Chapter 7

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"Ok, so no matter what, do NOT open this door unless I call your cell to tell you it's me first, go it?"

"Yes, Ryan, I get it. I got it the first time you told me, and the last 4 times as well. I get it."

He sighed. "Look I'm sorry, ok? But its my job."

"Yeah yeah I know...just go get dinner, will ya?" I said playfully pushing him out the door.

"Back in ten."

He closed the door, and waited for me to lock it before he left.

I flopped down onto the bed and turned on the tv.

It was our first night away from home, and we had stopped for the night at a small town motel. Thankfully, they had cable tv, so I was happy.

We had debated about what to get for dinner for a half an hour, neither of us able to decide. Me not carring because, well, I'm a long ways from home, I had to run away to keep my family safe, and now I'm on the run with a stalker. (Although knowing he was only trying to protect me does change things around a bit!)

So I didn't really care what we got, just not Mexican. I hate Mexican food. So we had finally agreed on Boston Market.

15 minutes alter, he still wasn't back yet. I was beginning to get nervous....

After 20 minutes, I called his cell. It answered, then hung up right away.

Ok, I'm freaking out at this point; understandably so though after Ryan had told me how much danger we were both in!

Then my cell rang, and Ryan told me to open the door.

He stumbled through the door, his shirt, neck, and face were COVERED in bright red lipstick!

I stared at him, not sure whether to laugh or yell at him.

I decided to laugh.

"Stop it, will you?! It's not funny!"

"Y-yeah, sure it's n-not!" I said through fits of laughter. His hair was all messed up, and his belt was sticking out as though someone had tried to un do it.

"I'm sorry it took so long..." he mumbled.

"Oh, so you decided to leave me here to starve while you went out and had a good time, is that it?" I laughed.

"No! Shut up you don't even know what I've been through!" He sounded seriously pissed, so I stopped laughing. Well, tried to, anyways.

"Ok so what happened?" I asked.

"I was on my way back up here about 10 minutes ago, right on time, when the hotel maid comes around the corner. Now, you've seen their uniforms, right?"

I nodded. Plain blouse with a knee length skirt.

"Well, this girl was a slut, plain and simple. Her skirt came up to here," he motioned just beneath his but. "And her shirt was a super low v-neck. She practically threw herself at me! Not to be arrogant, but it's true! I mean before I could even say wait a sec who the hell are you she had covered me in lipstick! Then she went for my belt. That's when you called me. THANK YOU by the way, I think you saved my life. So she keeps kissing me, and I'm trying to fight her off and not drop and ruin our dinner. So I finally get her off of me, and tell her I have a girlfriend, sorry hope you don't mind, I had to say something. She pushes me away, calls me a selfish pig, and skanks off." He let out a long breath.

"Sounds rough."

"You have no idea...." He said. Then he turned thoughtful. "Am I hot?" he blurted out. I couldn't help laughing at him that time, just for the fact that he was bright red all over his face!

"Excuse me?"

"I mean, why would this girl throw herself at me? Am I hot? I don't think I am, but I mean first Lesley, now her? I can't figure it out." He sighed.

"Ok, please, please, please do not take this the wrong way, alright? Speaking from a female point of view, and ignoring the fact that you're my best guy friend, I would have to say yes, you are extremely hot."

Not it was my turn to blush, and his turn to laugh his butt off.

"Thanks Ellie, I needed that laugh!"

"Whatever. What did you get us for dinner?"

"Um chicken, of course, potatoes with grave, corn bread, creamed spinach, corn, and there baked apples."

"Oh my god I love you thank you!!" I sang. I love boston market; especially the spinach and cornbred!

We ate our dinner and watched movies until 1am, then figured we were getting up early so we'd better get some sleep. He took the pull out sofa, I took the bed.

I had argued that I should take the couch, since he had to drive all day he should get the best bed to rest, but he had insisted on me taking the bed because I was, after all, a princess.

I couldn't persuade him otherwise, so....oh well, guess I get the comfy bed! Part of me feels guilty, but, I'm not going to lie, the other part is glad to get the bed!

***Sorry this one was so short! I'm very tired, had a bad day, just wanted to get SOMETHING up here haha.

Hope you liked it! It was just supposed to be a goofy light hearted chapter after all the serious ones I've had lately :) ***

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