The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess Chapter 16

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This is where it gets good :D


Chapter 16:

The next three days went the same as before: I was locked in my room with Briana, and dragged out for meals. I talked with Ryan, and explained the connection between us to Briana. They were able to talk through me, and she began to open up to us a bit more.

We brainstormed nonstop, trying to find a way. In the end, there was none. No way to escape. No chance for freedom. The day of the wedding came, and I woke filled with dread. Baylan had already beat me three times. Once for refusing to eat the bloody steak, another time for talking back and refusing to marry him, and another for asking for some different clothes. Ryan had practically gone mad with rage, unable to do a damn thing.

Briana slept in the bed with me. We had become sisters in a way, both terrified and just trying to stay alive. Baylan had made no threats to either of us concerning death, but with a man like him, we had no way of knowing. It was entirely possible, even inevitable.  I had heard no news that my family knew of my disappearance, nothing of the outside world. I didn’t even know where I was. In a mountain? Underground? I asked Baylan on the second day, but he merely smiled at me flakily and said “You’re where you’re supposed to be.” And wouldn’t say another word on the matter. 

Briana and I sat on the bed together all day, waiting for the guards to come haul me away to be married.

“What if they give you a new room?” She asked me, her eyes widening in fear.

“Don’t worry Bri, I’ll take care of you.” She smiled, assured, and relaxed a bit.

The guards burst in around 8pm, informing me that my wedding was in 10 minutes, and I had to look perfect, or I would “suffer the consequences.”

I was handed a wedding dress, and told to hurry it up.

I scowled. “Oh, for cryin’ out loud!!” I said aloud.

”What is it?” Ryan asked me.

“The wedding dress. It’s RED. Can’t I at least have a proper white wedding dress??”

“What’s white?” Briana asked me confused.

I blanched at her. “Seriously?” Then it occurred to me. “Wait, you’ve been here since you were a baby, right?” She nodded. “Then you wouldn’t have seen anything except red and black. Right. Well hun, I’ve got news for ya. There are dozens of colors our there, and if we escape, I’ll show them all to you.”

She grinned at me, not noticing that lately the saying had changed from “WHEN we escape” to “IF we escape.”

I changed into the red evening gown, and let my hair down out the ponytail.

I walked outside, and as usual, they grabbed me, lifted me, and marched off.

The throne room was decorated with red flowers, and black streamers.

“How original.” Ryan and I both thought at the same time, making me smile.

“Ah, you’re happy at last! I knew I’d get through to you.” Baylan smirked at me from the end of the room.

“Not really.” I muttered.

“What was that?” He asked, a dangerous look creeping onto his face.

“Nothing!” I hurriedly answered.

He smiled, the shadow of danger easing away.

I walked down the aisle, and he took my hand at the end. The old lady stood before us, acting as the minister, and began the ceremony. It was short and to the point.

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