The Magical Trasformation of An Ice Princess, Chapter 13

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Chapter 13:

My…er, father, (What was I supposed to call him?) rang a bell, and a door opened, allowing a procession of servants to enter the dining room.

Each servant carried a silver tray with a silver covering. They placed them all in front of us and placed their left hand on the handle of the covering.

“Look up beautiful” I heard. I did and saw that Ryan was the servant serving Callie, who was seated across from me.

“You look gorgeous.”

“Thanks…So this is your…um, uniform?”

“Yeah guess so…”

“I like a man in uniform” I joked.

“Ha. Ha.”

My father gave a signal, and all the servants lifted the coverings simultaneously. Lambchops, fruit sauce, risotto, and green beans were arranged in a decorative arrangement on the silver plate within.

“Does his Majesty approve?” Duckie asked.

My father nodded and the servants carried the coverings away, filing back through the door in a single file line.

“Do you have any food allergies, Elandra?” My mother asked.

I shook my head, and we began eating.

When we finished, the servants came back and removed the trays and plates, I locked eyes with Ryan, and I could tell he was trying not to smile. His mouth refrained, but his eyes failed, twinkling at me above a stern expression.

I turned to my father and mother. “So what do you all do after dinner?”

“Well, we usually go for a stroll in the gardens, and either sit with Duckie and the court or play a game of some kind. Occasionally we watch tv.”

“You get a signal down here?” I asked.

“Oh yes! You’d be surprised how far those signals can go.” My father said.

“Mommy, you promised to do makeovers with me tonight!” Callie whined, crossing her little arms and pouting. It was hard not to laugh at her cute expression, even if she does hate me.

“Sorry dear, but I have to arrange some press interviews for the return of your sister. Perhaps later.” She smiled.

Callie pouted even more and slouched in her chiar, turning to send a death glare my way. “I knew you were gonna be trouble.” She muttered. I smirked. This kid was going to be one heck of a teenager…

“Can you find your way back to your room?” Father asked me.

“I think so….”

“Well, there are plenty of servants and guards who can escort you if you get lost dear. We will send for you in a bit, perhaps we can play monopoly.”

“My princess edition?” Callie asked, quickly sitting up in her chair with a hopeful expression.

“Sure honey.” My father smiled.

She mouthed YES and grinned.

We all rose to leave, and I headed back down the corridor that Ryan had led me through.

The trouble was, now that I thought about it, I had been so focused on Ryan I hadn’t been paying much attention to where we were going. Crap. I suddenly realized I was lost, and started walking faster, turning corners at random, hoping to find a guard or servant.

I turned a corner quickly and ran strait into someone. They knocked me over and landed on top of me.

“Ow!!” I cried.

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