The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess Chapter 18

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Ok, I deleted the last chapter 18 and replaced it with this one. Honestly, I like this one waaaaay better!  Please let me know what you think  :)

Chapter 18:

*~*~*~*Ryan’s POV*~*~*~*

I’d only used the smoke pebbles once before, when I was very young. This time, it seemed much more painful. And it seemed to take forever. Or maybe that was simply because I was carrying Ellie, and she was closer to death each second.

After what seemed to be an eternity, but was only a couple minutes, we arrived back at the palace. We stood, looking at the King and Queen in the throne room.

“Oh my gods…” The Queen whispered. There was the typical moment of absolute silence, the one that seems to stretch on for minutes, where everyone just stares in shock.

Then there is the dramatic event that shatters the perfect bubble of silence, and everyone starts yelling and rushing about.

In this instance, the dramatic event was me collapsing.

I caught Ellie on top of me, but unfortunately, I landed on my back.

“Call the doctor!” I heard the King yell at someone. “Someone help me pick her up! Why isn’t Raynald doing anything?”

“He’s in bad shape, Sire.” I hear Duckie comment.

I could feel them lifting her off of me. The bright lights from the chandeliers hanging above me seemed to blind me, and I felt sick. Hypothermia. I felt them lift me onto a stretcher, and carry me out.

“Where is she…” I mumbled.

“She’s safe. You did it. Rest, now.” I heard Duckie whisper.

I did a bit more than rest-I blacked out.

*~*~*~*Duckie’s POV*~*~*~*

It took me forever to calm them all down. Personally, I don’t know how the heck I was calm. I’d just seen Raynald stab a man with a dagger of blood, seen his skin glued to the wall, yet he stood before me, and the princess was dying. Yet I was calm.

The King and Queen were practically hysterical, yelling and shouting for me to explain. We were seated outside of the infirmary in the palace, waiting to hear from the doctors as to Elandra’s status.

“Explain everything, now!” the king roared.

“All I know is I came in just as Raynald was stabbing Baylan with an icicle of blood, presumably Elandra’s blood. I helped him carry her back here. That’s all I know so far.”

“NO! I Need to talk to them NOW!” I heard Raynald screaming from inside.

I ran in, to find him straggling against the nurses who were trying to sedate him.

“Let him be!” I instructed.  “What is it, Raynald?”

“There’s a girl! A little girl still trapped in Baylan’s palace. Her name is Briana. She’s so young….so.. abused….” He mumbled as he swayed where he stood. “Help her. We promised her…” And with that, he collapsed again, into the arms of the nurse.

I walked back out to the King and Queen. “What the devil was all that about?” The King asked.

”Sire, there appears to be more prisoners being held in Baylan’s palace. I’d like to request some men to go and rescue them, Sir.”

The King sighed. “Very well. I’m wary of sending you though, Duckie, Are you sure you’re up for it?”

I smiled. “Yes Sir.”

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