The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess Chapter 20: EPILOGUE Part I

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Chapter 20: EPILOGUE Part I:

*~*~*~*2 Weeks Later*~*~*~*

I stood in front of the mirror, inspecting my image. My shimmering white ball gown was flawless, the v neck cut and empire waist fit me perfectly, and the silver heart pendant Ryan had given me as a present lay in the center of my neck. My hair was pulled up, with silver earring falling delicately. I raised my hand, which was gloved in white satin, and gently fixed a rebellious hair.

“You look amazing.” Marsha said, coming out of the closet.

I smiled. “And so do you!”

She had come with my other parents for the ball tonight. Ryan and I had explained the entire story to my old mom and dad, and they hadn’t believed us. So we filled the bathtub with water and I got it. It wasn’t much room, but enough for me to change into my mermaid form. Then Ryan did the same.

I called Marsha, and she had come running. We explained the story again, and did the whole “yeah I’m really a mermaid look I’ll prove it!” thing again.

Eventually, they all believed us.

We took them to the portal, which was working perfectly now that we had control of it once more.

I loved watching their expressions when they saw the dome for the first time. It was priceless.

Introducing them to my real parents was a tad bit awkward…but they all got along just fine after a few uneasy minutes at the beginning.

When Marsha has seen my room, she went nuts. Especially my closet!

She had helped plan the ball, and kept hinting that I had a surprise coming tonight, but wouldn’t tell me what. Typical Marshy.

She was wearing a teal ball gown, strapless with pear jewelry.

We walked out of my room and down the corridors. I was careful not to think of my dress, so Ryan wouldn’t see it. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he saw me!

The ball was in full swing, and I was supposed to make an entrance. Officially, this was my “coming out” party, my social debut. I was being introduced to the public for the first time, discounting that press conference after my return.

Marsha went around to the front entrance, and I waited on the second floor until 7:30. I hadn’t seen the ballroom yet, everyone had forbid me from seeing it, saying it was this big secret. I was outrageously nervous-I had to walk down a large staircase in front of hundreds of people, gracefully, in heels. No pressure.

The servants motioned to me to get ready, and I took my place.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the announcer said into a microphone. “King Padrias would like to present his daughter, The Princess Elandra!” The door were pulled open, and I stepped forward.

The ballroom was decorated in garlands of white flowers and silver beads, and there were hundreds and hundreds of candles everywhere. I started down the staircase, reminding myself to breath evenly and stay calm. And not trip. I met my father half way down, and he offered me his elbow.

He escorted me to the bottom, (I didn’t trip!!) and kissed my hand, then led me into a waltz.

After a few minutes of just us dancing, others trickled onto the dance floor, and soon, everyone was whirling about.

Different young men cut in, one after another, each eager to get a chance at me. It was like a fairy tale! It truly was-the gowns, the dancing, the ballroom, the tiara atop my head….it was perfect.

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