Chapter 4

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I saw him coming out of the lunch line and smiled and waved at him.

He didn't wave, or smile back at me.

He sat down across from me, and looked straight into my eyes. I felt a shiver go down my back again, just like the first time I had met him.

"Ellie," he began. His voice had lost that playful, happy tone it always had.

"There's something I need to tell you; you're not going to want to hear it, though..."

I looked at him cautiously....something wasn't right here. He always smiled at me, and he always was cheerful and goofy. But now he was being totally serious.

I looked into his eyes, they looked dear serious, and somewhat scared.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

He opened his mouth to speak, then closed again as if he didn't know how to say whatever this big issue was.

"Just say it, damnit!" I said, probably a bit harsher that necessary, but hey, I was unnerved at this point...

"I can't say it here, can we meet somewhere private after school? I know that's going to sound creepy or weird or whatever, but I promise this is something big, something I have to tell you that's not easy to say, and won't be easy to hear. You're going to hate me, which makes it even more hard because I've done the one thing I'm not allowed to do...."

My head was spinning! Ok this dude is seriously starting to freak me out here. To many questions!!!

"Um,,, ok? It can't be my house, my mom will be all over us and not give us a moment's peace. How about your place? Oh, wait, sorry I forgot about your uncle."

"No, no. This time it would be perfect if you came to my house. My uncle may freak you out a bit, but he's a good guy, really. He may be able to help us, too."

"Help us with what?"

"You'll see."

"Uhh, alright then. How's 3:00 sound?"

"Perfect. I'll see you then." He stood and left me sitting there, my thoughts spinning so fast I was dizzy. This is so bizarre...I finished my lunch and went to class.

The rest of the day went sooooo firkin slow!!

When the bell finally rang at 2:10, I made a beeline for my car and raced home. I took a quick shower, did my hair, and put some nicer clothes on. I had been wearing jeans and a brown shit with a peace sign on it, which didn't feel right if I was going to meet his uncle.

I put on nicer jeans, ankle high boots with thick heels, and a dark blue and light gray striped blouse, with long sleeves and a v-neck. I put on my favorite silver charm necklace, hoop earrings, and some silver beaded bracelets. I applied some dark blue and gray eye shadow and pink lip gloss. I grabbed my purse, and went to sit by the window to wait for Ryan.

I was reading a magazine when he knocked on the door.

I opened it, and he stood there. I smiled at him and said hey, but he just turned and said over his shoulder, "Let's go."

Bewildered, I walked out to his car and climbed in.

He lived about 10 minutes away, in a 2 story dark brown house, that was covered in ivy, and the front lawn was full of weeds and plants. Clearly they didn't believe in upkeep.

We walked inside, and I was stunned by the decor. There was barely any furniture, the place barely even looked like a home!

There was a kitchen table with 2 chairs, a small couch, a tv, and a side table next to the couch. Above the couch there was a single painting, a portrait of a man with brown short hair, dressed in fine clothes; he looked royal, like a king.

There was a small kitchen off the side, and a bedroom on the other side. Ryan led me through the tiny living room, and around a corner to a flight of stairs. At the top there was a single doorway, which led to his room.

His room consisted of a mattress on the floor with some blankets and a pillow; a shelf with some clothes and shoes, and some books scattered around on the floor.

I turned to him. "Ryan, what's going on here? No offense or anything, but this is the strangest house I've ever been in. There's no personal stuff, no furniture, nothing to make it look like a home.

He sighed and sat down on the edge of his bed.

"That would be because this is not our home. This is the house we were able to afford for our stay here on our mission."

"Mission? What, like spies?" I joked.

He laughed shortly. "No, not like spies. Well, I guess partly, in a way...I had to spy I guess to find you..."

That took me by surprise!

"Me? What do you mean?"

He sighed. "Ok look, this is not going to make any sense, and it's going to shock the hell outta you. But please, make me promise? Promise me you will hear me out till I'm done, and not disregard it all, just think about it. And please...."

He stood from his bed and walked over to where I was still standing in his doorway. He stopped when he was a few inches from me.

"Please, Ellie, don't hate me. I couldn't bare that, not after everything I've gone through to find you." Before I could ask what the hell he was talking about, his arms were around me, and he had one hand on my back, the other in my hair. Then I realized I was hugging him back!! Oops!

I stepped away quickly.

"Ok Ryan, spill. Seriously. This is freaking me out."

He took me hand and pulled me over to his bed. We sat facing each other with our legs crossed.

"My name really is Ryan, but I'm not Ryan Waters; I'm Ryan At'ahai, from the Ahabi clan from Dunal."

I stared at him like a moron. What. The. Hell....

He continued. "I was sent up to you world to find you, your highness, and bring you home."

If I thought my head was spinning in the lunch room today, it was nothing compared to this!

"What did you just call me?? And your name is....what? Bring me.....gah! What the frak are you talking about Ryan??? Are you like high or something?!" I was yelling at this point.

"Is something the matter? Ryan, What's going on here?" A deep, booming voice said...

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