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Kidnapped by Cannibals (Fan Book) by TheArtisticReader_
Kidnapped by Cannibals (Fan Book)by TheArtisticReader_
Okay let me put this in a way you'll understand: This👏is👏a👏fan👏book👏 So don't go in the comments saying "you copied" or "this is is the exact same pl...
  • ellie
  • cannibalism
  • cannibals
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Ice Age: The Middle by serpent_queen18
Ice Age: The Middleby serpent_queen18
Yeah I still suck at descriptions but enjoy nonetheless { Ice Age: The Meltdown } { Diego x OC } { Book 2 out of ??? } { First Book - Ice Age: The Beginning } Book Cove...
  • adventure
  • age
  • sid
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Don't Mark Me by Tanii915
Don't Mark Meby Tanii S.
Mates are destined to be together forever. They are meant to love each other, care for each other, guard and protect each other from any mishaps and dilemmas, no matter...
  • luna
  • jason
  • love
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AWAKEN ; benny weir [2] by plutorin
AWAKEN ; benny weir [2]by 「 moe 」
What happened to Ethan, Benny, Ellie, and Sarah after the Lucifractor explosion? Guess you're gonna have to find out... - mbav / benny weir - ! SECOND BOOK IN THE MAGE...
  • magic
  • ellieprince
  • ethanmorgan
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Ice Age: The Misfit Herd by xxBlackRose132xx
Ice Age: The Misfit Herdby xxBlackRose132xx
Jade was a lone saber that had been by herself ever since she left her pack, three years ago. You could say trust issues was something that the young saber had. One day...
  • herd
  • humor
  • fanfiction
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My Heartbreak (Rejection Series #1) by book_worm615
My Heartbreak (Rejection Series #1)by a name
BOOK ONE TO THE "Rejection Series" Ellie Martin had been harassed and ignored since the age of 13. She was once the child that always smiled, always laughed...
  • mates
  • rogues
  • teen
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Hanging By A Moment [2] » Teen Wolf by that_one_writer_chik
Hanging By A Moment [2] » Teen Wolfby that_one_writer_chik
With Jackson cured - so to speak - and Gerard taken care of, Ellie thought life was going to get better in Beacon Hills. Little did she know, the problems coming her way...
  • melissa
  • werewolves
  • lydia
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Mr.&Mrs Kight by princess_horan_1993
Mr.&Mrs Kightby princess_horan_1993
Summary: Theodore knight your 26 year old hot billionaire. He never has had a girlfriend and doesn't believe in love. This will all change when his parents say he needs...
  • ceo
  • cute
  • honeymoon
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Mine (Book 2 of the His Series) by TheWeirdGirl143
Mine (Book 2 of the His Series)by J Cole ♡
It is two years later and Ellie is a changed woman trying to leave the past behind her. But what will happen in the midst of a wedding, a guy whose true intentions diffe...
  • hero
  • leo
  • peace-corps
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Rise Up [3] » Teen Wolf / The Vampire Diaries by that_one_writer_chik
Rise Up [3] » Teen Wolf / The Vamp...by that_one_writer_chik
With the pack facing changes and people once thought to be dead showing up in Beacon Hills, the McCall alphas can only do so much to keep their friends and family safe...
  • elena
  • twins
  • werewolves
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Safe and Sound (Watty Awards 2012). by icypastels
Safe and Sound (Watty Awards 2012).by icypastels
Meet Madeline Harwell, a bruised and broken young girl who is new to the town. She has had to grow up faster than most teenagers; looking after her three year old brothe...
  • happy
  • kissing
  • escape
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Don't Let Me Go [1] » Teen Wolf by that_one_writer_chik
Don't Let Me Go [1] » Teen Wolfby that_one_writer_chik
After their best friend drags them out into the middle of the woods to look for a dead body, Scott and his sister Eliana are bitten by an alpha werewolf. Their lives are...
  • season2
  • lydia
  • erica
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The Boy Who Lost His Sight by Bellaaa_
The Boy Who Lost His Sightby Bella Zamri
[SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHED IN OCTOBER 2016] "Why are you being nice to me? I'm a freak, I'm blind," Riley had once asked her, but Ellie could never answer that qu...
  • soulmate
  • love
  • summer
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Change | Robbie Robbins by whoarewereally1
Change | Robbie Robbinsby 2004
"People are capable of change." Or "Maybe this was the real him but we never noticed."
  • friendship
  • drama
  • brooke
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The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
  • making
  • first
  • dodge
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The Return (Book One in the Wattpad Featured Return Series) by Cfunk3
The Return (Book One in the Wattpa...by Cfunk3
"Why do I remember every detail of the day I was born? It's not just because of the dream; it's because today, October 10, 1997, will be the seventh time." El...
  • historicalfiction
  • therevival
  • blackwell
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Just Ellie ⌁ Draco Malfoy by _TomMarvoloRiddle_
Just Ellie ⌁ Draco Malfoyby _TomMarvoloRiddle_
Elyssa Greer came from a Pureblood family, a Pureblood descent of Serbians. She was the outcast of her family; the only Gryffindor after centuries of the Greer and Banov...
  • wizard
  • dracomalfoy
  • malfoy
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Pet Store (Book #1 in BORED series! hxh Chrollo) by janettehere
Pet Store (Book #1 in BORED series...by Jane
<< Dialogue story in which a bored girl goes on a random calling spree to find the most attractive voice!>> "Hello , this is Phantom's Pet Store-" ...
  • mc
  • ellie
  • chrollo
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Falling | Chicken Girls The Movie by whoarewereally1
Falling | Chicken Girls The Movieby 2004
Dylan knew the chicken girls ever since she was young, she was apart of it, but she danced in front of people except for the chicken girls and her twin brother Ethan. Sh...
  • twins
  • kayla
  • newstory
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new | jack grazer by grrazer
new | jack grazerby s
turns out i don't want new; i want you
  • eddie
  • jackgrazerfic
  • eddiekaspbrak
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