- Chapter 21 -

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Finally! We made it to the party but the worse part wasn't over yet. Aside from the dreadful silence that lingered in the air during the ride here, the difficulty of finding somewhere to park made things ten times worse. It was like the entire school came to this party...oh wait. I looked out the window with a hand resting on my cheek as we strolled by the line of cars on both sides of the street, watching kids from my school all dressed up in their costumes walking to the house. It was gonna be hell getting out of this place since everyone was parked so closely. It was gonna be a huge mess. We ended up parking in the next street over. I didn't feel like walking, especially in these heels, but it was a cost of coming to this party. We all piled out of the car, silently. Well it was being engulfed by the loud booming music coming from Yoongi's house. I hope one of his neighbors doesn't call the police for a noise complaint. I feel like it was bound to happen. The silence was getting too awkward for me. I had to distance myself from it.

"Well um...I'll leave you two be for a moment..." I said, putting an end to the quietness. I looked at Namjoon as if telepathically giving him instructions on how to score with Mona tonight. He stared back with a slow nod.

"Alright. We'll see you inside."

Those were the first four words he had said to me this entire day.

"Let's go!~" Molly zoomed ahead of me.

I tried my best to catch up to her in these heels. The music got louder and louder as we came closer to the house. People were hanging outside in the front, chatting it up with drinks and weed as well. It smells good. I didn't feel not one pair of eyes on me and it felt relieving. Maybe they just didn't care about me at the moment. Molly walked in first and I trailed in behind her. The hot air and the deafening music hit us right in the face. There were people everywhere. I almost lost Molly trying to get through them. When we finally made it all the way into the living room, a red plastic cup full of alcohol was plunged into our hands. I'm not planning on getting drunk tonight. I had to keep an eye on Molly.

She looked so lost on what to do and she was giving me this look of uneasiness. It's weird that I was just like her when I went to my first party as well.

"Nothing alcoholic please. We can party without getting drunk off our asses." I snatched the drink out of her hands and placed them on a nearby table.

"Wow...." She uttered. The waves of nervousness and realization had hit her hard. She was standing there like she was unable to move. "This...this is something..."

I rubbed her back reassuringly. "It's okay to be unsure on what to do. It's your first party and you just need to loosen up. Get into the mood and have some fun~"

I winked at her and eyed the table of drinks and refreshments.

"We could start here."

I grabbed her arm and whisked her away over to the food and drinks. There was punch and soda as alternatives if anyone didn't want to drink alcohol. There was nachos, pizza - which was almost gone despite there being like twenty boxes - buffalo and barbecue wings and various kinds of chips. I grabbed a plate and helped myself to a plateful of food. I loved to eat. Molly on the other hand had a small quantity on her plate. I guess she didn't want to eat too much. We then walked ourselves outside since and sat at two free lounge chairs by the pool. I gorged down on my food as soon as we sat down, flipping off anyone who walked by staring at me with big eyes.  I don't think any other girl could eat as much as I can except Mona. I just remember a time we almost slayed the all you can eat buffet that was at this one restaurant. The other customers were so pissed and I didn't give a single fuck. Molly slowly ate her food while watching everyone move about. They were either playing beer pong, watching the match, standing around drinking, or swaying roughly since they had drunk so much that they could barely stand and keep balance. I glanced over to where they were playing beer pong and that's when I saw him. Taehyung. He was playing with some girl against two other guys, dressed as a king. He was wearing a golden crown on his head that I doubt was just a prop, a long white fur robe, jewels on his fingers and neck, some Gucci pants and slippers. He was missing his shirt...and his hair was dyed a platinum blonde. If he had on those blue contacts I swear I will...wait. Why the fuck am I even thinking about him this way? I just want to throw him into the pool and ruin his clothing. That's how mad I'm at him. I looked closer at the girl. She looked familiar. When she turned around and hugged Tae, that's when I realized that that's the young Korean girl Tae and I saw at the mall with his dad, dressed as a slutty little bunny. What the fuck is this? Him and his dad share girls now? I don't even want to know if they tap the ass together. I gagged on my food and held my chest, nearly vomiting in my mouth. Wait, does his dad even know??

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