CHARMER ACADEMY (School Of Magic) [COMPLETED] by Yodaelin
CHARMER ACADEMY (School Of Magic) Yodaelin
[Completed] Hinding ordinaryong paaralan tago at walang nakakaalam hindi na rin sakop ng mapa. Lahat ng estudyante nag-aaral dito ay gumagamit ng sinasabing mahika, na h...
  • ability
  • spell
  • fantasy
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First at Last by WillowDeane
First at Lastby Willow Deane
Erika Lovet is used to being in the background, always in her sister's shadow. Since she was a child, her parents have always doted on Alice, have always wanted the best...
  • prince
  • beautiful
  • sisters
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One Little Spell  by arielklontz
One Little Spell by Ariel Klontz
Girl meets boy. Girl is smitten. Boy is smitten. Cue the flirting and the wondering whether or not the other is interested too. Then, of course, there's something in the...
  • romantic
  • chicklit
  • grimoire
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The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [AGEPLAY] by LunaPack
The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [AGEPLAY]by Meggers❤️
{viewer discretion is advised- BxB moments- I warned u- may offend- mature scenes-mpreg.} don't know if this will actually happen^ A vampire BxB couple decide to have a...
  • children
  • bxb
  • adventure
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Goodbye Lucy by Xx_Breezy_Bee_xX
Goodbye Lucyby Jimin's Jams °·°
Lucy has been a loyal member of Fairy Tail ever scince Natsu brought her there. She was having a great time as a part of team natsu, and she loved doing missions with th...
  • fanfic
  • anime
  • jerza
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Like A Witch: by Serayna
Like A Witch:by ashley taylor
The only thing different about her was the strange name she'd inherited from her dead grandmother. Panaceia had always been a typical sixteen year old girl, who wanted n...
  • action
  • love
  • comingofage
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Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: The Sorceress of Ashtown by BrandonVarnell
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: The Brandon Varnell
Arcadia's Knight Academy is the premier school for young men hoping to become a Sorceress's Knight. Only nobles, people with power and prestige, are allowed within these...
  • summons
  • knights
  • spirits
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Moon Shattered by alsey89
Moon Shatteredby Alsey Grayland
COMPLETED Book 2 from Moon series. You need to read Moon Bound first. Follow me before adding the books to your library so the private chapters would be displayed. Trail...
  • agressive
  • possessive
  • magical
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I Found a Boy by bertoszn
I Found a Boyby Xavier
During the summer before his senior year, Stiles decides to create a new chapter in his life. He comes out to his friends and is taken aback by the outcome. When school...
  • adventure
  • love
  • magical
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[COMPLETED] Howling (Reader X MCD Boys) by LemonadePlays
[COMPLETED] Howling (Reader X LemonadePlays
You wake up inside of a building with no roof. Leaves are the cover and a slew of people are standing around you. What happened? Where are you? Find out in this Reader X...
  • magical
  • reader
  • fanfiction
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The Runaway Vampiress [EXO Fanfic] by -xxvixen
The Runaway Vampiress [EXO Fanfic]by Queen Vix
(The Runaway Vampiress : On-going) --- All Right Reserved © EunHaeniee99 2015 Date Published: July 26,2015 7:56 Date Finished: --
  • princess
  • exo
  • demigods
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Please Remember Me by TheAnimeGirl_
Please Remember Meby TheAnimeGirl_
When lisanna comes back from edolas Lucy was left out and only her best friends talked to her.......Then the day it was Lucy's birthday no one remembered except for her...
  • love
  • lucy
  • adventure
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Dan and Phil: Chosen by XDarkLesterX
Dan and Phil: Chosenby Tori Rose
Two people meet by chance; one is a werewolf who didn't know he's a werewolf until he's 21 and a vampire prince who hasn't been out of the castle since he was three. ...
  • phillester
  • completed
  • amazingphil
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Audibility- A Miss Peregrines Fanfiction #1 by bmason21
Audibility- A Miss Peregrines bmason21
Nettalyn Apiston, a girl with hyperacusia, or enhanced hearing, is not an ordinary girl. Well, she's peculiar even for a peculiar. She lives in Miss Grouse's Home for Sp...
  • missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren
  • abeportman
  • completed
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Double Mated by Writer016
Double Matedby Werewolf Lover
I'm Sydney Hayes I just turned seventeen, my parents, Alpha father and Luna mother, wanted me to go and around the country to search for my mate. They said when a wolf i...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • completed
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My Broken Mate by auqelic
My Broken Mateby Angel
Meet Angel Blue Woods The girl that always sit in the back row, quiet yet sad. Look into her eyes you see sadness, betrayal, and hurt. No one knows what she's been throu...
  • magical
  • romance
  • abuse
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Your Smile Is My World by GeorgiaTime
Your Smile Is My Worldby GeorgiaTime
Laxus/Lucy Lalu LaxLu AU. Lisanna returned before the fantasia parade. DARK LISANNA. Lisanna is mean towards Lucy after her return causing events to happen. Will Laxus'...
  • laxus
  • love
  • lalu
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She's The Long Lost Princess by violetumbler
She's The Long Lost Princessby Charlota
She is an ordinary person and grew in an ordinary world. Would she survive the problems or would she give up and surrender? Find out what will going to happen. Ps.Hey gu...
  • keithfiergray
  • mystery
  • magical
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The Wolf and The Fox [ON HOLD] by lucy_ashley_star
The Wolf and The Fox [ON HOLD]by Min Yoongi's Butt
Lucy Heartfilia is a 17 years old girl. She heard a cried coming from the forest and saw an injured fox with a wolf next to it. She help the fox and... Want to know mor...
  • drama
  • nali
  • sticy
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Moonlight Magician by Uxie22
Moonlight Magicianby Isabella
What if Conan wasn't a boy, but a girl...? KID knows that Christie Edogawa is different from other children, but just how different? And what does she know about Pandora?
  • shinichi
  • kudo
  • kaito
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