The Magical Transformation of An Ice Princess Chapter 17

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The song in this chapter is "The Tip of the Iceburg" by "Owl City." This song is very important, it inspired this entire story :) I'll try to attatch a video if I can. If not, look it up online, it's a great song :)


Chapter 17:

Ryan caught me as I fell. Everything sounded far away, all garbled. I could hear Ryan screaming at Baylan, could hear him resisting the guards as them torn us apart from each other.

Then it all went black.


I was cold. That was the first thing I realized as I came to. I wasn’t just cold, I was FREEZING!

“Ryan?” I mumbled.

“I’m here.” He said in my head. “Don’t talk, it will only waste our oxygen.”


“Baylan locked us in a walk in freezer. No way out.”

I tried to sit up. “AAAHhhhhh!!!” I yelled.

“Ellie!! Don’t move honey, you’ve got a deep stab wound.”

“Am I still bleeding?”

“Yeah. Don’t open your eyes yet, you’ll freak, trust me.”

“How long has it been? I feel dizzy…”

“It’s been about 15 minutes. You’ve lost a lot of blood. I stuffed my shirt in the wound, and the temperature is helping slow it down a bit, but…”

“How much oxygen do we have?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know which is worse, the air or the cold. I want to positive for you babe, but….”

“I know.”

We sat in silence.

“What position am I in?”

“You’re on your side. The stab would is facing up, I figured that would help slow the bleeding.”

“Ok. Why did he stab me?”

“He mentioned something about ‘Now you can’t have her either!’ or something like that. The guy’s got a think for the dramatics.”

“Oh no!”


”Briana! I promised I’d take care of her!”

He was silent. “I’m sorry, love. I don’t know what to tell you this time. We’re locked in a freezer, unsure of weather the cold or the lack of oxygen will kill us first, and you’re bleeding to death.” He sighed. “I don’t know what to say.”

“I…..I can’t f-feel anything…” I said, my teeth starting to chatter. I fought back tears, knocking they would only freeze to my face.

“I’m rubbing your arm, if it helps…..”

“It does.”

*~*~*~*Duckie’s POV*~*~*~*

“No sign, sir.” I sighed. We’d been looking for five days, now. When Elandra had failed to arrive for breakfast, Queen Madrias had gone to find her, only to return saying she wasn’t there. We couldn’t find Raynald, either.

I knew right away what had happened.

We’d searched everywhere, unable to find them.

By the fifth day, the King and Queen were desolate. They had finally gotten their daughter back, and lost her again almost immediately. 

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