Chapter 6

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I had a fun writting this one-especially the scene with Ryan and Lesley!! hehehehehe :D Please comment and vote !!! :)

The next morning, Ryan showed up to take me to school, which was a first.

Once we were alone in the car, he said his uncle had made him, said it was his duty to protect me now that I knew who I was.

At lunch, I told him about my dream.

He went pale, and starred at me.

"No way..."

"What? It was just a strange dream, right?" (I had obviously left out that part about his eyes.)

"No, Ellie, it wasn't...the man on fire was Count Baylan. That may have been a sign that he knows you're now aware of who you really are, and he may prevent us from returning home. We may have to go sooner than we thought..."

"There's something else you should probably know, too..." I told him all about the police and what Lesley had done. He turned red, then purple.

He stood from his chair.

"Ryan, what are you doing??" I asked.

He smiled wickedly and winked, his face still red.

He turned and walked over to where all the cheerleaders were seated.

"Hey, Lesley!" He said to her. "Mind if I sit with you for a bit?"

"No, of course not! Hi Ryan!" She said sluttily. "How are you?"

"Well actually, I've been thinking about you a lot lately..."

"Oh really? Do tell!"

"Well, there's something I've been wanting to do with you, I was wondering if I could maybe try it?" He smiled seductively at her, moving closer to her lips as he spoke.

He face was flushed, I could see it even from here.

"S-sure, go ahead..." She said smiling.

"I think I will..." he moved even closer to her lips, and just before he kissed her, he pulled back suddenly, and dumped her bright red slushy all over her head and clothes!

She had been to distracted to notice him grabbing it off her table.

I almost fell onto the floor cracking up. That was firkin AWESOME!!!

"Never," he said in a dangerous voice. "Never, try to do anything like that lame robbery incident again! If you try to frame Ellie, or hurt her in any way, shape, or form, you will pay a hell of a lot more than me just ruining you precious cheer uniform!!" He stalked away back towards me.

"THAT.WAS.PERFECT!!!!" I howled with laughter.

He was grinning back at me.

Then he grabbed my hand and my backpack, and dragged me out of the cafeteria.

"Ryan! What the hell are you doing?!"

"Listen Ellie," He said, pushing me up against the lockers. "We're out of options here. The police will be after you, so will Lesley, and maybe now even Count Baylan. We need to go. Today. Now."

I starred at him, shocked.

"B-b-but, my parents, Marshy??"

"We can leave them a note, but you have to say you can't tell them, it's for their own safety. Tell them you love them and will try to come back later."

I sighed. "Ok...I guess I'll have to trust you on this, I'm way out my league here..."

"Good, then let's go." We raced to out lockers to grab out stuff, then ran to his car and drove to my house.

He helped me pack some clothes, shoes, pictures, and a few other things.

He wanted to leave m fleece blanket behind, but I refused. That thing Comforts me and calms me, and if we're gonna be on the run, I'm gonna need it.

He finally agreed, and stuffed it in his bag. We grabbed some more and stuff from the kitchen, along with my cell phone and ipod chargers.

I left a not on the kitchen table for my parents.

"Dear mom and dad,

I hope you guys know how much I love you, and I always will. But something has happened that has put me in danger, and I must leave you for a while. I don't know how long. Please understand that I cannot tell you what's happened, for your own safety. I love you both and want nothing to happened to you. I am safe, and with a friend who can protect me. I will come back as soon as I possibly can. I cannot answer my phone, but I will try to contact you if I can later. Please forgive me for running away like this so suddenly, you know I would never do something like this unless it was an emergency. I love you both!

All my love,


I was crying by the time I was done, and a few tears fell onto the page.

I grabbed the picture of my family last Christmas off the wall and ran out to the car, and we hit the road.

Ryan said her knew where we were going, but first we had to stop by his house to tell his uncle.

On the way, I called Marshy.

"Hello?" her raspy voice answered.

"Hey, it's me! Listen, I don't have much time. You're not going to understand any of this, so please just try to listen. I have to leave. I'm already on the road. I don't know when I'm coming back. Something has happened that puts me in danger, so I have got to go. I will be back as soon as I can, promise! You're the bestest friend in the world, thank you for everything!! I'll miss you tons. I'll be back, I promise! Bye, Marshy..."

She was silent for a moment. Then she spoke.

"I don't understand, but I trust you. Please be safe! I'll miss you tons too. And you're an even better friend. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, just be safe and take care of yourself."

"Thanks! I will. Byes!"


I hung up, and started crying again. This was so unfair!! Unfair, but necessary.

"Uncle Duckie!" Ryan yelled when we got in his house. "Uncle!"

"What on earth is going on what's all the shouting for, Ryan?"

Ryan hurriedly told him about my dream, the cops, the bitchy cheerleader, everything.

"Are you both ready right now to leave?" he asked us. We nodded.

"Very well. Here is you map, my boy. It will take you to the portal. I cannot go with you, I'm afraid. I have to take another path there. I must tell the King and Queen that we've found you and prepare for your arrival."

He said all this as he busily packed his things into a backpack.

He reached into one of the kitchen cupboards, and pulled out a velvet sack pouch. He pulled out a single pebble, and put the pouch in his bag.

"Please be safe my dears; Baylan will hunt you mercilessly if he find out you know, Ellie. Be safe!" And with that, he popped the pebble in his mouth and swallowed it. A split second later, he disappeared in a thick cloud of dark blue smoke.

Ryan turned to me and smiled. "There are certain perks to being the King's right hand man." He took my hand and we ran out the door to his car.

***Aaaaandd they're offf!! Where do you all think the portal is? And where does it lead? Will Count Baylan find them? what about the police and Lesley? So many questions!!! But the answers will be revealed soon! (i hope! lol)

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