The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess, Chapter 8

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Sooososososososo sorry this took so long to get up here! major writters block going on atm. grr. well here's just kind of a filler chapter, but hope you all like it :) you know the drill, comment, vote, maybe even fan? pwease?

anyhoo ENJOY!!! :D


"Police! Open up in there! Now!!"

I jolted awake. Ryan was still asleep. How could he sleep through this racket??

Damn someone in this hotel must be in some serious trouble!

"I said OPEN UP!!" **BANG!**

Oh crap....that's OUR door he's banging on!

"Ryan! Ryan wake up, damnit!" I tried to shake him awake.

Finally, having no other options, I threw some water on him. That did it.

"W-what the hel?!"

"Sorry, you wouldn't wake up! There's someone banging on the door saying it's the police!"

"Ughh...ok go hide in the bathroom until I call for you."

I did as he said, nut kept the door cracked a bit so I would be able to hear them.

I heard him unlock to door and pull it open...

"Hello officers, can I help you?" Ryan said.

"Why didn't you open the door the first seven times we knocked??" one of the cops said.

"You'll have to forgive me sirs, I'm a heavy sleeper. Now then, what's the problem?"

"Are you traveling with a young woman?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are. You. Traveling. With. A. Young. Woman.?" The cop repeated, slowing down and announciating every silable as if he were talking to a child.

"Yes, I was, but she disappeared during the night. She told me she was headed for Los Angeles, something about a cousin having a baby or whatever. She stuck me with the hotel bill too, if you can believe that!" he laughed. The cops chuckled with him.

"Well sir, she's wanted to armed robbery, so if you could give us a call if you see her, we'd much appreciate it."

"Whoa whoa whoa...wait......she's a wanted person? No way! She doesn't seem the type, are you sure?" Ryan was playing this out good!

"Yes sir. Thank you for the tip sir."

"No problem, hey, hope you guys catch her, she owes me $20!"

They all laughed and he closed and locked the door after the left.

He walked back toward the bathroom but just leaned against the wall outside combing his hair in the mirror.

"Stay in there," he said from the side of his mouth. "They're still watching me through the curtain. I'll come in in a minute to tell you what to do."

He walked around, watched tv for a couple minutes, looked bored. Then he got up and came into the bathroom with me.

"Ok, this is NOT good Ellie!" his face had sheer panic on it, probably this first time he'd let his cool down since the police left.

"Those cops? They're not real cops! They had red eyes!!"

My mouth dropped. "Huh?"

"Well I mean they were purple kinda, but when you put blue contacts over red eyes, that's what you get!"

"Wait slow down a bit....who are they?"

"Baylan's men!!"

"What?! How did they find us so fast?" I demanded.

"I have no idea! They must have someone following us. If we leave now, it will look totally suspicious, cause I know they're still watching this room..."

"What about the window?"

We both looked over to the window. It was 2 stories down, way to far to jump...

"It's too far to jump," Ryan said echoing my thoughts. "And the whole tying sheets together to escape thing takes too long...."

I laughed. "Are you speaking from experience there?"

"No, it just would take forever to rip all the sheets and tie them all together and even then they might not work..." He explained to me like I was a child. How agrivating.

"Wow who killed your sense of humor?" I asked him.

:Ok, ok, sorry. I'm just kinda freaked out at the moment. The whole death thing? Yeah, not my style!"

We looked back down at the ally below us. Then a stroke of genius hit me. I'd read about it in a book once.

"What about the mattress?" I asked him suddenly.


"Look, if we shove the mattress out the window, along with some couch cushions, we could jump onto those?"

He thought about it for a few seconds. "Yeah, ok yeah that could work....let's give it a try!"

We set to work trying to fit the mattress out the window. It barely fit, but we made it! The couch cushions went next , followed by some blankets and sheets, anything to add some padding.

Finally, we were all packed and ready to go. Ryan climbed out the window, and fell onto the mattress perfectly, almost gracefully, if that is ever possible...

"Ok Ellie, your turn! He whisper-yelled up to me.

Ok, now might be a good time to mention my fear of heights...scratch that, before we even made this plan would have been the right time!

"Umm...." I looked down. The pavement below was too hard, to menacing.....

"Uh, Ryan? Im scared of heights!" I said down.

I heard him faintly mumble something that sounded like "royalty..."

He stood on the mattress, and said up to me, "throw down our stuff. Then I'll catch you. Will that help?"

"Yeah,'s the first bag!" I tossed out out the window a bit harder than necessary, and I heard him cuss quietly. "Sorry!" I hissed down. He glowered at me from below.

Lastly, it was my turn! Yikes!

I climbed out onto the ledge, and saw him standing under me waiting with his arms goes nothing....

I felt my feet leave the ledge, and I was falling through nothingness for a few seconds, before I heard a THUD and a bunch of cursing. U-oh....

"Damn girl , that was ridiculous! Could you have at least aimed for me?" he moaned, exasperated.

"Sorry, sorry! I did try to aim for you, I just...missed."

"Right, whatever. I caught most of you, anyways. Ok, so you alright?" We did a once over on ourselves, and got ready to go.

"How long before they discover we're gone?" I asked him as we ran out of the ally way and into the parking garage.

"Not long. We have to hurry."

**Dramatic music.** will they escape? will there be a chase scene? that would be intersting, seeing as i have NO CLUE how to write one of those, I've only ever seen them on tv, never in any of my books. hmmm,

k well hope you liked! THanks again for all of my amazingly awesome fans!!! :D Love ya! :)

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