Chapter 1

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"Just a few more feet..." I told myself. I had been walking for two hours now, and I was exhausted.

The water fountain stared at me tauntingly. It was about 20 feet away. Could me feet make it that far?

I managed to haul myself over to it. The water ran down my throat, cool and refreshing. It cured the dryness in my throat immediately.

I stood up, and turned to walk away. I heard something behind me, it sounded like a twig snapping.

"Sounds to loud for an animal, " I thought. I turned.

There was a young man, about my age, maybe a year or two older, standing in the bushes behind the fountain. He was staring at me.

I stared back.

We kept eye contact for a couple seconds. He looked shocked that he had given his position away so easily.

Then he bolted and ran away, back into the woods.

"Weird," I thought, and walked back to my car.

"Hey hun, where ya been?" My mom asked me as I walking into the house.

"Just went for a hike on the park trail."

"How'd it go?" She asked, some concern in her eyes. There had been a string of burglaries on the trail in the past few months, and even a couple murders.

"It went fine, mom. I'm alive, aren't I?" I laughed.

"Yeah, well, I still think you're crazy for going anywhere near that trail." She frowned.

"Well, I always have been a daredevil." I smirked at her. She walked over across the living room and hugged me. She seemed upset.

"Mom? You ok?" I asked as she squeezed me.

:Oh, sweetie," she said, releasing me. "I'm fine. Just relieved you're ok."

"I looked at her puzzled. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Oh, no reason...just that rail makes me nervous, is all."

"Ok...well, I'm fine, so no need to worry." I said smiling. I turned and ran up the stairs to me room. I took a quick shower, and threw on some jeans and a tee shirt. I looked in the mirror. I had long, dark brow hair, that fell over my shoulders gracefully. I'd always had great hair; never any problems like split ends or dandruff or anything.

My pale fair stared back at me. I had Dark blue eyes, framed by thick black lashes. I wasn't skinny, but I wasn't overweight, either. I have a pretty good body, if you ask me.

I threw my hair into a ponytail, and flopped onto my bed to do my homework. I still hated doing homework, it was the last two months of my senior year-what's the point? But my mom had made it clear that if I didn't keep my grades up, I'd loose my scholarship.

I pulled out my calculus. Ugh. I hated math. If I was going to be an artist, what would I need math for?

I heard a car door slam outside. I rose and walked over to the window.

Ok, that's creepy! The same guys from the woods was leaning his back on his car across the street, and starring at me through my window!

"Mom!" I yelled. I'm not normally a jumpy or paranoid person, but I knew this wasn't normal!

"What is it?" she said in alarm as she ran into my room.

"There's a guy starring at me!" I pointed out the window. But he was gone.

"What guy?" she asked.

"He was there just a minute ago!" I told her. "He was also in the woods! He was starring at me while I was getting a drink of water."

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