The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess, Chapter 11

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This one was hard to write; well, at least the first part of it, with her in the water. I know how it would look in my mind, but putting it into words was a real challenge; but I loved it! How did I do? lol. Please let me know :)

Chapter 11:

**Ryan's POV**

"Ellie!!" I screamed. I watched, almost as if in slow motion, as she fell and cracked the thin ice, falling into the water.

I wanted to run to her and jump in and save her! But should I risk it? They had said not to tell her until we were at the gates.....but her life was more important. What was I thinking?!

I ripped of my sweater and shoes, and was about to run to where she had fallen through, when a hand clamped onto my shoulder.

I turned to see Duckie.

"Uncle! She fell in! Help me save her, hurry!"

"No, Ryan. Let her go."


"This is the best way. She won't believe you anyways, let her see for herself."

"But she's been up here so long! What if she can't?"

"She will." He smiled confidently. "I have yet to meet a member of the royal family who can't."

**Ellie's POV**

I felt the water rush down my throat, filling my lungs, choking out any last vestiges of air.

"I'm drowning." I realized. I felt very calm suddenly ,as if this realization was a comfort. That made no sense, but then neither did my life for the past month!

My legs felt strange, as if they were growing thicker. My body felt frozen solid, and I couldn't move as I sank lower and lower into the water.

Suddenly my toes were tingling fiercely, and it slowly spread up my legs, and stopped at my waist. It felt like a strong electrical current. It kind of hurt!

I realized my body was thawing out, and I could feel the water all around me. It no longer felt frozen, it felt...comfterable?

I opened my eyes. The water was no longer dark and menacing, it was bright, and full of life! I could see whales and fish, and various sea life all around me. I never dreamed I would see any of this so clearly and so close!

I looked down and gasped.

My legs were gone! In there place was a long, auqua colored tail.

"I'm a...." I laughed aloud, not thinking. But the water did not rush into my mouth for some reason. Or maybe it did, I couldn't really tell.

I looked up and saw a bright light a far distance away, shining like a giant sun under water.

I looked back towards the surface, and saw the opening in the ice where I had fallen in.

Then a thought struck me-what was I wearing?! I looked down at my chest to see I was wearing a bikini top, the plain color matched my tail perfectly. I laughed and swam around for a minute, exploring my new abilities.

If this was a dream, I didn't want it to end.

I remembered that Ryan must be going crazy with worry, so I swam back to the surface.

I breathed in a deep breath of air, even though I didn't really need it.

"Ryan!" I yelled.

"Ellie! Oh my god are you ok?! Here, let me help you out!"



"Will I be, like, naked or something? How do I get my pants back?"

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