- Chapter 17 -

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We continued on our adventure, which mostly consisted of following Taehyung's dad and his young new fling all around the mall with a few breaks to use the restroom and sit down for few minutes because walking around for a long time in these heels were killing my feet. His father sure was taking her to a lot of clothes places, which I could relate because one store isn't enough. When we saw more teens around, we knew that it had to be around three in the afternoon. We've been following them for more than three hours.

"Can we go now?" Taehyung complained, "This is getting really boring."

"Sure. They're just talking and buying clothes and shoes." I yawned and walked away, finally leaving the two alone.

"But we can't leave this mall until I eat-"

"TAEHYUNG!!" A voice shouted out from literally nowhere.

"Look like you have a visitor." I sighed, just wanting some food already.

A girl from our school, Priscilla, ran over to us, nearly falling over in her heels. I only know her because she used to be one of my friends since middle school, but like the others, she left me after I changed in my sophomore year. Since this fake bitch dropped me in a heartbeat, I actually told Taehyung that she had a huge crush on him and all the shit she used to say about him. He now knows everything but plays it off like he doesn't. From all the shit that I told him that ranges from cute to desperate to almost obsessive, she's one of the girls he often avoids getting with. And that's sad because he rarely does that. You can thank me later girl.

"Oh hey... Celia?" Taehyung questioned, not really knowing her name since it wasn't worth memorizing.

She groaned, "How many times do I have to keep telling you that it's Priscilla, not Celia!"

She then glanced at me and looked from head to toe before glancing back at Taehyung, scrunching up her face. Bitch, I should be the one doing that to you, but I'll be nice today.

"You're on a date with Tiana? Again?"

"We're not on a date." He confirmed, "We're just hanging out like we always do."

"You two are literally stuck together. Which disgusts me. Like why would you hang out with a slut like her?"

"Says the obsessive stalker." I clapped back. In no way in hell you're going to just sit there insulting me when you have some baggage as well. Well... Serious baggage. Stalking is a crime.

She raised her eyebrows, taken back by what I said.

"What are you talking about? I'm not a stalker!"

"I would happily prove you wrong but I'm starving and I don't want to deal with you." I walked off, heading over to a burger joint. Taehyung followed behind me without a word. My stomach growled when the scent of fresh patties sizzling on the stove and fries cooking in the deep fryer waft into my nose. I licked my lips, watching people munch on delicious juicy burgers with a look of satisfaction on their faces. This was paradise. The line was a bit long but if I could get my hands on a burger, I didn't really care. Tae stood next to me in the line, pulling out his wallet from his hoodie so he would be ready to pay when we reached the counter. While we stood in line waiting, one of my hands reached over and grabbed his, squeezing his hand softly. He looked at me with curiosity since I don't usually hold his hand but I was in a good mood right now. I felt him squeeze my hand back in return. Neither of us said a word the whole time. Maybe he felt a bit flustered or didn't know what to say. This kind of thing was new to him.

After we ate our burgers, we left the mall around nearly five and made a stop at Yoongi's house along the way to get what I left there. I decided to stay at Tae's for this last time before I returned home. I knocked on his door a few times and waited patiently but he never came to the door. I tried again. No reply. His car is in the driveway which means that he's here. His lazy ass probably doesn't want to answer the door. I looked back at Tae, who was waiting in the car, and threw my arms up with a shrug. He turned off the engine and got out the car. Nobody told him to get out. He jogged up onto the porch and squatted, slipping his hand under the mat. His hand moved about in that dirty mat until he pulled out a silver key and stood back up, dusting off his hands.

"Found it."

I didn't even know Yoongi had a spare key. I guess only his bros knew. I wasn't that important to him. I moved away and let Tae unlock the front door before we both went inside. It was quiet but it sure wasn't unoccupied. A certain smell was lingering all in the house. An all too familiar smell. Tae wasn't even affected by it. Well duh, he was used to it too. Very used to it. We slowly crept up the stairs and made our way to his room. His bedroom door was opened ajar and it often makes some noise when you open it slowly.  I mentally counted to five before swinging the door open fast so it wouldn't make any noise before heading in. There he was, sleeping in his bed with his shirt off and his hair messy. When I got closer, I noticed he wasn't alone. A girl with soft gray curly hair was sleeping next to him, the covers veiling her nude figure. Nina. I looked to Tae, who silently mouthed, "Goddamn" with a proud look. Ugh, of course. I looked around and saw my duffle bag sitting at the same spot I left it, untouched. Lovely. I went over to it and picked it up before handing it to Tae to hold. I looked around to see if my other belongings were in here. Ah yes, my charger. I unplugged it from the wall and made my way over to the door.

"Let's go." I whispered.

Right when we were going out the door, my phone went off. It started ringing loudly, the only noise in this entire house. My eyes widened as I took it out my pocket to see who it was. Fucking Mona had to call at the wrong time. I declined the call for now and froze for a bit. Good, Yoongi was still sleep and so was Nina. We slipped out the room quickly and practically ran down the stairs. Poor Tae tripped and tumbled down the stairs, making a huge thud as he came crashing to the floor. Dammit! We heard the bed adjust from upstairs and footsteps rapidly coming our way. We woke up the bull.

"Who the fuck is in my house?!" Yoongi shouted from above.

Our eyes widened at his loud voice. If we didn't get out of here, we're basically fucked. I helped Tae up and we both made a dash for it out his house. Yoongi heard our footsteps and raced down the stairs, not falling over like clumsy ass Tae. I slammed the door behind me so he wouldn't see who exactly ran out his house. We couldn't risk being seen, which would increase the chances if we were to run to the car. We weren't fast enough for that so we hid at the side of the house. I was the closest to the corner so I peeked around it to see Yoongi walking out onto the driveway. He actually came outside naked. This boy! He better be lucky nobody was outside to see. He spun his head at all directions, looking for the people who were in his house. Us. I hid back in place when he looked our direction and stared for a few minutes.

"The fuckers got away." I heard him curse under his breath before he went back into his house and closed the door. We waited a minute in case he was watching through the window before heading to the car. Taehyung quickly put the key back under the mat before following after me. I dove into the passenger seat and sighed in relief, hugging my duffle bag to my chest. Tae got behind the wheel and drove off quickly as if he was getting chased by the police.

"That was so close!" I laughed and motioned the cross on my chest. "I thought we were goners!"

"I'm surprised he didn't hear your loud ass phone."

"He heard you slam onto the floor though. That's funny." I had to hold in more of my laughter. That really was funny when he fell down those stairs.

My laughter quieted down when we stopped at a red light. What happened next was instinctual. When he was about to say something, I threw myself onto him and kissed him roughly. He returned the kiss with no hesitation, wrapping an arm around me. Sparks flew as we passionately made out, forgetting that we were holding up the cars behind us when the light turned green.

- Author's Note -

Do you think Tae and Tiana will end up dating anytime soon? These two are always doing some crazy stuff together. From following his dad around to even trespassing in Yoongi's house and nearly getting caught. Tell me what you think and thank you for taking the time out to read this chapter! <3

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