- Chapter 10 -

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Remember when I said that things would be awkward between Yoongi, Jin, and I? Well, I stand correct. After I had walked in the door carrying my duffle bag, Yoongi, who was sitting on the couch, stared right at me. He looked rather confused. He was probably thinking why was I here. Especially in the middle of the night. I just stayed silent and let Jin do the explaining, but that didn't help with the awkwardness. Then Yoongi just had to ask,

"Why is she staying with you instead of me?"

Oh come on. Does it matter that much?

"Because she asked me?" Jin said, rolling his eyes.

I sighed, "Yoongi, it doesn't matter. I just want to get away from my parents."

Yoongi then gave me a look. Oh yes, that look. Like he was waiting for something. A devious grin then plastered across his face. Poor Jin was so confused and all he could do was arch his eyebrow and give him a crazy look. I knew exactly what he wanted...

"You do remember that you owe me, Tiana. Or have you forgot?"

"What is he talking about?" Jin asked, looking over at me.

I'm usually confident but that wasn't the case this time. I opened my mouth to say something but there was nothing but silence. I tried to talk again but nothing came out each time I tried. It was like my voice was stolen from me.

"She owes me something for doing her a favor. So I'll be taking her from here."

I slowly glanced over at Jin, biting my lip. All he did was shrugged, not even really caring.

He then yawned, "I don't care. In the end of the day, it's all up to her. Just lock the door when you two leave, alright. Night." and with that, he just walked to his bedroom. He probably had better things to worry about.

I had finally gained my voice at looked at Yoongi with such annoyance.

"Really?" I lifted the upper corner of my lip.

He grabbed my arm a bit roughly and pushed me to the door, "Get to walking."

I rolled my eyes and walked out the house, heading to Yoongi's dark blue car that was parked aside Jin's. Yoongi put on his shoes, jacket, and gathered up his things. Once he grabbed his keys, he was out but not before locking the door like Jin told him too.

• • •

Between thirty and forty minutes later, we were at his house, which wasn't far from Taehyung's. They both lived on the rich side of town. I wasn't surprised either, Yoongi walked into school wearing different expensive brand outfits everyday. Anyhow, we crept into the house quietly so we wouldn't wake up his parents. I held onto him as we walked through the dark and was led to his room. Once we reached our destination, he closed the door behind us and turned on the light. I shielded my eyes from the blinding light. I was already used to seeing in the darkness. Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I slowly moved away my hands and looked around. His room was surprisingly neat for a lazy person. He probably had his mom clean it for him.

I set the duffle bag near his dresser and took off my jacket and shoes as well, setting my shoes neatly by my bag and neatly folding up my jacket, putting it in the bag. I looked at him, watching him set his keys on his nightstand.

"You hungry or want anything to drink?" He asked.

"Do you have any chips?" It was a shame that I eat anything at any time of the day. Let it be day time or in the middle of the night.

He nodded and walked out his room for nearly a minute before returning with two small bags of hot cheetos. He knew I especially loved hot chips. He tossed the bags to me and once I got my hands on them, I immediately opened one and devoured the whole bag in less than five seconds. I then opened the other one and did the same.

"Fat ass." He looked at me with widened eyes as if I was some hungry beast.

I gulped down the last of the chips and licked the residue off my fingers and lips. He licked his lips to watching me do that. I think I somehow looked sexy to him.

"Now that I gave you some fuel, get undressed."

My eyes widened when he said that.

"Wait now-"

"Just. Get. Undressed." He growled.

He looked at me with lust filled eyes.

Uh oh.....

- Author's Note -

Sorry that I haven't updated in two or three days. I was busy with school and doing finals. I should be good now as next week is the last week until summer break. Or shall I say, last three days. I don't plan on going to school after Wednesday. And that isn't the only thing I'm excited about. My birthday is in two days. I can't wait!

Thank you all for supporting my story! It makes me happy. <3 And yes, next chapter will include some smut. If you do not wish to read those bits, skip through them as it won't last for the whole chapter. Oof~

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