The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess, Chapter 9

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Ok guys, I know I suck at uploading, sorry about that; I've had alot going on lately. But I just spent like 4 hour here at the computer typing madly away, and I got out about 23 pages in the word possessor! that's alot for me! haha >.< I hope you like the next few chapter, I worked very hard on them :D

Chapter 9:

I gripped the seat as hard as I could. I knew it wouldn't do any good if we crashed, but it made me feel better.

I had never gone this fast in a car in my life!

We were speeding down the highway at about 95 miles an hour. It was taking every bit of faith and trust in Ryan to not demand he slow down. As soon as we had left, a silver jeep had calmly pulled out of the garage after us.

They had followed us for miles, and it had turned into a full fledged chase scene. Let me tell you, it's a lot more fun in the movies!

"A-are you sure this will work?" I yelled over the sound of the engine.

"No. But you got any other ideas?"

I was silent. I didn't.

We turned off the highway onto a two lane country road. It was freezing cold outside, so I had turned on the heat full blast. The contrast in temperature was steaming up the windows, making it harder to see.

The two lane road was full of twisty turny hills, and we were still going way to fast! Our theory was that if we went fast enough around a curve, the people following us might miss the turn and plow into a tree or pole or something. It was a huge long shot, but worth a try. Especially since we had no other ideas.

After about 15 minutes or zig zagging around, we went around a corner to find a steep decline in the road; Ryan actually sped up! (I am so going to kill him if we live through this...) There was a 90 degree turn at the bottom.

We're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to die!! I screamed in my head.

But we didn't. The next thing I knew, we were past the turn and safe and sound. I turned around to see the jeep miss the run and plow into the trees. Sparks flew everywhere, and the men inside jumped out and tried to follow us on foot.

There was no way they stood a chance, not at our speed.

We got back on the highway, and slowed down a bit. And by a bit, I mean down to 75 miles an hour. Hah.

I took a long slow deep breath. "You are so lucky we're alive, cause I was going to kill you!" I said loudly.

He laughed. "Do you have any idea what you just said?"

I grabbed the map at my feet and smacked him on the head a few times.

"I just went through a traumatic ordeal and you're making fun of me?"

"No! No! Ok, ok, ok I'm sorry! Geez, woman!"

I sighed. "Where are we going again?"

"North. Up in Canada."

"Wait, how do you expect to get past the border?"

"I have a passport and all the papers we need. And fake ones for you, so no one can track us."


"Don't ask."

"Right." Just then my cell went off. I pulled it out of my bag and checked the caller id.

"It's my mom! What do I do?"

"Crap! Damnit that's how!"


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