his hair. It was soft to the touch.

"All up to you, baby." He looked back and winked at me.

"Don't call me baby."

"You're my baby."

I corrected him. "No, I'm your friend."

He opened the box and pulled out two blunts that he had kept hidden inside. Clever. He also pulled out a lighter before setting the box on the nightstand. He rolled around and faced me with a smirk.

"You must not want some of this." He slipped one of the blunts into his mouth and held up the lighter.

"You know I do." I said while reaching over for the other blunt. He then sat up straight and held it in the air so I wouldn't be able to grab it from my position.

"Say you're my baby."

"But I'm not." I furrowed my eyebrows, getting annoyed.

"Then you're not getting any of my weed." He taunted with a chuckle. He slid the other blunt under his pillow and laid his head on it so it'd be harder for me to just reach under and grab it. He lit up his and inhaled the smoke, turning his head towards mines and blowing the smoke right in my face. The smell was intoxicating, I honestly admit. But I must not give in. I was mad.

"You're a fucking asshole." I scoffed. I regretted kissing him in the car earlier. If I have never kissed him, I wouldn't be laying here in his bed naked. I'm so fucking stupid.

"And you're a slut."

I smacked him across the face so hard, the blunt flew out of his mouth and his face swung from the impact. That felt so good. He held the spot where I hit him and slowly faced me, laughing like the dick he is.

"Aww, did I offend you? I'm sorry Titi." He laughed more with a mocking tone. "I'm only stating the truth."

I stared at him with a questionable look. Wait. Aren't you the biggest hoe I know?

"Then you're a fucking man slut."

"No baby, I'm a player~ Don't get those terms mixed up just because I got in your feelings."

Uh fucking what?

"Oh? So if you sleep around with tons of girls, you're a player?" I asked, arching my eyebrow. "But if I sleep around with several guys, I'm a slut?"

"That's right. You need to stop and just settle down with the ultimate cutie. Me." He gave me one of his usual wide grins.

"You're sexy and all but I'm sorry, I won't be stopping anytime soon~"

It was my turn to smirk now. Bet he felt stupid.

"So that's why you've been nice to me? So I'd become your girlfriend? I clearly told you that this was a friend with benefits relationship."

"I know you want to be with me and the feelings are mutual." He confessed with an upset look, "You think Yoongi and them could do better than me?"


I didn't know what to say to that. He just admitted that he wanted to be in a relationship with me and I had nothing to say to that. Maybe because I didn't want to be in one. I don't want to be all his. I couldn't imagine sharing the same air with the same guy all the time. It seemed repetitious and boring. Maybe I will do so when I'm older but definitely not now. I can't be like Mona and I can't truly understand how she manages to be in a serious relationship. Besides, you were just being a complete douche to me a few minutes ago. You really expect me to say yes now? These boys must be tripping.

I leaned over to him and stared him in the eyes. Our lips were inches from touching each other. He inched closer, his forehead now resting against mines. When he lifted his head, I swiped my hand under his pillow and grabbed the blunt along with the lighter before pulling away. I got off the bed and yanked the covers off him, wrapping it around my bare figure.

"I'm sorry Tae. I didn't hurt your feelings, did I?" I flashed a smile and grabbed my phone before exiting the room, closing the door behind me. I went down to the first floor and out the front door. The cold night breeze ran through my hair and the covers. It was freshening. I sat on the steps on the porch and lit up the blunt. The orange flame glowed and flickered at the end of the blunt, transferring it's heat. The flame vanished when I took my finger off the lighter and placed it besides me. I breathed in the smoke and released it out of my mouth a few seconds later, looking at the dark sky. Feelings changed. I couldn't wait to get home now. I've only been away for two days but so much crazy shit happened in a short amount of time. I felt like I was in a reality show most of the time just without the cameras following me around.

I held the blunt between my index and middle finger with my left hand and and picked up my phone with my right, turning on the screen. The notification at the very top was a text from Tae. My eyes slowly scanned the words.

"Where did you go? The maids couldn't find you in any of the rooms."

Away from you, obviously.

- Author's Note -

Oooof. Sorry if the chapter felt short, I didn't want to drag this out. I really am sorry, I know some of you expected it to be longer. Next time it'll be a little longer. ❤

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