Chapter 2

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Ok folks, sorry this is so short! its like 2am and im so tired im shaking! right so enjoy! :)

I stared at him openly. After a few seconds I remembered to close my mouth. Great, I must have looked like an idiot!

Ryan smiled at me.

It amazed me how even then, while I'm facing the guy whose been creeping me out, I could appreciate the way his bark brown hair fell over his eyes slightly....

I snapped myself out of it.

I looked down at the note I was writing to Marsha. I added at the end of it

"THAT'S HIM!!! THE NEW GUY IS THE CREEPSTER!!!!" and handed it over when the teacher wasn't looking.

I watched her as she read the first part of my note, then read the last line. Her eyes almost popped out, just like mine.

She looked over at me, then past me to look at him. She scribbled something on the paper then handed it back.

I opened the note and read it. It said, "REALLY?? DUDE HE'S HOTTT!!!"

I sighed and shook my head.

"Something the matter, Ms. Elington?" I looked up to see Mr. Callahan looking at me, along with most of the class.

", I was just..umm..." I stuttered.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Nothing, sorry to interrupt."

"Very well. Now then class...." He continued on with the lesson. I knew I should start paying attention, but I just couldn't concentrate!

I wanted to shove Ryan up against a wall and ask him why the hell he had been following me.

As weird as it may sound, when I found out he was following me, it didn't just creep me out; it scared me! It felt like my personal space had been invaded, and I wasn't safe.

That made me want to know what his problem was even more.

Then, a scent filled my nostrils; it was unusual, but not unpleasant. It wasn't very strong, so it was hard to tell exactly what it was. As far as I could tell, it smelled like sea water, and the beach. I'm not sure how the beach could have a smell, but that's what it reminded me of.

I glanced over at Ryan again. He was staring at me. I stared back. He finally looked away, with a smug little smile turning at the corner of his lips.

Strangely, as annoying as that smile was to me, it was cute.

"Gahh! Stop it Ellie!" I thought to myself.

I tried to pay attention to the lesson on "The Lord of the Flies" and the parallelism between the book and the Bible, (there were a lot!!) but that smell of the beach and the ocean kept tantalizing me.

I loved the beach! But I had only ever gone three times in my entire life. Living in the middle of Arizona makes it kinda difficult to go to the beach all the time.

Maybe that's why this scent enticed me so much...

The bell finally rang, bringing me harshly out of my day dream of laying on the beach under the hot sun, and swimming in the deep waters.

I followed Ryan out the door, and was about to confront him when Lesley, the head of the poms squad, ran up to him. I pretended to search through my bag while I listened in on their conversation.

"Hi there!" Lesley said, annoyingly bubbly.

"Hey." He returned.

"So I hear you're the new guy around here, huh?"

"Yep." I noticed a major lack of enthusiasm in his voice.

"Are you single?" wow, she really jumped in there!

"Yep." He said clearly. His voice gave no hint of any desire for her to change that fact, but she didn't pick up on it.

"Well, my name is Lesley, and I'm the head of the poms. I'm sure you've heard of me, everyone around here has because I'm the most beautiful and talented in the entire school!" She boasted.

Ryan actually snorted, then chuckled.

"What's so funny?" She asked him, and she sounded like she actually had no idea he was laughing at her, and she genuinely wanted to know what he was laughing at.

"How do you know you're the most beautiful and most talented?"

"I just am!" She said. Her voice was so full of sunshine that I wanted to pinch her and see if air would come out of her body; no one could honestly be this thick headed! She had to be full of air...

"So, did you like have some kind of beauty pageant?" Ryan asked her.

"Excuse me?" It didn't surprise me that she was confused.

"Did, you," He spoke more slowly so that she might understand. I had to keep from giggling. Speaking slower wasn't going to help her!

"Have, a beauty pageant?" He asked her again.

"Uh, no? Why would we? Like I said, everyone knows I'm the prettiest!"

"But HOW do they know that?" He taunted her. "Unless you had a beauty competition? And unless you won, then you are most definitely not the prettiest. And I'm guessing that the same goes true for the talent part. Did you have a talent show or something?"

She looked dumbfounded.

"Did you compete against every single member of this school? Cause if not, then you're just an arrogant little prissy brat who so spoiled and stuck up that she can't even see that there are three gorgeous girls walking by here right this very second. As for the talent part, well, I can't really tell about that part, can I?"

Her mouth was hanging wide open, and her eyes were bulging out in shock that anyone would treat her like this.

"So I'm guessing you're just an insecure teenager, who has to build herself up to such a ridiculous amount of egotistics that all anyone really sees her as is a prissy little bit-"

"Mr. Waters!" Ryan's amazing tirade was interrupted by Mr. Callahan walking down the hall calling his name.

"Mr. Waters! Ah, there you are! You left this envelope on your desk, I thought you might be looking for it."

"Thank you sir." Ryan replied.

Mr. Callahan eyed the two of the suspiciously for a moment, then walked away.

Lesley turned on Ryan. "You are a total, complete jerk!" she hissed. "All I was trying to do was be nice and welcome you to our school! You're not going to make many friends if your treat people like this!"

"Well maybe I don't want your kind of friends." He said calmly, like he had lost an interest in their conversation and was utterly bored.

"UGH!" she screeched, storming off.

I couldn't hold it in any longer-I burst out laughing.

When I saw Ryan had heard me and was looking at me, I freaked and ran to my next class, my heart beating frantically from being caught by him.

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